How to Wear Wedges – Best Wedge Shoes Guide for Women

| February 23, 2014

Women who don’t like to wear pointed high heeled pumps will find wedge shoes very comfortable and easy to wear. However, there are different types of wedge shoes you can opt for and these include  flats, wedge pumps, wedge sandals and wedge sneakers, but what you have to note is that the way you should wear these shoes is completely different.

wedges with a dress2

As we go in detail in this post, I will clearly explain how to wear wedges and look fashionable. In our featured set above, I have matched cropped black pants with trendy wedge sandals, and then I complemented the pants with a black & white stripped tank top. You can dress like this to work because the outfit looks more formal yet casual at the same time, on the other hand, you can add value this trend by wearing that white blazer, if you don’t have white, then try a black blazer.

wedge shoes



1.10 How to wear Wedges with Dresses

Women’s outfits speak a lot about us that is exactly why every woman should not only dress to be noticed but rather to be remembered and this is why I have come up with this post which will teach on how you can wear your wedges with different types of dresses. Wedge shoes will look really great on both short and long dresses so choosing the dress to wear with your wedge shoes will mostly depend on your style so there is basically no exact procedure for you to follow.  There are different styles of wedge shoes and there is definitely a particular type of dress that you can wear with the shoe, these include the vintage, contemporary, design and colored ones. So for all the ladies that love your dresses and are looking for the best way to pair it with the perfect women’s casual shoes you better scroll through the article for the best tips on how to be the most memorable woman.

Madden girl women’s blue wedge pump

This splendid and fashionable wedge shoe will make you the most outstanding woman the moment you match it with the right dress. It is blue in color and blue is such a favorite color for many. It features a supple faux lining on the upper part with a very soft lining that will keep you very comfortable all day long. It is further made with an ankle strap that adjusts to give you a secure fit; it is just one of those wedges that are perfect with dresses.

Madden Girl Women's Raleigh Wedge Pump


Dresses to wear with the blue wedge pump;

  • A short flared floral bandeau dress; with a seam on the waist will do just perfect with this blue wedge shoe. Since the shoe is plain blue a print dress is the best option to match it with and you will therefore not go wrong in that floral dress.
  • A maxi dress print dress; this will be another great option for the lovers of maxi or long dresses, a patterned figure flattering long dress which is shiny white and detailed with blue and light green designs, with small adjustable straps will nicely stand out on your blue wedge.
  • An asymmetric tank dress; express your sense of fashion by rocking your blue wedge with the asymmetric tank dress with a deep round neckline and slips on.


wedges with a dress1

Lace up platform wedge Bootie

Black has always been my favorite color, I love everything about black because it gorgeously blends with whatever colors you may choose to wear it with. You will get lots of compliments in these super cute hidden wedge booties.  They are very easy to walk in and they have that lace up collar which is perfect for any occasion you may wish to wear the shoes to.

Lace up Platform Wedge Bootie


Dresses to wear with the wedge booties;

  • Short cocktail dress; you will look really gorgeous in cock tail dress with the upper part detailed with a lace overlay beginning from the cap sleeves to the back and the lower part free, this outfit will be perfect for night out or to a party.
  • A formal or special occasion white or pink dress; you will leave heads turning as you walk down the street It should be with the kind of dress showing the right amount on your shoulders and the legs.
  • A lace paneled deep hem chiffon dress; a sleeveless chiffon dress which shorter on the front and longer behind will be more than perfect with the
  • A flutter sleeve one shoulder mini dress; for the girls who love partying this will grab you lots of attention, a green one shoulder dress with gold splatter will be just perfect


Top Moda women’s wedge sandals

For those that do not want to wear flat shoes to the cookout or to church these wedge sandals will do just perfect for you. The shoes are made of synthetic material with beautiful brown rhinestones that make the shoes appear even cuter. They are very comfortable and easy to walk in unlike heels that will be uneasy to walk in and will make your feet hurt after you have walked in them the whole day.

Top Moda Women's Wedge Sandals

Dresses to wear with the wedge dress sandals;

  • A brown shirt dress; a brown pleated shirt dress will nicely match this wedge shoe, so you now know what to wear to a cookout or to the movies or even to town for a walk.
  • A white striped long dress; like I already said, wedges look great with both long and short dress so do not worry about looking great in your long dress and the wedge shoes. Creamy white with dark brown stripes will be just faultless with these wedge shoes.
  • A short summer dress; a dress with a petticoat and an elastic waist and burst darts will also come out great with the wedge shoe, now you know what to wear to the cookout with friends.
  • A body hugging jean dress; go in for something more unique that most people have not seen like the jean dress that is sleeveless, a modern square neckline and zipper at the back with your wedge shoes and you will have that look for the weekend.

