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| July 6, 2014

There is a common mistake that people always make when it comes to dress sandal shoes and it is the same that probably you and I have been making. The mistake basically is to consider dress sandals to be mere flat shoes which concept is not true.  The fact is that dress sandals are any kind of shoes that are not closed which implies that are very many types of dress sandals. They can be high heel, ultra heel, medium heel or low heel form. That simply shows us that they can also be wedges so you do not have to only tie up your options to flat shoes since there is a variety for you to choose from. Now for those who are totally fed up of wearing closed shoes and you feel like you need to try out something new; well you have found the right solution. Dress sandals are actually comfortable and will make you look perfect depending on the outfits you wear, that is why I found it useful to make this post that will show you how you can wear your dress sandals and some of the dress sandals that you can try our in case you run out of options.

As some of the cutest and most stylish women’s formal shoes have been provided starting from those you can wear with work attire to those you can wear with dresses and even skinny jeans.

dress sandals5

How to Wear Dress Sandals

Work attire; they are very many different types of work attire for example trousers, dresses and skirts will be such a great to wear with any dress sandals of your choice. At work remember that you must keep it decent because what you wear has great impact on your image at work.

Jeans; they are very many types of jeans and there is a type that looks great on each different type of dress sandal. Wearing dress sandals with jeans will elegantly bring out that casual look, in fact it will make you look really fashionable.

Dresses; for those of you that love wearing dresses, you know that flat dress sandals and stiletto dress sandals really bring out that fantastic appearance. All the different types of differences like the flared ones, mini dresses, maxi dresses will also look elegant when matches with a really cool pair of dress sandals.

Skirts; just like the dresses, the many different types of dress always come out great with dress sandals for example a pleated skirt with wedge sandals comes out really gorgeous.


Stiletto heel dress sandals


stilleto heel dress sandals

When we talk about fashion and style, it is pretty obvious stiletto heel dress sandals cannot miss on the list because much as they may be a bit of a problem to walk in, they are totally sexy and make such a good statement of the woman wearing them. In my opinion, every woman should own at least one pair of stilettos to wear on a given occasion. The red stiletto dress sandal above is absolutely eye catching so you must blend it with something that will neutralize the attention it grabs. A nice well fitting pencil skirt or body hugging dress will sure come out great with this shoe or yet again you can wear the stiletto with a nice pair of boyfriend jeans. I would not advise you to wear these with maxi dresses or maxi skirts.



Brown Dress Sandals



brown dress sandals for women


You will not go wrong with the brown leather sandal if you wore them with that cute work attire. Good enough they are made with a heel that it not so high and not too low for those that love your heels so either you will love it. The fact that it’s got ankle length also makes it worth trying because of late ankle lengths are so trendy. So with this you will not only have a stylish but classy look well enough for taking to work. I love the open front part because it leaves your cute feet and toes well exposed and looking all pretty. The color of the shoes is also another reason for you to try this one as it will perfectly blend with a white or grey outfit.

What to wear with the shoes; remember it is work attire so you have to keep a descent look therefore with these shoes you can wear a grey knee length body hugging dress. Knee length could be just to the knees or slightly below the knees then detail your dress with a brown belt and later finish up your look with a brown bag. To be safe with the weather conditions you can also carry a brown coat or jacket along.


Wedge dress sandals


Wedge dress sandals


Wedge sandals are practically the easiest shoes you will ever walk in of course after flat shoes because nothing beats flat shoes when it comes to ease in walking. These are shoes that you can wear to a variety of occasions and kill that look. They can be worn to church, to work, for a day out or to the beach for those of you who always love shoes that add some height. In the image above is deep pink sandal well detailed with rhinestones and if you love the look of these shoes you can pair it with a short flared shirt or dress and be sure to catch lots of eyes. Please do not wear this kind dress sandal with body hugging clothes, because these are not the best shoes to wear with fitting clothes.


Women’s Bessie dress sandal with glitter

women's bessie dress sandal with glitter

For many of the women above 40 very,  high heels or pumps are usually not an option but this doesn’t mean you have to wear flat shoes all the time to be comfortable in your work attire, you can go in for medium wedge heel just like the one you see in the photo above and still remain 100% comfortable. The shoes is made with a wedge heel glam to give a little more height for those who fear wearing very high heels and are not a fan of flat shoes either. It features a synthetic sole so you do not have to worry about the shoe’s durability and with the detail of neat decorative beading; you will definitely love this one. Add that great choice to your collection by purchasing yourself a pair of these dress sandals. These ones in particular will look amazing on almost everything be it a office dress, skirt or even pants, so what more could you ask for. Some work place may not be comfortable with shoes that are so open so try check in with your workplace policies before you go trying to shoe of this beauty.

