How to Wear Sneakers Fashionably – Best Sneaker Shoes for Men

| May 22, 2014

Every one owns at least a pair of sneakers, be it classic / casual / sport. The best sneaker shoes for men will define their style. Sneaker shoes seem to match with most casual outfits like jeans, cargo pants, shorts and so much more.


On the other hand, I have also seen top hip-hop celebrities wearing sneakers with suits, this type of style calls for classy sneakers like Air Yeezy’s and you will agree with me that  not every man can look good wearing sneakers with a suit.

  1.                          Nike Air Jordan 3 “III” White Fire Red Cement Grey Black


Nike Air Jordan 3



On this list, I have featured some of the best brands of sneakers today and to make this judgement, I based on customer reviews collected from well known stores where each featured sneaker can be found.

  1.     Reebok Men’s Club C Sneaker

I love white shoes because they match with almost anything, however, keeping them clean all the time might be a challenge. If at all they get dirty, you need to take these steps below to keep them neat.

Reebok Men's Club C Sneaker


For a full review, click here…..

  • First disassemble the shoes; this will make it easy to clean.
  • Remove the insole and clean it independently.
  • Before washing inside, first smack the sole of these sneakers and let the shoes face down so that the all dust gets out.
  • Use a brush and cleaning detergent to wash your white sneakers after which you can wash out the cleaning detergent and put the sneakers away to dry. Please, just don’t keep wet white sneakers indoor to dry.


Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner 3691 4 Oz. Premium KIT

Sneaker cleaner




Now, for guys on a limited budget; these white Reebok sneakers are designed for you.  They look classy yet they come at an affordable price. You can get a pair for as low as $35. So let’s see what you can wear with these Reebok white sneakers.

  1. JEANS: – You can wear jeans with this type of sneakers, however, you need to opt for straight leg jeans because they will drape very well on the sneakers. For example, you can wear denim blue straight leg jeans with a white round neck t-shirt and then complement the t-shirt with a blue jersey jacket, if possible. In addition, you can spice up this trend with a white cap.
  2. KHAKI PANTS: – Since they have a classic design, you can wear them with khaki pants; the color of your khaki doesn’t matter because white sneakers can go with anything. However, make sure you balance the flow of colors very well. If you have issued with matching colors, you can opt for a white / black t-shirt, even a flannel shirt will do the magic.


Not every guy is fashionable, however, that should not stop you from dressing like a fashion icon.  Celebrities like Kanye West or JayZ are fashion gurus because they easily pull off sneakers fashion in a trendy way. As you can see in the featured Photo of Kanye West above, he was wearing AIR YEEZY sneakers he co-designed with Nike. In here, he decided to keep the trend normal buy going black from toe to head. If you like black and look good with black outfits, you can opt for Kanye West’s style.

Kanye West Air Yeezy


  1.    NIKE AIR YEEZY 2 NRG Style# 508214 MENS




On the other hand, these AIR YEEZY sneaker shoes cost an arm and a leg. If you don’t take home $20,000 per month, these shoes might not be in your shopping cart because a single pair of AIR YEEZY costs as much as $8,000.



  • SKINNY JEANS: – This type of jeans has a narrow bottom, so it can fit well with high topper sneakers. The color of your skinny jeans does not matter in this case, because black sneakers can easily match with anything.
  •  LEATHER PANTS: – You can as well wear these AIR YEEZY sneakers with black cigarette fit leather pants. I know most men would not prefer to go for these leather pants, but stylish street guys will fall for them. In this case, you can go black; wear black leather cigarette leg pants with a black round neck t-shirt and then complement the t-shirt with a single colored jacket. The jacket will create a balance between the black outfits.




  1.      VIKTOR & ROLF Men’s Sneaker

I love sneakers with white soles; however, if you don’t clean that white sole regularly, it will end up changing to brown. To maintain that white sole, use a strong cleaning detergent and a brush, sometimes I see my pals using tooth brushes to clean white sneaker soles, but I don’t recommend this, it is better you use the right cleaning brush which will give you perfect results.


VIKTOR & ROLF Mens S48WS0034 Sneaker


In the picture above, I have featured a blue & white high topper sneaker designed by VIKTOR & ROLF. This kind is a cool casual sneaker shoes for teenagers. Its upper leather and strong / soft rubber sole makes it a durable sneaker and the metallic shining leather blends very well with modern casual trends. However, its price is a little bit high compared to most sneakers on this list, you will spend as much as $675 to get a single pair of VIKTOR & ROLF Men’s Sneaker…



  • SKINNY JEANS: – Since they have the high top style, you can wear them with skinny jeans or leather pants.
  • Narrow Leg Pants :- The best example we can use in this point is the guy featured in the picture above, see how he complemented the blue high top sneaker with white pants, the pants have a narrow bottom which sits comfortably on the sneakers.
  1. 5.     Nike Air Mission Men’s Cross Training Shoes

Think of cross training or an evening walk with your dog to probably have fun; you will need to wear a comfortable sneaker like the Nike Air Mission Men’s sneaker. The air sole unit will protect your feet from getting hurt. This sneaker comes in different colors and in the picture above I have featured a black / neon green sneaker. However, when I did a simple patrol on AMAZON, I landed on more cool colors, so you don’t have to worry about being bound to the neon green.


