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| July 11, 2014

For many of you that thought being elegant and getting attention every single  day was about wearing the most expensive clothes, well I can assure you that you are 100% wrong on that.  Sometimes there those small but very important details that many of us women ignore especially when it comes to the handbags we wear.  For women’s handbags;  your body shape greatly determines the type handbag you should choose to buy or wear. Wearing the right bag for your body shape is one of the biggest secrets you could ever know.

Blue snake print hand bag

Every body shape has a particular type and shape of women’s hand bag that matches with it in order to attain that outstanding look and leave thousands of heads turning. I guess many of you are now wondering which bag you should be putting on and I can confidently assure you I got you covered.  All you have to do is scroll down through the article and you will get all the information you need.

blue snake print hand bag



How to wear a hand bag for your body shape

  • Body balance is the key factor to having a completely astonishing appearance and the bag you are wearing will clearly help you to achieve that. For example, if you have a body shape where the upper part is bigger that lower part, it will be advisable to choose hand bags that take away attention from your upper body. That is to say, the bag should have longer straps to push it to the hip area.
  • You body features are another important factor. If you have a curvy body with pronounced hips or that perfect waist line then the bag you wear should leave them well exposed. The bag you should wear if you have a good waistline must either end before the waist or after the waist, on the hips, in order to show it off.
  • Please, also remember that each time you have to buy or choose a hand bag to wear it must be of opposite shape with your body shape.  What I am trying to say here is that if you are tiny and tall then you should go in for a bag with curved details and one that is slightly big. On the contrary, if you are of the curvy body structure you should then go in for bags with a defined shape like a square.



Take a look at the bags below to see some of the options you can try out;

Orange zipper top shoulder bag

There is no doubt you will catch everyone’s attention with the beautiful unique and really chic shoulder bag.  It is made with such a smooth material that will give you lots of comfort and I am so sure you will also love the compartments because it has a variety of them so you have a lot of space to store different items. Add a touch of style to your look with this stylish and adorable tote that will get lots of compliments from all your colleagues at office.

orange zipper top shoulder bag



On the outside its stunning color is detailed with amazing white lines of stitching and white double handles giving the bag a really gorgeous appearance. I also fell in love with the adjustable décor strap that will leave the bag hanging around your hips so you do not have to worry about your body shape any more as the bag will help you balance it out. This bag is too spacious as the interior is made with a zippered pouch, a one zippered pouch in the middle separating the interior into two. This one will also work for those with a lean body type.

Brown bowling style handbag

Brown is one of those really cute neutral colors; I call it neutral because in most cases it will match with almost everything you choose to wear it with. Wearing the handbag will not only change your look from the usual that people are used to seeing but will also accent your look to a really stylish one. Brown together with cream handles creates that warm appearance that will absolutely blend nicely with just any outfit you have ready. On the inner part of the hand bag you will find ample of space to pack your daily essential items. The bag also features two open pockets and a one zipper pocket.

brown bowling style handbag



For those that love to hold you bag in your hands you can just remove the long strap but for better body balance I would recommend you leave the strap. The good news is the strap is adjustable so you can adjust it to whatever length is good for you. Like the one before, this one will be great for most body shape and the body type should be preferably lean.

Brown leopard print hobo handbag

We all know and have seen from the most famous fashionistas with that animal print is very tasteful and trendy. It is the way to go for many of the ladies that love fashion. Now the number one reason that will make you fall in love with this hobo handbag is that it has a variety of carrying options. You can choose to hold to the bag in your hands, use the man-made shoulder strap made with leather and a chain or better yet use the longer brown shoulder strap that lets you hold the bag like a cross bag.

brown leopard print hobo handbag


The bag is made with a really soft exterior of leather material with leopard print designs and further detailed with dark brown handles. You can wear it on any day on to any occasion of your choice because either way it will add that modern beauty to your outfit. Grab the bag by the short double straps for a more formal look to office or by the leather-chain strap for a casual look. The bag will perfectly match with any black or brown outfit.

Now for those you who have your lower body parts bigger than the upper parts you have all the freedom to enjoy the bigger bags that have short straps ending around the waist.  This is the only way you will be able to have that amazing body balance. Well detailed bags that are also colorful and ending above your hips are also ideal for your body shape as they grab lots of attention to your hips. However, bags that go about the same level as your hips and have too much detail are likely to draw attention away all the attention and make that area appear insignificant.

Grey double handle shoulder bag

There is no better way to step out of your home in style than bumping on your shopper tote hand bag. The grey double handle handbag with soft man-made material will amazingly complete any look that involves that casual look that many of you want to have. This beautiful bag provides you with plenty of space for you every day essentials and any other staff that you may buy on your way back home.

grey double handle shoulder bag



It features two compartments and one large zipper pocket you can use the side pouch for your smaller items that you use more often for example your phone. Grey is also another of those colors that will look great with any outfit so you can call this one of those important investments. To match this bag to your body shape; it should stop above the waistline, if held by the shoulders, to enable you show off hip area and waist line assets.

Red hobo hand bag

With just a single look at this red hobo shoulder bag; it will make everyone who looks at you admire your sense of style. Show everyone what it takes to have that flawless and elegant look by trying out this handbag.

red hobo hand bag



Many people look at red as their favorite color so you have something to try out, whether you are looking for a casual look or a formal look for office, you sure have something to perfect for any of that and it is this red handbag. The bag is made of high quality leather that is beautiful, soft and is very durable so you can be sure to hold the bag for a really long time. This would definitely be a perfect compliment for you with curvy body shape. The curves on the bag will not get all the attention since the handles or straps are short and that will surely work for you.

Yellow leather women’s handbag

Now for those that have very small and well defined waists as well as other distinct body features, you very well know this bag type could be your biggest asset to thousands of heads turning.

yellow leather handbag



You have no reason to cover it up under that huge short strapped bag. You should be able to also pull off that eye catching look by wearing a bag with long straps leaving the bag to end around the hips so that there is room enough for your waist to remain well exposed.

Pink tote purse

Have that sexy and gorgeous waist of yours standing out by trying the pink  tote purse you see in the photo above. The handbag is made with a glossy and shiny exterior giving it that attractive appearance.

pink tote purse



Do not worry about the space because on the inside it is made with just enough space for daily essential. I am sure you will love the results that come along with wearing this choice from women’s handbags.

Black leather Tote shoulder bag

How to wear a hand bag for your body shape



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