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| October 3, 2014

Did you know that your body size is a very important factor when it comes to choosing the bag you are going to buy or wear? Commonly when buying  handbags we never think about out body size because basically we consider other factors such the attire we wear, the occasion you are going to but you also have to put your body shape into consideration as well. Whether you are small, medium, short, tall or very fat, this post will teach you on how to choose the right bag for your body size.

With large body size

If you have this body size, I recommend that you leave small bags with short straps alone because all they  will do is make you look awful . For those that are over size, it is not advisable for you to purchase smaller bags as they tend to make you appear a lot bigger than you are. And instead of on lookers looking and admiring the bag they will instead pay more attention to the bag. A sizable women’s handbag like one below would be suitable.

Giraffe Print Handbag

giraffe print hand bag


Classic Tote Handbags

classic tote handbag



This bag not only has a stunning color but can also be held as a hand bag or a shoulder bag since it has double handles a strap so you can be sure to look stunning with the bag on your bigger size. The bag is handmade form the highest quality material with a number of slip pockets and interior zip. So you have plenty of space for your must have items.


With small body size

A smaller bag will attract attention to the smallest parts of your body thereby making your body size come out really gorgeously. It is not only cross bags that you can wear for that matter but any bag with long straps will be perfect for example shoulder bags and hobo bags.

Elegant Yellow Cross Bag


elagant yellow cross bag




This small size cross body bag will highlight your small body; it is made with strong and high quality PU material that is water proof and very durable. Its black color enables it to blend with any outfit.  I love the golden details they make the bag appear much more beautiful.




The length of the bag; where your bag stops is the area that is emphasized the most for example if your bag ends around the hips, it will make your hips appear wider or if it stops around the burst it will make your burst appear larger than it is.

The shape of the bag; ensure that the shape of your bag is opposite to your body shape, take for example if you have the slim and tall body, you will be perfect with a round hand bag rather than a rectangular hand bag. And for those with a round body shape, a rectangular hand bag will be more than perfect.

The size of the bag; the size of the bag should be able to give your body more balance; it should give you that proportionate result. That is to say those that are tall and slim, a large hand bag will help to balance your appearance as it makes you appear bigger than your real size. And for those that are short and fat it is best to wear a smaller bag so that it can to balance your shape by making it appear taller and smaller.

Metal Chain Cross Body Bag

metal chain crossbody bag




Quality of the bag; it very true that bags are one the easiest ways to accent your look but also have to think about what you are spending your money on.  The bag must be very comfortable in that I mean that it should a reasonable number of compartments where you can store all your daily essentials

The outfit you are going to wear and the color of your bag; as we all know, for all the stylish women bags are like the most important accessory. However, this does not mean you just wear any bag with any outfit because this may ruin your entire outfit. You therefore must look closely at the color of outfits you commonly wear and then look at the bag you want to buy. To avoid problems like this I would suggest you go in for neutral colors such brown, black, white and cream. These colors will match with almost every outfit that may have chosen to wear.

The occasion you are planning to wear the bag; the bag you must take to work is totally from the one you must to an evening or to a friend’s wedding party. You must be able to tell the difference between that specific type of bag and the occasion it is made for

Be extra careful with bags that you may wear daily; if you are planning to wear the bag often it is best to buy one with very strong material that can stand being worn every day or more than once week.

Do not put very many items in the bag; if you want the bag to last long it is best to keep few items in the bag, this way you will not wear down the bag. If you will not need the items then it is best to remove them from the bag.






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