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| March 30, 2014

Flat women’s shoes are one of the most affordable  casual shoe types that are easy to come across. They provide a trendy yet relaxed option for those of who are not fully inducted into the school of 6-inch heels.

Flat shoes are also a must have for everyone however much you are a fun of heels and wedges at some point you will still have to wear flat because of they are not only comfortable but also very recommended by many doctors, to keep your feet healthy. They are different types of flat shoes but if you want to have a look that is exceptional from all the rest then you must know how best to wear you should wear your flat shoes. Many people have found it a bit of a problem when it comes to which flat shoes look best with the different types of jeans and skirts.


In the lively world of fashion,  flat shoes like other shoes like dress sandals and wedge sandals continue to evolve providing versatile range of styles from the shiny leather, studded to sporty flats. They have the ability to create a adaptable look with a number of items already in your closet. Below are a few looks to inspire you next time you are shoe shopping and some links of where to find similar products at reasonable prices.

How to wear flat women’s shoes with a dress

And when it comes to those that do not do jeans but you have that great love for the skirts, you do not have to feel left out because I have also provided some of the best flat shoes and how you can wear them with all those different types of skirts.

For a more feminine look with a dress (summer or otherwise); keep hair and makeup simple not to overpower the look. The length of the dress or skirt is very important given that flats remove the advantage of height; a hem that is an inch or two above the knee is suitable to elongate the legs.

Wear flats with a dress

If you look at Pippa in the photo above, she did well with her short dress and you can see that the flats did not affect her height in terms of appearance. Some flat women’s shoes come without a raised sole as in simply flat, while others are raised with a mini sole. Regardless of whether the sole is a little raised or not does not change much of how you should wear this kind of flat. Do not forget, colors do also matter when you are trying to figure out how to wear flats with a dress or a skirt, casually. Here you may experiment with colors such as grey, white, gold, cream, among others. Below is a sample you might want to try from Neiman Marcus. This pair is fit to wear casually because it will easily get to match with most colors worn casually.



Every woman owns at least two or three of the many types of skirts and if you didn’t know which flat shoes will look best on a particular type of skirt now is the time for you to know.

Pointy flat shoes

Back in the day, the ladies looked very sexy in their pointy shoes with different types skirts and now here you are also getting a chance to also have the sexy look. These black pointy pumps are polished in patent faux black leather and constructed perfectly so feel free to give it a try with the skirts below.


pointy flat shoes


Skirts to wear with the black pointy flat pump;

  • A short bubble skirt; these are very stylish and are usually short ending above the knees, a gray bubble skirt with a black waist line will beautifully match these pointy flat shoes.
  • A colorful pleated skirt; black shoes give the opportunity to explore lots of colors so wearing the patent black pointy pumps with a yellow skirt will also be just on point.
  • An A-line high waist skirt; for the fashion lovers you know this is one the trendiest things today so you must try out and with pointy flat pumps; you will absolutely have that fabulous and spectacular look.
  • A ruffle tan mini skirt; this will also come out really great with the pointy shoe, so for all my girls that want to keep it sexy; you know what to skirt to wear with your flat pointy pumps.





Green flat sandals shoes

This woman’s T strap gladiator sandals are very attractive mainly because of the color and the detail of a silver bow that makes them appear really adorable. The straps adjust perfectly to ensure that you are 100% comfortable.

green flat sandals shoes


Skirts to wear the green sandals;

  • A knee length flared skirt; a knee length skirt will let the beautiful shoes stand out, for a unique look you can try one that is velvet, velvet is so trendy lately.
  • A polka dot mini pencil skirt; the green skirt can have either white or black polka dots, whichever you will prefer of the two will give you the results you expect.
  • A maxi floral print skirt; you can wear the maxi skirt with the sandals to the beach; you will sure have a colorful day dressed like this.
  • An A-line pleated lace skirt; for those of you who do not want to wear body hugging skirts or you do not have enough esteem for the look ,then you can wear this type of skirt with your sandals.


Peep toes animal print flat shoes

Prints are one of my favorites and when I came across this black and brown cheetah print peep toe flat pump it caught my attention at first sight. It features a man made upper shiny fabric and rubber sole, which is one of the qualities you should always look out for when buying shoes. This will be adorable when paired with the right skirt.


peep toe animal print flat shoes


Skirts to wear with the cheetah print peep toe;

  • A cream sheath skirt; I think you have read through many fashion magazines and I will repeat that it is not good to wear  a print outfit with print accessories that is why I recommend the plain cream white sheath skirt for the cheetah print shoes.
  • An asymmetric pencil skirt; this type of skirt is very stylish and for the peep toe it would make that great blend you want to have for both your pumps and skirt.
  • A leather circle skirt; this is not something many people are familiar with but you can go ahead and make that chic upgrade to your wardrobe by wearing your animal print pumps with this circle skirt.

flat shoes

Cute yellow flat shoes

cute yellow flat shoes

There are certain shoes you buy and never have to worry about them going out of fashion and these ballet flat shoes are one of those.  They are simple but with a gorgeous design and will compliment an outfit though the skirts below will look greatest with these shoes.

