Tressmatch 20″-22″ Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions Brown Blonde Highlights for Women 9 Pieces Full Head Set.

| July 13, 2016

With a beautiful and natural color blend of popular brown with a bleach of blond streaks that you can merely blend with light brown as well as blond highlights and so on; you will look fabulous with this Tressmatch Hair Clip in Extensions. It is obtained from 100% Remy human hair that comes with a original complete length of 22 inches with a life span of 12 months especially when well cared for. The wefts are well double weft crafted and have quality clips so that the thickness is maintained from the bottom to the tips. The best part is that anything you do to your real hair can as well be done to this like washing, ironing, curling, straightening and so much more. The blonde highlight on this piece makes it even more stylish and allowing you enjoy both worlds.

Tressmatch Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions Brown Blonde Highlights for women

  • Thick wefts; the wefts of this Tressmatch Hair Clip in Extensions have been kept in a very thick formula from the bottom to the tips. The total numbers of the wefts are 9 which make it very flexible and versatile regardless of the size of head a person has as well as what style they prefer to have.
  • Easy to care for; the kind of care this hair extension piece requires is the same that you always perform daily on your natural hair which is basically very easy. This means that it can be washed, colored, treated and styled into different ways so you are always prepared for any occasion.


Features overview;

  • 9 weft set; this wefts will make it very easy and the steps as minimal when you want to add the human hair piece into your hair anytime. This way you can even possibly do it yourself in just a few minutes without needing to use things like weaving, gluing and taping. The 8 inch wide weft has 4 clips, the 7 inch wide weft has 3 clips, the 6 inch wide weft has 3 clips and so on.
  • Quality clips; the clips have been carefully made with quality clips that will enable that when you place it in the hair, it doesn’t drop off but remains secured and as well as comfortable. The nature of these clips also makes it so easy to place it the hair without requiring professional help.
  • 20” to 22” long; if you have always admired those long locks or you just want to have a change then this is the perfect length to use. This piece comes with different lengths of 22 inches to 22 inches that you can place in the hair and it will look admirably natural


Product quality;

This hair is obtained from 100% Remy human hair naturally and the original length obtained is 22 inches meaning the ones that they have lesser than 22 inches have been trimmed. It has been colored and obtained the blown and blond highlights but can be dyed again if you want to match your original hair color. Finally it is created with double wefts and quality clips.

Who will it benefit?

  • People with short hair length; this hair extension will greatly benefit people that have short hair like a short bob but want to have a longer hairstyle for a new look and so they can easily add in this Tressmatch  Hair clip in Extensions and enjoy having mind blowing lengthy locks.


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