High platform round toe wedge shoe

Remember that it is much better to wear prints with something a bit plain so that the two let each other stand out. In the photo above is brown leopard print wedge platform round toe shoe that is very feminine and very classy as well. The shoes are very versatile and very comfortable on the inside and their color and size is just amazing. They will definitely make you look very attractive if worn with the right dress and below are some of the dress that will look gorgeous with these shoes.

High Platform Round Toe Wedge Shoe

Dresses to wear with the round toe wedge shoe;

  • A black sheath dress; for one of those end of week work days there is absolutely no wrong in a black sheath dress with this animal print wedge shoe. You will definitely have lots of compliments and attention dressed like this.
  • A white day dress; this will also be perfect with the wedge shoes, a dress that is free on the upper part, tight on the waist area and doesn’t fit too tight on the lower area will definitely be great with the wedge.
  • A brown stretch and pleated dress; such a dress with a brooch on the side and sleeveless will be great for any simple party and this wedge shoe will do a great job blending with the dress.

Toe Crochet platform high wedge heel summer sandals

A flower crotchet lace, a cushioned insole and rubber sole definitely makes the perfect wedge shoe to go in for. One of the qualities you must look out for before buying shoes is the level of comfort the shoes will give you. That is why the cushioned insole is one of the things I love about these shoes, it not only sounds like a lot of comfort but you will indeed get the comfort with this pair. Of course in that dress you will have yourself a whole day full of gorgeous looks.

Toe Crochet Platform High Wedge Heel Summer Sandals

Dresses to wear with the crotchet pumps;

  • Black and white tartan dress; these dresses are so on fashion lately and with the white crotchet wedge there is no doubt you will be totally amazing. It should also be sleeveless with a zipper on the back and body hugging.
  • A striped circle and flared dress; this will be very smart for any occasion, a striped white and brown dress with a neckline will definitely be great with the wedge shoes.
  • A white lace floral dress; to make more of perfect match with the crotchet wedge, a lace floral dress with a simple style will sure make you look very beautiful.
  • A sleeveless collar dress; this in brown with button on the upper part will also make a great match with the crotchet wedge


wedges with a dress

Fashion wedge sneakers

Become your own fashion icon by trying out the wedge sneakers and I guess you have many of the celebrities you admire so much wearing this kind of shoes.  If you didn’t this is the latest trend of wedge sneakers with dresses. They come out really amazing on those body fitting dress that expose your finger and in the picture is one that will give you that really outstanding look. Besides them being super cool and cute they are made with more of a medium heel so they will be very comfortable and you will not find any problems walking in them.

Fashion Wedge Sneakers

Dresses to wear with the wedge sneakers;

  • A v-neckline jumper dress; this type of dress is usually worn with a blouse inside or better yet worn over a blouse and they come out very amazing with wedge sneakers, since they are black they will be good with any color.
  • A mini crotchet black and white dress; this look is very trendy and the mini dress should fit really tight for those with curvy bodies.  This is your opportunity to have the most eye catching look with wedge sneakers.
  • A free mini dress with a crotchet waist band; this type is very comfortable and would be perfect for night outs or for movies so pairing the dress with wedge sneakers will give that gorgeous look.

Steve madden women’s xenon wedge sandal

Turn into that elegant and stunning lady in this madden wedge sandal, this gorgeous looking wedge will make the center of attention at any ceremony so if you plan to attend a friend’s wedding or your sister’s party then you know the perfect shoes to wear with your dress. The wedge is a peep toe which is one of the latest trends today and it also has that crisscross design which makes the shoe look really pretty, and it comes with the faux leather is very durable. It will not be a bad investment for you at all. The wedge is high so for those who love very high heels you will have a lot fun in this comfortable wedge.

Steve Madden Women's Xenon Wedge Sandal


Dresses to wear with the wedge;

  • A colored maxi dress; this was the first option that came to my mind when I saw this dress sandal wedge.  Maxi dresses are great for any figure and for those that have boyish figures this is the way to go as it will give you more of a feminine appearance.
  • A knee length sun dress; this type of dress is best for the summer season when the weather is hot, you will agree with me that they are just too comfortable in such weather conditions. A floral printed sun dress will do the magic with this wedge dress sandal.
  • A green wrap dress; the wrap dress is great on those with pear shaped bodies because they greatly emphasize the waist and leave a lot of attention to curved areas. The wrap dress is very feminine and when spiced with this wedge you will instantly have that classy look.