Skirts to wear with yellow pumps;

A high waist flared skirt; a concealed high waist skirt with the pointy ballet flat shoes will make you that fashion star you have never imagined you would be.

A detailed pencil skirt; do some color blocking by wearing the yellow pumps with a green skirt with a twisted detail and for those with curvy bodies the pencil skirt will do justice to your curves.

A black and white tube skirt; tube skirts are more like the pencils skirts they are body hugging and will shape you really well. With yellow pumps there is no way you will not be a center of attention.


womens's heels-or-flats-2

Photo by

Looking at the photo above you will agree with me that flats like we have seen above will go with a short skirt similar to the one in the photo here. You will agree that flats need to be worn in a way that exposes them fully. If you decide on a short dress or skirt then make sure your legs are in good shape and all the necessary grooming has been done. In all the photos above, all the ladies have good looking legs that seem to be well taken care of. Make certain that you get a matching top and accessories to get the complete look.


How to wear flat women’s shoes with jeans

When pairing flats with trousers it is important to pay attention to the length and cut of the trousers to avoid a situation where your flats are covered completely.

There are so many types of jeans take for example the boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans that are so on fashion lately and the skinny jeans that I am sure every woman owns a pair of  so here you will find which jeans you  can wear with which flat shoes.

The look with these flats, as a general rule, can only be emphasized with good length of the matching attire. With fitting jeans/skinny jeans, they have to stop well above the ankle so that the flats appear fully as they are supposed to. Depending on your choice, you might want to wear a matching tee with your jeans or a nice blouse with a light jacket.


Some jeans are more revealing than others so at some point in time you will find yourself confused on which flat shoes you should wear with your jeans. Below are some of the trendiest and most fashionable flat shoes that you can wear with your jeans and leave everyone astonished by your completely stunning look.


Lace Ballet Breathable Flat shoes.

Lace Ballet Breathable Flat shoes


This gorgeous looking lace flat shoe is made with sturdy synthetic material that is very durable and a rubber sole which makes walking on slippery floors very secure as you never have to worry about falling. They are made with a very simple design but will give the most outstanding look if worn with the right jeans.  The lace material on the upper part of the shoes also makes them exceptional; you will not find many people wearing this type of shoes. And truth be told every woman would love to walk around wearing something unique because that is when they get the attention they need.

Jeans to wear with the lace flat shoes;

  • Blue ripped jeans; this type of jeans is so on trend right now and if you have not got yourself a pair of these then you sure are missing out. For these particular flat shoes; ripped jeans that are not too tight but fit around waist and end at the ankles will be more than perfect.
  • Short straight jeans; the one reason that make choose straight jeans each other time is the fact that they look really great on any body shape. I suggest short with a waist together with belt holders and a distressed finish, they will leave gorgeous flats standing out really nicely.
  • Designer signature skinny jeans; the jeans can also be a little more detailed with a classic faded wash and with the way skinny jeans fit they will be absolutely great with the lace flat shoes.


Black flat shoes

black flat shoes

If you do not own a pair of black flat shoes then I don’t what exactly to tell because they are those shoes that you just pull out in your rush hours and blend them with absolutely any outfit and they still look great. In the image, is a great black flat pump from one of the biggest companies that are known for their quality and long lasting products.  It features synthetic material on the upper part and a rubber sole for safe walking. They are not just pretty but also very comfortable, wear them with jeans below;

  • Colored skinny denim jeans; since black blend great with any color, why not use the chance to wear your colored jeans. You can try out pink low rise skinny jeans with these black flat shoes and you will have all the attention you ever craved for.
  • Ankle length slim fit jeans; a pair of black and white graffiti prints jeans that are slim fit and end just at the ankles will surely come out great with the shoes.
  • White relaxed jeans; when we say relaxed jeans we simply mean that they are not too tight and are not loose either. I think these are really comfortable, so white jeans matched with these black pumps would make such a perfect match.

