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| July 6, 2014

If you are a woman and you love fashion or keeping that really stylish look then you must love high heeled shoes because they are not only a very elegant but also very classy and smart choice.Most  younger women are in love with high heeled shoes. They are very many types of high heels for example wedges, platform high heels and high heels themselves and each type has a particular attire that will blend perfectly with it. What am trying to say is the type of heels that you wear with work attire is different from those you will wear with dresses and skinny jeans. In this post I have therefore provided different types of high heels and further described which attire will best match that particular high heel. Scroll through to find high heel shoes for women that will match your personality and style.

america-ferrera in high heel shoes

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There are some factors that you have to put in mind before you actually decide on what high heels to wear or buy;

The attire that you are going to wear; you need to be careful when choosing high heels to wear with different attire take an example of someone wearing high heels that have an ankle buckle strap. It will look awful so you need to pay great attention to the type of high heels you wear with different outfits and also the occasion you are wearing the shoes to.

The price and quality of the shoes; people tend to think that the most expensive things are of highest quality but I say this is not true. Once in a while it may turn out true but it is not 100% true, you therefore need to be keen with the quality of the shoes before you pay a high price for it. Again this does not mean go in for something very cheap that will be spoilt the next after you buy it. The conclusion here is that the two must go hand in hand i.e. the price and quality of the shoes.

Know how far you can go with the size of the heel. Just because you have seen your friend wearing a 6 inch heel doesn’t mean you should buy one as well because it will damage your feet and you may not even be able to move in heel that long so it is best to go in for a 4 inch and only go in for a 6 inch if you are sure you will be comfortable in the shoes.

Practice on how to stand and walk in heels; before you move out of your house all smart to avoid facing the embarrassment of falling in high heels.  It is better to take some to practice how to stand and walk around in high heels then you can move out all confident in your high heeled shoes.




Peep toe high heel shoes for women

Peep toe heels with a lace and leather will give you complete elegance and will be just perfect with any work attire. The shoe is black in color meaning it will match with any color of attire that you may choose to wear to work. The top part if finished with a leather lining to make sure that the shoes give you a whole day of comfort at your work place.

peep toe high heels for women



The shoes also have a rubber sole which makes the shoe very durable and at the same time will stand firmly on the ground meaning you can walk all you want without having to worry about falling. The shoe is designed in such a way that it will be smart on both long and short outfits.  For those that love short skirts and those fancy office trousers should feel free to compliment their attire with this shoe.


elegant high heeled pumps



Who doesn’t want to have that classy look that will catch everyone’s attention at work? It does not take a lot for you to be the most outstanding woman at your work place. Just make shoes a priority alongside your work attire and you will sure have all the attention you ever wanted to have. It doesn’t make sense to wear a gorgeous hairstyle, match it up with amazing attire and finish it up with shoes that are totally off. The high heels in the photo above will be a really great blend to your work attire because first of all the shoes are black in color so they will definitely match any color of work attire you are wearing. We all know that while at work, we need to be comfortable in order to have enough concentration. Therefore, in order to have all your work done well, you have to wear heels that are not too high. The number one reason why I would choose the shoe for my work attire is because the heel has a really reasonable height meaning will be more than comfortable. I also love the animal print inside which creates such beautiful appearance.


High heel shoes for women

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Red high platform round toe wedge

Wow……, now this is what I call beautiful. The platform round wedge gives you every single reason to try it out from the stunning red color to the unique design. It is not every day that you will find someone wearing a wedge with a dress. Like I said before the type of heels you wear to work are not the same heels you should be wearing with a dress if you want to make every one admire your sense of fashion. The red shoe in the photo above is multipurpose that is to say you can wear it to a party or to a night out.

red high platform round toe wedge


Trust me you will love the shoes not only because of the color and design but with the level of comfort it offers that you may find yourself going in for a wedge each time you want to buy shoes. For a really stylish look, wear the shoes with a black and white polka dot dress, together with a red hand bag and see how many heads you will turn. It is also best that the dress you wear with the wedge is short and free. It has to be something that is tight on the upper part to around the waist and free on the lower part.


white patent leather closed high heels


Isn’t the shoe stunning? My answer to this would be a quick, “YES YES”, because the shoe has everything that you can ever want about shoes. It features a rubber sole so it will not slide off the ground as you walk you so you will walk around in your beautiful shoes with all the confidence.  Secondly, the color white, I have always wanted to have white shoes simply because with white you do not have to waste a lot of time looking for what color of attire will match the shoes. Almost all colors will be perfect when worn with white shoes. The heel and platform are detailed with gold and silver rhinestone making the shoe appear even more spectacular than it already is. It is also made with a buckle ankle strap also detailed with lots of glitter. The heel is medium height, so it will not give you that much of a burden to walk in. If worn with a dress you will definitely be the classiest woman out there. For those that have fallen in love with the shoe you can wear it with a white knee length body hugging dress and golden jewelry for a whole white day full of gorgeous looks.




High heel shoes for women


Plat form stiletto ankle booties


plat form stilleto ankle booties


If you have noticed that many of the women on the red carpet and fashion stars wearing high heels with skinny jeans has become the latest trend. However, before you rock your skinny jeans with heels there are some few factors that you have to consider for example the length of your jeans. In the photo above, is a shoe that got my attention from the very first time I set my eyes on it. The fact that is   the ankle length, the camel color, and generally everything about this shoe is amazing. It is made with a medium height heel to make sure that you do have any problems about comfort. With these shoes on, you will absolutely be labeled a trend setter. The ankle length boots will be more than perfect if complimented it with really fitting ripped skinny jeans or what many of us may refer to as damaged jeans in either blue or black. Then add to it a white free t-shirt and black jacket and you will be good to head for a whole day full attention.

Spiked cap round toe platform pumps with glitters

It is very trendy and you cannot miss out on what every fashionable woman refers to as trendy. This is simply because when you wear skinny jeans there is a way they emphasize your size and shape. Therefore complimenting them with high heels is a way of helping you to appear slimmer and more slender than you actually are. This gives you a really appealing appearance. Heels will draw more attention and add up to your height while arousing your confidence.

spiked cap round toe platfrom pumps with glitter


The type of heels you see in the photo above will look best if worn with skinny jeans that are colored and stop just above the ankle. You can further detail your look with a black top with white stripe so that you do not appear too plain. With this attire you will definitely be the source of attention for many.

High heel shoes for women


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