Yellow wedge pump shoes

Bright colors are always a great way to bring out that dress of yours that is why is I have put this yellow wedge on the list for you to try out. The shoes are not only super cute on appearance but also very comfortable and easy to walk in. They are amazingly soft on the feet. The ankle strap can be adjusted to that fit that you feel is comfortable for you and they feel very light to walk in.

yellow wedge pump shoes

Dresses to wear with the yellow wedge;

  • A one shoulder dress; a yellow dress with floral design on one will shoulder will make you the talk of the party, the dress will look best if is above the knees and with a black waist band.
  • A green ruched dress; this type of dress is perfect for parties and weddings, green and yellow are that perfect match. Just like white icing on a chocolate cake, this wedge will do wonders to your appearance.
  • A multi-color scoop neck dress; this dress with a yellow wedge will be great for a work day, a fit top and flared on the bottom will be just right for the wedge.






Working class women will definitely love this trend, it is so lovely and stylish, and I know young girls will not fall for this outfit, because it looks more mature and formal. The lady in the picture above has pulled off a floral print long skirt; it is a free style skirt which you can wear to work or church. When it comes to choosing a top, you have to wear something slim, just like that white tank top, in most cases, when you wear a heavy skirt; you need to match it with a slim top so that you don’t look overweight. The brown wedge sandals have durable upper leather and a snug fit, their sole is raised enough so you will get some extra height, when it comes to comfort, the flat sole will give you all the comfort you need.


  • Young girls, I will not let you down, you can wear these brown wedge sandals with a short leather mini skirt. If you love brown color, you can opt for a brown leather mini skirt and complement it with a cream / tundra yellow blouse, tuck in the blouse just a little bit so that you look fashionable. Also, open the last two buttons of the blouse and fold the sleeves of the blouse, accessorize the chest with a chunk necklace. If you love shades, you can go for dark brown round sunglasses, for the sake of the bag, a brown leather tote bag will be the best option.




Unlike pumps which seem to be complicated and uncomfortable to wear the all day long, you will love this idea of wearing shorts with wedge flats. When it comes to fashion, you should always opt for outfits which are comfortable, please. Before you dress to impress the public, make sure you’re comfortable and impressed, because the people you mind to impress might not even care. In the picture above, I have featured a beautiful woman wearing blue shorts with stripped white & blue wedge sandals. She complemented the blue shorts with a white shirt sleeve lace top which features a deep v-neck, and for the bag, the white handbag matches very well with the top / shoes and the shorts.

Sometimes you don’t need to match so many colors, in our example above, the lady played with only two colors and she looks pretty and simple.


  • On the other hand, you can alter this style and go for a different color. In this case, you can wear brown khaki shorts, complement the shorts with a cream sleeveless blouse which has ruffles, and then match the all trend with brown suede cages wedges, the best bag for this kind of outfit should be a brown leather mini saddle bag which you can hold from the shoulder. Remember to tuck in the blouse, and then accessorize the shorts with a brown leather trendy belt.
  • This option will work for ladies who love white. Instead of the blue / brown shorts, you can wear white sailor shorts and complement them with a steel blue scoop neck t-shirt. Match the outfit with blue wedge sandals, however, you can as well replace the blue top & wedges with red top and stripped white & red wedge sandals.

Aurora Wrap Wedge 2



These blue and white stripped wedge sandals are trendy and comfortable, they have colorful stripes, you can wear with a simple plain outfit. You can choose any color of your choice because they come in yellow & white / blue & white / red & white / pink & white.  So, let’s take a good example on how to style these shoes. Simply wear white lace shorts and match them with a blue sleeveless ponti peplum top, the blue top will complement the blue stripes in the wedges, now you can conclude the outfit with a brown mini suede handbag.

On the other hand, if you love yellow, you can fore-go these blue & white stripped wedges and opt for yellow & white stripped wedges, you can match them with the same white shorts, but at this time, go for a blue peplum top, please….  Don’t forget to accessorize with crystal necklace which matches with your outfit.



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Without doubt, all types of wedge shoes can match with skinny jeans. It does not matter if you have sneaker wedges / pumps / flats; they will easily go with these skinny jeans. So your choice is very wide with this option. In the picture above, I have featured a beautiful lady wearing white skinny jeans and an off brown sweater shirt, she complemented the jeans with classic full leather ankle strap wedge sandals which I think is a lovely trend. If you want to wear skinny jeans to work on a Friday, this will be a cool option for you.


