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| October 12, 2015

If you call yourself a fashionable lady then you must know that clutch bags are one of the things a fashionable and classy woman must own. A clutch bag is different from your hand bag starting from the size and also the amount of accessories it can carry. The best clutch bags carry fewer items that are most important to you like your car keys, cell phone and may be your credit card in case you need it. On many occasions women carry their clutch bags in the hands apart from some few clutch bags that come with a chain that you can hold over the shoulder. Clutch bags come in many different shapes, styles and types so choosing which one works best for you depend on you as an individual or the occasion you plan to attend. Clutch bags cannot be worn with just any outfit especially the evening clutch bags they only match with dresses or more formal outfits. If you are looking for the best way to personalize your outfit there is definitely no better way than a matching it with the perfect clutch bag.

FUNOC Women’s Vintage Snakeskin Pu Leather Hard Envelope Clutch Handbag


FUNOC Womens Vintage Snakeskin Pu Leather Hard Envelope Clutch Handbag

Unlike in the olden days where people always thought that clutch bags had to have glitter all over or have those bright designs all over; today it is a lot more different because a nicely colored clutch with a unique shape is all you will need to rock your days out. In the image above an elegant pink and black clutch made from high quality PU leather detailed with scale like designs to make you the classiest woman out there.

What to wear with the clutch; A body hugging knee length dress that is shiny black will look more than perfect with the clutch. Every woman must own a black dress so you can detail yours with some jewelry but do not over do the jewelry otherwise it will spoil your look.

Scarleton Satin Soft Frame Clutch H3006

Scarleton Satin Soft Frame Clutch H3006

For all those planning to have a wedding over the weekend or planning to have a nice evening out then above is the perfect clutch for you. The silver sequins are a perfect way to grab lots of attention. You however, need to be careful with what you match with this kind of clutch. Such bright clutch bags will easily go wrong if not matched with the right outfit that is why it is better to wear something plain so that both the outfit and the clutch can stand out.

What to wear with the clutch; A long dress or gown will be a perfect match to this clutch but remember to keep the dress plain. When you talk about a gown most people think about the wedding gown but it can be a gown even if it is not necessarily the wedding gown. A dress with too much rhinestone and glitter will absolutely look awful if worn with this kind of clutch. You can accessorize your look with a collar necklace and some nice pair o earrings but keep your accessories silver; this clutch will not match with gold accessories.


BMC Womens Elegant Rhinestone Peacock Clasp Velvet Cocktail Evening Handbag

BMC Womens Elegant Rhinestone Peacock Clasp Velvet Cocktail Evening Handbag

There are those times when you will need something more vibrant to stand out of the ordinary, something that will catch everyone’s eye and this peacock detailed clutch will definitely help you achieve that. There is no doubt that such a shade of pink will stand out unless you wear it with the wrong attire. This type of clutch will be perfect for cock tail parties since its size is perfect for that type of occasions. One thing you can be sure of is that there is no way you will go wrong with this kind of clutch.

What to wear with the clutch; Since the clutch has just one simple detail you can wear it with a detailed dress to make the dress match with the. A white dress or better yet you can go in for the color blocking which is so trendy these days and wear your pink clutch with a blue dress and still come out amazing. Multi colored accessories will make a perfect match as well.

Bundle Monster Women’s Vintage Satin Envelope Evening Cocktail Party Handbag

Bundle Monster Womens Vintage Satin Envelope Evening Cocktail Party Handbag

Wear this clutch with the right accessories and you will sure also be the center of attention, it is made with two holding options whereby you can hold it in your hands like the usual clutch bags you are used to seeing or use the chain handle to hold over your shoulder; it all depends on what you want. It features a really outstanding stain design together with silver rhinestone at the top to make the clutch stand out really well and make a great compliment to any outfit. For that gorgeous and classy look there is no way you can look further than this clutch.

What to wear with the clutch bag; The clutch is more of an evening clutch so you should definitely wear it with an evening dress or party dress for you to stand out nicely. Any color you choose will be perfect with the clutch apart from gold. Silver accessory will be the perfect match for this clutch

Bundle Monster Women’s Envelope Evening Patent Clutch bag

Bundle Monster Womens Envelope Evening Patent Clutch bag

This versatile clutch bag can be worn to many different occasions and with different outfits because of its style that will easily match with anything. Now if you are looking for that clutch that you can hold more often without worrying about its durability then this is the perfect one to try out. It is made with a croc skin and patent leather which is well known for lasting really long and the fact that it is black in color also gives it more advantage as it can easily match any colors that you may have chosen to wear.

What to wear with the clutch bag; And who said you cannot rock your clutch bag with pants, well sometimes it is not so easy to match pants with clutches but that does not mean it is impossible. You can wear this clack clutch straight fitting white pants matched with a nice bright colored blazer and finish your look with a pair of nice high heeled pumps for that classy but simple and elegant look.

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