Red gladiator flat shoes

red gladiator flat shoes


In most cases you will find that sandals like this will break just after one week of wearing them but this is a completely different case with these ones because they are made of the highest quality. The minute you adjust the strap, you will have the fit that is just perfect for you and will be very comfortable in the shoes. Much as I have always preferred to wear my jeans with closed shoes, it does not mean I cannot wear them with sandals if I prefer to feel comfortable. And in the above photo is a flat sandal for you to try out with your jeans.

Jeans to wear with the red sandals;

  • Straight leg boyfriend jeans; there is nothing wrong with going in for something new that people haven’t seen before. Pair your sandals with a pair of distressed straight leg boyfriend jeans; this is the perfect way to get that extra ordinary and classic look.
  • White pull on jeans; for those with curvy bodies there is no way you can miss out on this. Please do not wear flared jeans with sandals they look off so it is better to wear something that is more fitting or straight.
  • Loose fit ankle length jeans; these with sandals will make that amazing match and I would recommend black jeans for this one. We all know that black and red is more than just a right match.

Royal blue suede flat shoes

royal blue suede flat shoes


I do not think there is a better way to express your style other than in this pair of royal blue faux leather flat pumps; they are super cute and stylish. They are very comfortable to wear and you will not find anything to complain about this pair and with jeans, trust me, you will leave some heads turning.

Jeans to wear with the royal blue flats;

  • Frayed short shorts; if you wore these shorts to a night out with your girl friends you will leave them all envious of your flawless look while you have your shorts standing out and your pretty shoes too.
  • Vintage slouchy boyfriend jeans; the jeans are very trendy and with these shoes they will be just the right match. For those that love detail, you can go in for the distressed vintage boyfriend jeans.
  • Slim fit royal blue jeans; they are a rare type so you will not find them just anywhere and if you are lucky enough to get yourself a pair trust me you will get many jealous of your look.


wear jeans with flats

Photo by

Rihanna wearing shorts with flats

Photo by

Pointed flats come in two forms; one with ankle straps and the other without the straps. In these two forms, some come with a rather shiny look while others have the normal surface of leather.  You may try pointed ankle-strap flats like Rihanna did in the photo above but there are other ways to wear this kind of flats. I think the way Rihanna matched this attire is just for celebrities. For an ordinary person, a nice pair of loosely fitting jeans/trouser with a matching light colored blouse will do the magic.

Pointed flats including the one below, do look incredibly chic on jeans paired with a formal shirt/blouse and blazer. This is a more of mature look that you may want if you are going out with associates to a more relaxed setting compared to the office. Furthermore, these pointed flats can be tried on a pencil skirt with shirt tucked in for a lovely simple well put together look.



How to wear flat women’s shoes to work

Yes, you can still wear those flats to work but you have to be very careful regarding what you wear with them. Most work place policies are strict where by the do not accept sandals, flip flops and certain kind of flat women’s shoes. Find out what is acceptable at your work place just be sure that you will not be violating any policies in place.

The flats in the photo below, which should be okay for most workplaces, will be ideal for that Friday at work if wear them with such a dress or even a nice pair of jeans/trousers and a matching top/blouse. As you notice in the photo below, the dress is around the knee area which is appropriate for the workplace and yet it fully exposes the flats just the way it should be.


Wear women's flats to work

Photo by

Style tips for wearing flat women’s shoes:

Remember to keep groom your legs and feet nicely. Make sure you do it well enough to avoid any wounds or scratches. You want your legs to be clear and smooth. Lotion is your friend; do not try to ignore her. Apply the appropriate amount of lotion for that desired look. How can I forget the toe nails?  If you decide to wear open toed flats, then you have to get your nails done as well. Have them done with a color that will somehow match with your choice of shoes

Pointy flats are agreeable with most outfits but not all.  Keep an eye out for those with details such a buckles or metallic finish. Make sure these minor finishing will go well with your desired look.

Flip Flops are not flats. Even though they share the same look, please, do not substitute them for flat shoes. Like I said before, most work places will not accept flip flops but are okay with flats. So, be careful not to substitute the flats with the flip flops while going to work. More so, regardless of whether you have to go to work or a formal setting, do not think about substituting flats with the flip flops because this will just spoil the entire look you might want to get.

– Check your flats for any damage. Considering the fact that flats have to appear fully with most looks, you have to make sure they are in good shape. They have to be free of damages or any kind scratches and their structure and texture has to be intact.

In the end, flat women’s shoes should be like your ‘happy shoes’; the ones you wear whenever you are in that kind of relaxation mode. There are several ways you can wear the different types so it not that they are limiting in any way.

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