What to wear with Loafer Women’s Shoes

| March 28, 2014

Loafer Shoes  for women come in many kinds but the entire collection has one thing in common and that is comfort. You will agree with me that not everyone can stand the stress from high heels.

 Some people like to have their style nice and easy so they go for that casual and comfortable options. As most women will agree that loafers do fall in the casual  shoes category just like wedges, flats and flip flops; they will absolutely go with similarly casual clothes such as jeans, shorts and a given selection of skirts.


All Loafers  for women have a low or you may call it a small and flat sole which makes it effortless to walk around. Regardless of the type, whether suede or all leather, they all offer the same experience of comfort and all are easy to wear since none or few might involve the hustle of dealing with shoe laces.

This kind of women’s shoes will work for seasons that have minimum snow or rain given their simple structure. Some parts of spring, fall and definitely summer are perfect times for wearing loafers.

Men have the same style of Loafer shoes but some differ in design from the women’s loafer shoes because they are definitely designed with that feminine touch. However, some of the women’s loafers appear so similar to the men’s that you have to check with you stylist or store representatives to make sure you get the right type for you.

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How to Wear Loafers with Jeans- Women

Women can wear loafers with jeans although it not the only trend for women’s loafers. The type of loafer is one that features a flat sole, slip-on style and spiky upper to give you that chic give the impression.

In the photo above, the women’s loafer shoes do match very well with that type of jeans. Other jean types too and colors are also worth a try ,for example; with the black loafer shoes above, you can experiment with faded blue, navy blue, black, among others. To complete the look, you can have a tee or sleeveless blouse for that entire casual look.  If you are looking for career look with loafers and jeans, then you have to opt for more formal top such as the short sleeve kind. You also have to consider the weather, just in case it’s not friendly. Like in the photo above, it’s evident that the clothing is for somewhat cold or chilly weather so you have to dress according to the weather if need be.


Intrecciato Suede Loafer

There is no doubt that these pair will definitely go with the appropriate kind of jeans. For a professional look, you may opt for a pair of long pants instead jeans.

Bottega loafer women's shoes


This all leather loafer features a mini heel with a threaded anti slip sole. Wear these loafer shoes with most of you career apparel and other casual clothing to give you that distinctive and neat look. This kind will do better for this looking for the professional appearance than the casual one.

Aldo loafer women's shoes

This all leather loafer features a mini heel with a threaded anti slip sole. Wear these loafer shoes with most of you career apparel and other casual clothing to give you that distinctive and neat look. This kind will do better for this looking for the professional appearance than the casual one. The color black, again, will match with most colors in your closet. Much as it will go well with jeans, I believe it will appear better with casual pants fit for the office in colors like blue, green, purple and the list goes on.

How to Wear Loafers with Shorts- Women

Wear loafer women's shoes with shorts


Doesn’t she look amazing? Women’s loafers with shorts are just to die for. With a great pair of firm, well shaped and good looking pair of legs, it will be a wrong to miss out on this trend. The animal print, flat sole, slip-on style women’s loafer shoes are undeniably a good match for the white shorts and tanned and sporty looking pair of legs. To match well with the animal; if don’t have the same skin color as the model above, give tanning a try, it might do the magic for this look.




Aldo loafers with shorts

This Unalevia brand from Aldo is also of upper leather and rubber sole. Furthermore, it marked by heavy stitching especially at the front, a mini heel and petite bow detail. This kind will also go well with white or similar colors for short and then any corresponding color for the top.


Floral-Print Leather

Prada loafer women's shoes

This colorful loafer with a supple floral- print available at Neiman Marcus is unique in its own way. It has a leather sole, creamy leather lining and is of the slip-on style. If you are the kind of woman who loves colors, the shoe above is one that should take a nice place in your closet and also bring comfort to your feet. It will go well with lighter colors such as a nice pair of light brown shorts and a white top will get you looking extraordinary.


How to Wear Loafers with a Skirt

Steve Madden Loafer women's shoes

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It’s the animal prints again but this time with a skirt and it still looks astounding. May be it’s the animal print that goes well with most attire but it sure does look irresistible with the short skirt. You might agree with me that this kind of women’s loafer shoes will only match best with either shorts or short dresses. So as long as you pick your colors well, this animal print kind will get you what you desire.

Quinn Painted-Cork Emblem Loafer, Gold/Black

Gold loafer women's shoes

This Jacques Levine design features a gold-painted cork with an embroidered emblem at suede vamp. Like many of its kind it, this one also has a leather lining and padded insole. This kind will work best if wear it with nice matching short skirt and to your surprise, you might find it matching well it a good and fitting pair of women’s khaki pants/trousers.


Arena Leather Smoking Slipper, Rouge Cardinal


Red loafer wome's shoes

This slip-on style also from Neiman Marcus, made in Italy, has a leather lining and a sole with a flat stacked heel. Its lambskin leather upper is like no other so if you decide to take it, you will surely get yourself its exclusivity. For this one, I think it’s the kind that suits a nice mid size dress that is just around the knee area. If you are to wear it with a longer dress, it might be okay depending on the style but to be on a safe side, a mid size dress will be perfect.

In review,  this kind of women’s  shoes  is multipurpose considering the different ways you can wear them. I do think I can say there is even a best way you can wear them. However, depending on what you choose to wear with them, I am sure you will be happy with your choice, using some of tips mentioned above.


Loafer women's shoe with jeans




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