  • White jeans are not easy to maintain especially when your environment is full of dust, however, this should not stop you from wearing skinny jeans with wedge sandals. In this case, you can wear denim blue skinny jeans with a simple fade / damage, and then complement them with a white tank top, add value to this trend by wearing grey wedge sandals and a mint wool jumper that is if the weather is cold. When it comes to choosing a bag, a white shoulder strap bag will be the best choice.


Change your style this weekend and rock the streets like those trendy models you always see on TV. There is something trendy with slim girls; they tend to look good with almost any fashion trend. However, this should not scare you; every woman has their unique beautiful body structure.  So, don’t stress yourself on those dry diets simply because you want to slimmer. In our featured photo above, the lady pulled off black glittering leather pants and she matched them with pure black wedge sneakers.  Since the leather pants are tight on the body, it is okay to wear an overweight jacket / sweater / cape. This is a cool fashion trend for winter seasons, because the wedge sneakers will stop around the ankles and the leather pants can store enough warmth. However, in summer, you might consider fabric leggings because it will be very hot.



Bowie' Hidden Wedge Sneaker



These red wedges are quite different from the black wedges featured in the above post. You can either go for the red color or chose a color of your choice. You can wear these wedge suede sneakers in so many ways and these include:

  • Wearing them with skinny jeans: – There is a small difference between leggings and skinny jeans that is why these two outfits can be styled in a similar manner. To look beautiful, you need to tuck in the jeans into these wedge sneakers and then complement the jeans with a slim top or a round neck fitting t-shirt. Red shoes look better when matched with white / black skinny jeans. Denim blue jeans don’t look nice with red wedge sneakers, so should avoid blue with red wedge sneakers.
  • You can as well wear shorts with these sneaker wedges: in this case, you can try Capri shorts or short denim skirts. Shorts tend to balance this kind of trend, all eyes will flow upwards and downwards, so each piece will get its own attention.
  • Try high low skirts with sneaker wedges: – Now someone might be wondering how this can happen, do you mean to say you have not seen ladies wearing sneakers with casual dresses? If not, I’m sorry to ask, but yes, you can wear these wedge sneakers with a high low dress. Choose a color which matches with the dress, avoid over mixing colors, you might end up clashing them.



Cropped pants have their own style which makes them unique and fashionable; you may wear cropped pants to work in a trendy way depending on the type of work place. Hope the dress code is not too strict. In this case, you can wear them with caged flat wedge sandals, let’s take a simple example from the lady in the photo above, she pulled off black cropped pants with black caged wedge sandals and then she complemented the trend with a knit sweater. It is a lovely trend which looks both casual and formal at the same time.

Color matching is very crucial when it comes to fashion, so always remember to dress in appropriate manner, choose and balance your colors basing on your skin tone, because ladies with bright skin colors look better in dark colors like black and vise versa.




In position 2, we talked about this point of wearing shorts with wedge sandals; however, this time I’m putting the all emphasis on high waist shorts, which are no doubt trendy and fashionable. If you’re a great fan of shorts, I’m sure you will fall for this style. The striped snake-effect leather wedge pumps featured above are classic in style, so you need to complement them with a super fine outfit. In this case, you can use the example featured by the lady above, or you come up with your own style because fashion is all about creativity. If you have a casual date or a movie date, this is the best outfit you should opt for.


Buckled faux leather wedge sandals


Try something a little bit different from what everyone else is wearing, in this case, you can wear this buckled faux leather wedge sandal, it looks good with big shorts. To spice up the all trend, you should match the shorts with a slim fit top / shirt. If you think this trend is not fashionable, think again. You have to check out top celebrities like Victoria Beckham who at one point pulled off this marvelous trend.  Its’ adjustable straps will make it easy to wear these sandals and the soft rubber sole will ensure comfort.




I guess you have got the best solution on how to wear  those wedge shoes be it; sandals / pumps / sneakers, please, don’t forget the basics, choose your outfit basing on your body shape. In most cases, women with weight should wear fitting trends so that they don’t look over weight. Wedges in  the women’s casual shoes category are very comfortable, in that young girls who still go to school will find them very comfortable and friendly.

Much as I have listed the best wedge shoes guide for women, please think out of the box. Don’t get stuck with a single trend, keep on inventing and reinventing your own styles and who knows you will be on your way to becoming a fashion icon. Do not forget to check out discounted offers at of nice wedges from Amazon. Good Luck!


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