What to wear with the shoes; wear the shoes with a dark blue dress and a silver gray coat to be that really outstanding woman at work. You can then seal your look with a colored bag either orange or pink and you will definitely be good to go.

You can also wear these shoes with a navy blue tight skirt, blend it a silver gray top and a navy blue jacket. With this look you will sure have a really stunning look that will have everyone at your workplace wondering whether you have a Hollywood designer on your payroll. A navy blue hand bag would gorgeously compliment the look.


Glitter party dress sandal

glitter party dress sandal shoes


Like you have probably seen in the other posts you came across; sandals are just that type of shoes that are generally open and multipurpose.  Now take for example the shoe you see in the photo above, you could it take it to a party after work, yet at the same time you can wear it to work and also to an evening outside of work. Now this is exactly what I call a good investment. For all my girls that treasure dress sandals and are looking of a high heel wedge dress sandal to compliment your pretty dress, look no further.  The one you see in the above photo is high and will give you a more slender look in that favorite dress and make you a lot sexier than if you wore it with flat shoes. The shoe has beautiful glitter and rhinestones that make it perfect for any party (big or small) that you plan to attend. What’s not to love about the strap because it is made in a way that it can be adjusted to whatever fit you feel is comfortable for you. Synthetic material and a rubber sole are absolutely be long lasting and will serve you to maximum satisfaction.



What to wear with the shoe; why not brighten up your day’s look with a bright colored dress. I think orange will be perfect with some white flowers around the collar leaving the rest of the dress plain. You can also spice up the look with orange earrings and a white and orange floral purse.


gladiator flat dress sandals


Every woman needs a pair of flat dress sandals to give your feet a break from the strain of high heels and closed shoes that you wear all through the week. So the shoe you see in the photo above will be perfect for the weekend out shopping or a stroll to the beach. The sandals are dark brown and have an adjustable strap to ensure you are more than comfortable. I have not come across anyone who hates flat shoes because of the level of comfort they give and if worn with that short dress there is no doubt you will love the appearance of everything together. The sandals are very stylish and can possibly be worn with many kinds of dresses especially casual so you will not go wrong with the sandals.




What to wear with the shoes; the sandals will look best if worn with a long floral dress and a plain coat so that the dress brings out the floral dress perfectly. Add a white hand bag and white earrings to have a more detailed look.


Gladiator stiletto dress sandals

gladiator stilleto dress sandals


Every woman’s dream is to have a wardrobe that everyone will admire and this is what high heeled dress sandals so ensure to have this stylish and amazing addition to your wardrobe. The way you compliment your sandals is the key to how best they will come out so you need to be careful with the skinny jeans that you wear these high heel sandals with. The sandals you see above can be worn both to office and to straight to dinner or a date without having to waste too much time going back home to change your shoes and this exactly why I fell for the shoes. The shoes are black in color with shiny silver on the upper side. Take on a completely new and fashionable look with the plated gladiator stiletto heels that leave your toes peeping, leaving your feet well exposed and looking all cute. The decorative strap details on the shoe give it such a gorgeous appearance and a cushioned insole to keep you very comfortable and a zip at the back to make it very easy for you to wear the shoes.


What to wear with the shoes; compliment your shoes with fitting blue skinny jeans together with a Channel striped vest and a black leather jacket.

dress sandals

  Lady gaga style plat form dress sandals

lady gaga style plat form dress sandals

Doesn’t she look adorable in the green shoes, for me it is a definite “yes”.  I am totally in love with everything about these cut out sandal shoes from the color to the design. For those that love having that trendy look then you must purchase at least one a pair of the lady gaga shoes because they are the trendy. They are not only very pretty but also very unique. They are made with high quality leather and suede to make the shoes very attractive and durable as well. The plat form makes the shoes very comfortable giving you more than enough reason to enjoy them more.  Take a look at the cut out detail around the toes which surely makes the shoes appear prettier. The shoes also feature an ankle buckle to help you fit in the shoes and make them much easier to wear as well as keep you very comfortable. The shoes are perfect if worn to a party or for night out, and I wouldn’t advise you to wear them to work.

What to wear with the shoes; the dark gray skinny jeans are very unique and will glamorously blend the green color of the shoes, white v neck top and light brown jacket will give you a really outstanding look.

If the list above does not contain one that fits your choice then feel free to select from a variety of discounted dress sandal shoes for women available at Amazon.

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