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| August 10, 2014

To avoid having the worst day of your life because you failed to get the perfect wedding shoes; here are some wedding pumps you should be wearing for your D-day.  It will make no sense for you to try to please your partner or other people on your wedding by wearing a 6 inch high  heeled shoe yet you could opt for flats or wedges when you will spend the entire day having problems walking in these shoes. But still this does not mean that you cannot go in for the 6 inch if you can handle walking and standing in these shoes. The fact that people’s focus is usually on the wedding gown, the shoes you wear will just complete the look so if you want to be the finest looking bride. So you should choose a shoe that brings out your elegant and classy sense of style. And that is exactly what you will get reading through this post; “The cutest wedding shoes”.

Pearls and rhinestone wedding shoes

pearls and rhinestone wedding shoes



If you are the type in madly in love with crystals and rhinestones well there is something in the above photo that will perfectly work for you. This wedding pump is made with a 5 inch heel, a leather lining, a hidden platform for that stylish look and above all lots of crystals and rhinestone making the shoe appear as beautiful as it does. If you love pump shoes you can be rest assured this one will be more than comfortable for you on your big day. Wear these wedding shoes with a tea length wedding gown and see thousands of heads turning to look at the smartest bride.


Shiny wedding shoes

shiny wedding shoes



Add that unique look to your wedding by trying out the shiny silver shoe with a flower embellishment. This kind of women’s wedding shoes is very simple but their brightness is totally amazing and will no doubt make such a perfect complement to your wedding gown. This high quality product type if shoes is very beautiful and of course really fashionable. Apart from them being beautiful they will attract a lot of attention.  For that really outstanding look, you should wear the shoes with a plain dress. Since they have a lot of glitter it is better if you blend them with a plain dress so that stuff does not look too over done.



Peep toe glitter lace wedding shoes

peep toe glitter lace wedding shoes


Why not try this gorgeous pair of gladiator stilettos; they are not only very elegant but also very classy.  Synthetic lace and straps detailed with glitter will make great finish to your wedding attire and together with the peep toe style you there are no doubts you will be embraced with lots of comfort all through the day. The shoes display a perfect lace which is just perfect for any big day, and the rhinestone are simply gorgeous they do not make the shoe glitter too much. They are just perfect for your big day. The sole is made in a way that it will help you to walk firmly even on slippery floors without worrying about falling down. I am so sure you will love the wedding shoes.


Women’s vow pump wedding shoes


women's vow pump wedding shoes



Have a whole day of comfort by wearing pencil high heels on your big day. These high statement pumps are very comfortable and they are truly well designed to make the most perfect addition to your wedding gown. With these shoes you will even be noticed from a distance ad you walk you way to the wedding this is specifically because of the classy ivory lace used on the shoes. The heel is detailed with glamorous rhinestones that shine from all sides enabling you to standout in a crowd, the blue sole is also a perfect complement to the upper part of the shoes. This type of shoes will be just perfect with either a short or long dress depending on what you plan to wear on your big day.


Chinese’s peep toe wedding pumps

chineses peep toe wedding shoes


If you have been searching for a pair of shoes that will make you wedding day much more than perfect well you have found one. You will love these shoes because of the unique material used to make them which should make you become the most outstanding bride. The shoes have a floral ribbon tie up at the front which makes them look more beautiful.  They are not so high so you will not have hard time walking in these shoes. The white is angelic so it will blend well with any dress, add something fancy to your wedding gown and I am sure you will love these wedding pumps.

Red open toe wedding shoes

red open toe wedding shoes



Why not go in for something completely different that will break the old tradition and become the trend setter by wearing something new from what people have been used to seeing. In the above photo is a red shoe that will make that perfect match to your white wedding gown so you cannot afford to miss out on it. The shoe is designed perfectly and made with suede material that is very stunning. They are super sexy and are definitely very easy to walk in. Look at how beautifully the shoes are detailed with a tied up bow on the side that makes the shoe stand out really gorgeously.

Wedding shoes for women

wedding shoes for women



Colorful rhinestone and clear crystals; I absolutely love everything about these shoes. Big blue rhinestones well mixed with light green, yellow and red made such a great blend together. However such shoes you need to be a bit more careful your wedding gown since it is the most noticeable thing you need to consider it first before actually going for the shoes. Because if you wear the shoes on the wrong dress you will find problems as it may end up messing your entire look. The shoes have a rubber sole juts so you do not worry about slippery floors. Wear these shoes with your wedding attire and be sure to stand out from everyone else which every woman’s dream for their wedding day.

Stylish wedding shoes

stylish wedding shoes



Royal blue peep toe wedding pumps


royal blue wedding shoes



Royal blue is such an amazing color and will catch everyone’s attention simply because not many brides are seen wearing such colors. But there is nothing wrong with coming with something that is out of the ordinary. This is the kind of wedding shoe that will make you even more excited to wear on your wedding. They are detailed with a simple décor at the back and this makes them really amazing because they will not look too much and will not give you hard time to look for dress to wear them with.


If you have these factors at the back of your mind you will have the most wonderful wedding ever, you will love the results of following the few tips below;

  • Height of the heel; this is one of the most important factor when it comes to choosing shoes to wear on your wedding day otherwise you do not want shoes to ruin your big day. Since wedding gowns are usually very long and will look great with a really high heel but this does not mean wear heels that will make you uncomfortable. In other words all I am trying to say here is that you may choose a medium heel shoe or another form of high heel like dress sandals or wedge sandals to prevent your feet from hurting.


  • Quality of the shoe; do not worry about how much you will spend but rather worry about the quality of the shoe you are going to buy. I think it is worth to spend money on a shoe that is well built, has a sturdy sole, and a comfortable insole. This will be a great investment for a day that only comes once in your lifetime for most people.


  • The type of wedding you are going to have; it is not all about going to the shoe shop and getting the most beautiful shop you find. You also have to consider the type of wedding you are going to have. If you going to have a beach wedding or a wedding on the stone walk way then high heeled shoes will not work. Keep the entire journey of your wedding in focus before you actually make up your mind on which shoe you are going to wear.


  • Do not forget about your groom; the point here is that you should think about how good you and your groom will look. If you are too shorter than the groom then this should give you reason enough to wear high heels but if you are taller than the groom then for the good of you two looking good together, please do not wear high heels.


  • How comfortable are you; choose a shoe that will you walk in and make everyone envy you because of the confidence you have walking in those shoes. This will only happen if your shoes are 100% comfortable.



Since your wedding is a once in a life time moment then you should make your best investments for the big day. If you want something that will ensure you have a really unforgettable day, purchase a quality and good looking pair of premium women’s wedding shoes.


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