Nike Air Mission Mens Cross Training Shoes 629467-001


  • Air sole makes that evening walk fun yet if you wear the DSQUARED sport sneaker on an evening walk; it will not be that fun because it’s sole lacks the AIR SOLE technology which makes locomotion easy.
  • Unisex: – Unlike the DSQUARED, this AIR NIKE can be worn by both Women & Men, so don’t be shocked when you find your wife/girlfriend hitting the street in your AIR NIKE SNEAKERS.
  • Comfortable: – It’s true the DSQUARED are comfortable, but you can’t wear them for long during summer time. In most cases, men tend to prefer low profile sneakers in summer, because of their simplicity.


  • SKINNY JEANS: – These jeans must have a narrow bottom and a slim fit style, so, if you plan to wear these sneakers to a night club, you can complement them with skinny jeans of any color. However, you should not wear bright colored jeans with these sneakers, because that bright color will clash with the neon sole.
  •  DENIM SHORTS: – Both Men and Women Can wear these black & neon air Nike sneakers with denim shorts. Since they have a low profile, you should opt for super short jean and I think damaged ones will also play the magic as you desire.
  • BLACK OUTFIT: – Just the other day, I saw a guy wearing black studded denim long sleeved shirt with black fitting cigarette leg jeans and then this shoe just came to my mind. I think it can go with this type of outfit. The neon sole will give the black outfit some life. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

If you love to shine and stand out from the crowd, these golden moment Air Jordan Sneakers will do the magic. I know most of you might shy away from white, but it looks classy especially when you complement it with blue denim jeans. However, let the color issue not stop you from snatching these GOLDEN MOMENT AIR JORDAN sneakers, you can as well get a pair in black & gold. When it comes to cost / price, you will probably spend between $740 – $1000.



  • Pure Rubber
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Pure Upper Leather which makes them Durable
  • Classy design which is very unique


1. SHORTS: – I know most people don’t look cool in shorts, but if you’re among those brave guys with nice body shapes…you will probably love to try out these Jordan’s with Shorts. For example; you can wear denim blue below the knee shorts with these white Jordan’s, complement the denim shorts with a red & blue or white t-shirt. However, to avoid smelly feet, you need to wear white pure cotton socks and make sure they don’t show up above the Jordan’s.

2. JEANS: – I’m sure every guy would wear White Jordan’s with jeans, however, you have to be selective when choosing the pair of jeans to wear with these Jordan’s since they go above the ankle. You can wear them with buggy jeans and tuck the front part of the jeans. However, you can also try them on with cigarette leg jeans which have a narrow fitting and to balance these looks try to wear a blazer / jacket so that you add on some weight.



  1. 3.    Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Sneaker

When I talk about simplicity in fashion, this is what I exactly mean, let’s not beat around the bush, high cost of purchase for shoes does not necessarily translate to style. Many times I have seen dudes wearing highly priced sneakers with absolutely no sense of fashion. You will agree with me that Onitsuka Tiger is not a very popular designer in the sneaker world, but his shoes make a statement and they cost less compared to the rest of the brands. If you have interest in this yellow sneaker by Onitsuka Tiger, you can get it for as low as $45; just imagine this cool durable sneaker for that low price.

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Sneaker


I recently grabbed a pair, myself; for I see no meaning preaching the yellow sneaker word by Tiger when I don’t own one.



When I patrolled AMAZON, I discovered that these sneakers come in different colors and designs, so you don’t have to be bonded with the yellow color, you can easily get similar sneakers in different colors and designs.

  • JEANS: – Both Skinny & Straight Leg Jeans can match with these sneakers, however, you have to keep the whole trend simple. For example, you can match the jeans with a white / red round neck t-shirt. In case you want to incorporate a blazer, I feel it should only come into play when the weather is not good.
  • Cargo Pants: – If you plan to go for a holiday, you can wear these low-profile sneakers with Cargo Pants since they have a flat soft rubber sole which makes it easy to move.
  1. 4.     DSQUARED2 Men’s Hockey Vitello Sport Fashion Sneaker

How about trying out something new and unique, this DSQUARED men’s sneaker has a versatile approach; forget those sneakers which limit you so get out of the closet with this classy sneaker which can match with most of your casual outfits. Actually for men who don’t like to wear ordinary sneakers, this is a hit for you.


DSQUARED2 Men's Hockey Vitello Sport Fashion Sneaker


So, what exactly makes this Hockey DSQUARED sneaker unique?

