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| April 13, 2014

From history, these sandals were worn by men and women of all ages which no longer the case today. Now, it’s a trend for women and its younger women who wear them most. This does not mean there is no kind fit for older women; there are a few varieties that can work them too.

Nothing has been able to beat the trend of gladiator sandals because as much as they were fashionable and trendy back in the days, even today they still continue to be some of the most stylish shoes worn during the summer season.


Gladiator sandals, just like the name suggests, is a versatile one when it comes to how you can wear it unlike other types such as wedge sandals and dress sandals. There are different finishes for a given type which provides the flexibility on what outfit you can wear with a given type. One very critical element for this kind of shoe is the comfort it gives.  You can wear this type of shoe and feel like you are not wearing shoes yet you are. In addition, the nature of these gladiator sandals is simple and so is the look when you wear them.  Gladiator sandals are indeed a shoe everyone must own because they come in a variety of colors, varying length, different materials and prices that work with most people’s budgets.

Just like any other shoes, gladiator sandals in different types whereby some of them are high heeled, other have knee length straps, some are just flat with ankle length straps you never get enough of them. If you were confused on what to wear with your gladiator sandals by the time you are done reading through this post you will be more the sure and confident on how best to pull it off.

Gladiator Sandals with Dresses

Breckelles Women’s Diva-31 Gladiator High Heel Sandals

Maxi dresses with very long slits; such dresses look best with ankle length strapped gladiator sandals because the dress is over covering but if you are considering wearing knee length gladiator sandals then your maxi dress should have really long slits to make the shoes stand out of the dress. Animal printed or floral printed maxi dresses make such a fashionable statement.

Breckelles Womens Diva-31 Gladiator High Heel Sandals


  • Mini dresses; these look really great with knee length gladiator sandals and mid-calf sandals too so if you are really confident about your body shape then you should not be afraid to rock your mini dress with these gladiator sandals.
  • Knee length dresses or short dresses; such dresses are usually long stopping around the knees which means that they will look best if worn with ankle length high heeled gladiator sandals. This outfit will make you look very elegant after work.





Gladiator Sandals with Trousers/Pants

Shoes 18 Women’s Roman Gladiator Spike Studded T Strap Sandals

SHoes 18 Womens Roman Gladiator Spike Studded T Strap Sandals


Women’s Metallic & Faux Leather Gladiator Sandals Flat Shoes

Because most pants and trousers go down below the ankle, some people actually think that is not right to wear trousers with gladiator sandals but this is completely wrong. The fact is both flat and high heeled ankle length gladiator sandals look very nice with pants the only thing you have to do is choose pants that stop right above the ankles, if they are below the ankles they will look totally wrong.

Womens Metallic & Faux Leather Gladiator Sandals Flat Shoes



Gladiator sandals for women with a skirt

kourtney kardashian

You can wear gladiator sandals for women with a long skirt as well a short one. When pairing with a long skirt, it will only make sense for you to wear flat ones that are also short in length.

When it gets to shorter skirts, you can opt for either gladiator flats or heels depending on what you feel more comfortable with. If you have good looking legs, there is no better way to show them off than wearing the long gladiator sandals and a nice short skirt. To get a completely fabulous look, they have to be flats if you have a shorter skirt. On the other hand, if the skirt is a little longer and reaches the knee area then you can wear gladiator with a good sized heel.


Nature Breeze Women’s Rome-06 Gladiator Sandals


  • Maxi skirts; this is the most daring look ever of wearing a loose beautifully printed maxi with flat or high heeled gladiator sandals. However, you have to compliment your look with lots of jewelry to make the outfit more outstanding.
  • Miniskirts; such short outfits that stop above the knees are very outstanding with any type of gladiator sandals, so if you have short legs it will be good for you to elevate them by wearing a really short skirt with knee length or mid-calf gladiator sandals.


Nature Breeze Women's Rome-06 Gladiator Sandals



  • Knee length skirts; such skirts are usually longer stopping slightly above or down below the knees and will look really flawless with ankle length gladiator sandals both flats and high heeled. If you are wearing a black skirt; match it with a white tank top and well detailed brown black ankle length gladiator sandals.



Gladiator sandals for women with shorts


Ripped denim shorts will go absolutely well with gladiator sandals. In addition, you can try tailored dress shorts with gladiator sandals and I would suggest that they have a good fitting. With shorts, I believe you can choose either the long version of gladiator sandals that extends to the knee area or the short and simple one.

