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| July 28, 2014

Having different looks with the same handbag looks a bit impossible but trust me it is very possible. It is not a must that every time you want to have a different look you must wear a different bag, you probably haven’t tried this out but when you give it a shot you will be in shock with the results you will get.

It is quite the hustle of having to buy a new bag every other time you go for shopping. I know sometimes you will be tempted since women’s handbags are one of the biggest accessories to complement your elegant look but there is also nothing wrong with trying out something new. Try wearing one handbag with very many different outfits and you will sure have a different look each time you wear the bag.

Now let’s take a look at how you can make this a possible with the few steps below;

  • Have your bags lined up; this simply means you should get your all bags put them somewhere you can easily spot each one of them and then starting taking a close look at each of the bags.
  • Randomly pick out one bag; after taking a close look at all your handbags, you can then choose one out of all the many, but do this at random.
  • Get out attires you wear more frequently; however much you have lots and lots of clothes, there are those that you love the most and you feel like you should wear them almost every day. So those are the ones you should pick out.
  • Start trying on the outfits; try on one of the outfits, blend it with the bag you choose then take a look at yourself in the mirror, be very observant and be very objective so that you can have genuine results. Make notes on how you looked in the outfit then take a picture so you can be able to compare with the rest of the looks later.
  • Take another outfit; wear another outfit and wear it with the same bag and repeat the process you did with the first bag, you will be able to notice the difference. Do this with all the outfits and by the end of the exercise you will be able to notice how different the effect is each time you wear the same bag with different attires. And each time you will have a totally different look.

Check out how many outfits you can wear with this pink purse below, you will realize that having a totally different look does not need you to go shopping every weekend because all you have to learn is learn you to blend the same accessory with a different outfit.

Pink leather envelope clutch handbag

Pink leather envelope clutch

On one of those days that you really feel like going casual, then you can wear the pink clutch with blue denim shorts, a white cropped top and black high heeled dress sandals. Detail your look further with pink and gold earrings, with this look there is absolutely no way you will fail to catch everyone’s attention.

You would also look amazing wearing the purse with a yellow flared dress, complement your look with pink platform high heels and floral jewelry then you can head for a day full of gorgeous looks. I hope you can notice how the bag looks new on every other outfit.

If you want a formal appearance to wear to office and still want to hold the pink purse then you can go in for a knee length body hugging dress with large black and white stripes. Blend the dress with a pink blazer together with pink and white heels and you will be the talk on people’s lips at office.

Go in for an angelic look, try it out in a wholly white outfit, white skinny jeans, a white top and pink shoes will give you more than a perfect day.

Now for all my ladies that love keeping it classy and trendy at the same time then you can wear the pink clutch with a floral dress, a yellow blazer and pink high heels and you will sure be the center of attention for many.

For many of us, black is a priority color then you should therefore you should wear the clutch with a long black strapless dress, wear the dress with pink shoes and pink earrings.

In most cases people think that ladies who wear the most expensive things stand out the most, but this is not the most important factor. It is true that the nicest things are sometimes expensive but you also have to know how to put everything together to achieve a look that will catch people’s attention. Because this is the only way they will notice what you are wearing is not only stunning but also expensive. On that note below are some of the common types of bags that you can play around with and be the most exceptional woman out there.


Duffle bag; this type of bag is usually made with long straps and a wide opening, the bag has enough space to accommodate luggage so for all you  into sports, fitness and those who love traveling this kind of women’s handbag will be very convenient to carry for any journey depending on your passion. Below are some examples;

Floral print duffle bag

floral print duffle bag




Black every day duffle bag

black every day duffle bag



Are you heading to the gym or planning to travel anytime soon then there is no way you can miss out on this one. The bag is made with a sturdy material, it is therefore very durable and has a variety of compartments do you can be sure of enough space to place all your equipment to the gym.

Baguette bag; these are bags made of hard material and single straps in most cases it is round. They are usually made of leather and in form of a loaf of bread but can be held in form of a clutch. You can take a look at the ones below;

Black and white baguette bag

black and white baguette bag




Beautiful black baguette bag

beautiful black baguette bag




Hobo bag; bags that stay close to the body and fit right under your arms are what we refer to as hobo bags, these are usually worn to work and have enough space to accommodate your daily essentials.

Gorgeous orange hobo bag

gorgeous orange hobo bag



Large scarleton hobo bag

large scarleton hobo bag




Hobo hand bags are another of the commonest type of hand bags it is therefore up to you to wear the right outfit with your hand bag for that glamorous and on point appearance. The cream hobo bag you see will such a great complement to any outfit that you may have chosen to wear. I love the dark brown details and you will also experience lots of space for a lot of things that you carry along with you. So anytime you think that you will be carrying a lot of stuff with you in the handbag then this one will work for you.

Satchel; these are made of hard material and are made with a narrow opening as compared to other types.      

Fancy satchel handbag

fancy satchel





Clutch bag; these are almost the smallest of women’s hand bags and they commonly worn to parties, weddings or evenings.  You can hold them in your hands or the arm pits and can hold to different occasion which will enable you get different looks. Some of them are made with chain straps to hold over the shoulder in case you get tired of holding the clutch in your hands.

If you want to be the most stunning and outstanding woman on any occasion then you must go in for very exceptional staff starting from the dress you wear to the accessories you blend it with, now for example look at the clutch in the photo above. The lower part is braided giving it that unique look as the top is detailed with rhinestone and crystals, if you love fashion then you must love this clutch bag.

Kelly bag; this type of bags have a very unique locking and in most cases you will find that they have both handles and a strap in case you get tired of wearing them in your hands you can choose to hold the bag over the shoulder.

Purple Kelly women’s handbag

purple kelly bag




I have always loved purple there is that gorgeous way it always brightens up any look and this is what the Kelly hand bag will do to your outfit. The bag is made from high quality material and given that amazing shape, this is a really investment as it will be good for any occasion that you may choose to wear it to. That includes shopping, office for work or even to a night out with the girls.


Cross body bags; these are in most cases worn across the body just like you see their name “cross body bags” that is exactly why they are even made with extremely long straps.


brown cross bag





This type of women’s handbags is meant to be worn with casual outfits and they have enough space for your day’s essentials. The one you see in the photo above is one of the most stylish and glamorous bags designed just to make that remarkable change to your wardrobe. The fact that it is brown in color makes it even more convenient as it will match with just any outfit.

From the different types of bags that you have seen; you will get different looks and I am more than sure you know which one to wear with which outfit. It is therefore up to you to make your choice.


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