  • It has a sport fashion style which will make you look like a fashion icon on the instant.
  •  It has durable rubber sole and pure upper leather which makes it even classier.
  • The side strap will ensure that the sneaker fits you well, and what’s not to like the suede on the strap; it’s simply elegant.
  • The comfort of this sport sneaker is unmeasurable; actually you will feel like you’re wearing no shoes.

Now, Lets solve the other question which is more likely to be messing up your brain now: WHAT TO WEAR WITH THESE DSQUARED SPORTY SNEAKERS:

  • STRAIGHT LEG JEANS: Since these sneakers go above the ankle, you need to harmonize them with classic straight leg jeans. I would have suggested boot cut jeans, but they have a flared bottom which does not look classy with sneakers.
  • SHORTS: – You those cool shorts which stop just below the knees. YES!!! Try them out with these sneakers. If you have the other type of short which stop above the knees, please opt for the classic sneakers like the one featured position 3.
  • CARGO PANTS: – Forget about those cargo pants you wear for hiking, this time opt for the stylish ones. However, to look smart, you can complement the pants with a flannel shirt, but remember to wear a white / black slim fit t-shirt under the flannel shirt.



Soulja in Nike Dunks



  1. 6.    Adidas Men’s Samba Classic Shoe.  ADIDAS as a brand has its own rank when it comes to the fashion world because they’re are well known for crafting the best sports trends. However, due to the style of their shoes and related outfits, ADIDAS has managed to take over the casual fashion industry. In the picture above I have featured a cool black low profile ADIDAS shoe. It is a classic soccer shoe which you can wear on any weekend. Its rubber sole and upper leather makes it a durable shoe. I did a brief patrol on AMAZON and I found this classy shoe is available in 3 colors which include black / white / brown, and when it comes to its price, the shoe goes for as low as $90.

adidas Men's Samba Classic Soccer Shoe



  • Low profile style which makes it easy to wear any time.
  • 100% upper leather
  • Flat rubber sole which is soft, making it comfortable to wear the all day. You can walk a long distance without feeling any weight on your feet.



  • TRAINER PANTS: – Being sport like, you can wear them with ADIDAS trainer pants / track pants. The color of your pants will not matter, because black is a neutral color. However, you can complement those track pants with a white fitting t-shirt.
  • SKINNY / CIGARETTE LEG JEANS: – Since the shoes have a low profile, you can wear them with skinny jeans. This nature of jeans has a narrow bottom and a slim fitting style, so the jeans will sit on the top of the shoe without covering their beauty.


  1. 7.     Salomon Men’s XA PRO 3D Ultra 2 Trail Running Shoe

If you plan to go for a holiday in AFRICA or AUSTRIA, you probably need to stock these comfortable Salomon sneakers; on the other hand, you can also use them as running shoes.

  • Now, when it comes to choosing what to wear with these Salomon sneakers, you can opt for relaxed fit jeans, these jeans have a similar design like straight leg jeans, but  the only difference is that they have a relaxed fitting.

Salomon Men's XA PRO 3D Ultra 2 Trail Running Shoe


  • You can also wear them with cargo pants if you plan to wear them on a holiday. Cargo pants are the best pants to wear on a holiday and I think black / khaki cargo pants will look better with these Salomon shoes.
  •  Cargo shorts: – For those who love hiking, you can wear cargo shorts with these trail running sneakers, a simple v-neck t-shirt can accompany the cargo shorts.
  • I will not forget about those who would prefer to wear them as trail running shoes, because that is what they’re, you can wear them with track pants of your choice.



  • Take into consideration of your outfits: – Before buying any of these sneakers featured on this list, you have to consider the kind of outfits you have in your closet. If the nature of sneakers you want requires you to have straight leg jeans, you need invest some extra money and buy them, otherwise, you might end up spoiling your desired look. The other factor you have to consider is the color of the sneakers, it is better to opt for color which fits your style, I know most men don’t care about color matching, but if you want to look stylish and attractive, COLOR MATCHING is very crucial.
  •  Size Matters: – The size of your normal shoes differs from the size of sneakers, in most cases, if you wear size 10 in normal shoes, you will have to opt for size 11 when it comes to sneakers. So, if you’re shopping sneakers online, take note of the size adjustments. If you are among those buying in shopping malls, there is no need to worry because you will have a chance try them out while at the store.


  1. 9.     Salomon Men’s Speed cross Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 127612 Trail Running Shoe


If you love jogging, you will agree with me that the style of shoe you wear will determine how long and fast you will run. Not every sneaker you see on this list is suitable for running and it does not matter if they have rubber soles or not.  The design, weight and comfort for each kind of running shoe is completely different and that is why this Salomon Speed cross running shoe is light weight. It also comes with a protective rubber toe which will protect your feet from getting injuries.


                      Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker


Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Faxon Low Sneaker


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