Knee high gladiator sandals will appear better on some with longer legs so if you are not tall enough you need to improvise by wearing shorts that are shorter that average so that you appear to have longer legs with the sandals on.

Your choice of color, for the sandal, is important as well. When you want a more classic look, darker colors like black and brown will be appropriate when you are wearing gladiator sandals with shorts.

The same care you give your legs and feet before you wear anything short applies here. You have to have your legs smooth and your pedicure on point. Take time to shave the hair off of your legs if you have to and also have you nails well done. For the color of your nails, a striking color like red will give you the stunning look you desire.

Bumper Women’s Lory 90 Gladiator Sandals

Denim shorts; the length of these shorts create a very flattering and flirty appearance with gladiator sandals especially the knee high and mid-calf gladiator sandals. In this outfit you will never go wrong more so if you are sure about your legs. For a more detailed and outstanding look you can wear your gladiator sandals with ripped or damaged denim shorts.

Bumper Women's Lory 90 Gladiator Sandals


  • Printed, leather or tailored shorts; these are also very classy and unique and if paired with well detailed high heeled gladiator sandals you will have a completely sophisticated look, such outfits look best if you are slim or just medium but will not look good on over-size women.


 Gladiator sandals for women with jeans

In this case, the kind of gladiator sandal that works is the simple one that is short and flat (no heel). Here you also don’t have to worry much about how your legs look; whether they are well shaved or not. However, you pedicure should be done and look nice because your feet and nails have to be exposed.

When you wear the type of gladiator sandals, shown here, with your jeans or leggings; make sure that your ankles and calf are showing. Fold you jeans a little bit to show you ankles so you can attain that signature look like in the photos shown here. It’s crucial to also make sure that the jeans are not covering the upper part of the sandals. You want their entire design to appear therefore you have to let it show.


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New Women’s Sandals Roman Gladiator Flats

Some people are just not good at showing off their bodies or too much skin and so feel most comfortable in leggings or jeans. Since skinny jeans and leggings fall below the ankles they will look really amazing if you wear them with flat gladiator sandals.

New Womens Sandals Roman Gladiator Flats


 Tips for wearing gladiator shoes for women

Mind your body type. If you are not blessed with thin long legs then you want to avoid the knee length gladiator shoes. Thick legs will not appear chic in the knee length gladiator shoes so please do not wear them if you have a lot of weight on your legs.  However, that should not be a challenge, if you are fat it is better to wear flat or ankle length gladiator sandals, leave the knee length strapped ones alone.In addition, if you are short then you also want to keep away from the knee-length gladiator shoes.

No gladiator shoes over any fabric. As a rule, you should not have any fabric underneath the gladiator sandals. These sandals can only appear normal and sensible over the skin and not any fabric.

Strap should be sizable. Always opt for gladiator shoes with thin straps. The bigger straps spoil the attractive look that you would like to achieve so stick to the smaller ones.

Length of the straps; gladiator sandals come have three different strap length .i.e. ankle length, knee length and mid-calf high but not everyone can wear each of these. For the ankle length strapped gladiator sandals absolutely anyone can look good in them, then mid-calf strapped and knee high sandals look good on particular shapes but you have to be extremely careful with outfit you wear them with. They do not work well if you over accessorize.

Accessories; be very mindful of how you wear different accessories such as necklaces, bangles and earrings. Mid-calf and knee length gladiator sandals do not look that nice if you wear them with too much jewelry because it would be too much of everything there. However, if you wear a long dress or skirt with flat ankle sandals then you will have every reason to wear too much jewelry.

Choose your colors wisely. A shoe color plays an important role when it comes to matching a shoe with an outfit. Check to see if the color of the shoe will match with your outfit, if not the play with the universal colors such as black, brown and white.

Selection of material matters. Gladiator shoes just like other types such as wedge shoes do come in various materials for example suede, leather and other synthetic variations. Before you decide which gladiator sandal to wear, consider the type material that will go well with your complete outfit.


The latest gladiator sandals will work for you if you are looking for a casual look with women’s casual shoes. I will not encourage you to wear them to work if your work environment does not entertain casual attire. For a complete feminine look while wearing these sandals; you will need to accessorize. Add something that will create a striking look such as a toe ring and others like a nice necklace, a hat or sun glasses.

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