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| August 10, 2014

We all need to own a backpack at some point in our lives because they can be used for many different purposes.  In fact, most people have referred to them as multipurpose bags simply because of the different purposes they can be used for. You will not find such a thing as a perfect back pack because most of them will get spoiled depending on how often you use them and the amount of items you load in the backpack.  You will find it a bit hard to find one that is perfect but this does not mean there is nothing close to perfect because in this post you are going to find some of the very best backpacks. Not because they look good on the appearance but because they will serve their purpose to the maximum; you can check through the list for one. Unlike handbags that you hold to accessorize your outfit or because they are trendy and will bring out the fashionable side of you, back packs are used for more important activities for example, for storage purposes at school, while traveling, name it… For those of you that have always wanted to have a backpack and you do not know which one buy and how to take good care of it, I can assure you that by the end of this post you will be sorted.

Jansport Backpacks





Backpacks for Kids

This back pack is made specifically for kids so if you are an adult save yourself the embarrassment of walking around with a bag full of colors and cartoons. If you are buying this for your niece or your 6yr old daughter there is no doubt she will love it.

backpacks for kids


It may even become her reason to wake herself up every morning to go to school. The backpack is made with one main compartment and pocket at the front enabling it to have enough space two or three text books and the rest of your school items. The bag was made form one of the biggest companies Jansport which is well known for its long lasting and high quality products so you can be rest assured this one will last for as long as you expect it to.



  • It is made from denier polyester material which is very strong and long lasting so you do not have to worry about the durability of the precious back pack.
  • It features a single main compartment where you can place the bigger books or text books and a front pocket with organizer for smaller items like a calculator and small note books.
  • It is also made with a straight cut and padded shoulder straps to keep you very comfortable, any kid will definitely find no hardships in carrying this backpack.



The Northface Unisex backpacks

This backpack is absolutely amazing however much it not made with lots of compartments. It has enough space for whichever items you may need to pack in it. The main one and the secondary one you therefore will not have to worry about where to keep or carry your large books.

unisex backpacks


For those of you that are always complaining about zippers, each time you buy a back pack, you can be rest assured that the solution to that problem is done. It is because this bag is made with great quality zippers that you can easily use each time you close or open your bag. It will nicely adjust to your desired tightness around the shoulders and the best news is that it also has plastic clippers that will keep your back pack even more secure.  This is just the ideal backpack that you have always wanted to have whether for school or for travel.


  • The backpack is made from synthetic material that is not only comfortable but also very durable so you can be rest assured that this will last for as long as you take good care of it.
  • It features just two compartments, a big one which is the main compartment where you can keep your large items like tablets, mini laptops, text books or any others you may prefer to keep in it, and the secondary compartment for storing your smaller items.
  • The backpack is multipurpose and unisex; both males and females can use the bag and to variety of situations for example you can carry it to school, use it for traveling, cycling or trekking.
  • Adjustable straps; the straps can be adjusted to whichever fit you feel is comfortable for you.


Backpacks for Girls

Some girl friends of mine told me they cannot go in for backpacks because they think it is more of a boyish thing but not until they came across this particular back pack. It is very pretty, isn’t it? I would not advise a guy to go in for a backpack that looks like this one; it is just way too girly.

backpacks for girls


From the colors to designs and the size; this bag has everything girls should love about backpacks, with it medium size. It will be very easy for you to carry and at the same time provide with just enough space for your items. Besides the gorgeous girly colors; you will fall in love with its quality, simplicity and the size.


  • Very stylish and not bulky; the bag is medium size and made with such a light weight that will not give you any problems to carry. It is also made with beautiful designs blended with great mix of colors hence giving the bag a really stylish appearance.
  • It is made from nylon material and of course from the big company Jansport which is well known for their high quality backpacks.
  • It also features one main compartment for carrying large items like a mid size laptop or tablet and a front utility pocket for your smaller items like the phone, calculator .e.t.c.
  • It has a 2/3 padded back channel and padded shoulder straps to ensure that you are very comfortable each time you hold the pack back.


White and orange backpacks

What a great combination of colors; white and orange; the entire appearance of this backpack is just amazing. this is a that back pack you use and just get tired of it yourself because the high quality material used to make it, it is just too strong.

white and orange backpacks



Now when it comes to compartment there is also another story to tell because it has a variety of them and side pockets where you can carry your bottle when cycling. It has adjustable straps that you can just adjust to whatever best fits you, a laptop sleeve and I majorly love the compartment where you can just place you iPod. This is just the coolest book bag you can ever have, try it and you will see how many compliments you get on it.


  • It is made with heat gear adjustable straps that will give you space to breathe because they will not hold you very tight and you have the option to tighten or loosen them.
  • The back pack features a variety of compartments, which include side pockets for your bottle, a laptop sleeve, a front compartment for your smaller items, you just cannot let this one pass you by.
  • It also features ergonomic foam padded back which will add to your comfort just like the padded shoulder straps.

Stylish backpacks

Why not go in for something a bit more stylish and different from the usual backpack everyone has? This backpack with a blend of vintage style and a lot of uniqueness is definitely the way to go, I so love it. Red a favorite color for many and I think you will do just great with it too.

stylish backpacks



It’s detailed with black and brown straps giving it a much cuter appearance. Its size is just good enough and so applies with the compartments; you will also not find any problems with the fasteners.


  • It is made with high grade durable water proof material, this back will not get damaged by water so you can use water to wash it and then let it dry.
  • It made with a simple and causal design; this therefore means that you can use your backpack for a variety of things, for example shopping, for school or even traveling.
  • It has a variety of compartments; the bag has lots of compartments so you can enjoy lots of space for regular necessities.

Backpacks for school

Now for all you who are looking for a backpack to carry to school this one is just the most ideal one to buy. From the size to the color to the compartments everything will make you love it and since you do not have time wash your bag every single day then this one is just more than perfect. It has both a zip and a strap so your stuff will be even more secure.

backpacks for school


The zip pocket is on the front, has pockets on the sides and a small pouch on the inside. Its size is great enough for holding and at the same time it has enough room that you need for a backpack.


  • It is a super cool canvas back pack that is made with enough space for both your school or travel items so you can use it for either of the two purposes.
  • It features several compartments which involve a front zipper pocket for smaller items, a side pocket for your bottle and one inside zipper pocket for you more important staff.
  • It is medium size and black in color.


The North Face Women Recon

If you are a fan of backpacks then your must know that north face is one of the biggest brands when it comes to making the best and highest quality backpacks. That alone explains why you should be giving this one a try. This is a light weight backpack that will enable you to carry a lot of your items and will be very comfortable.

The North Face Women Recon



It has a main compartment for your large items, one front zipper for the smaller ones and side pockets. There is no doubt about its durability, it very strong so it will last for as long as you take good care of it.


  • It is made by The North face with durable nylon and polyester material to ensure that what you are buying is really worth your money. It is surely long lasting.
  • It has a number of compartments which include one main zip pocket, a laptop sleeve, side pockets so you have more than enough space.

Backpacks for Travel

backpacks for travel


The North Face Unisex Surge II Backpack

Then again, The North face has you covered with this black unisex surge backpack, the quality is just perfect to make the bag last really long. It is not bulky like other back packs and has a variety of compartments just for you to keep all your valuable items. The straps are padded for you to be really comfortable so this one has absolutely everything for you to love about it.

The North Face Unisex Surge II Backpack




  • The backpack is made from polyester material that is very sturdy and long lasting you therefore do not have to worry about the bag’s durability.
  • Because of its size a space the bag will be very good for commuting and hiking and the shoulder straps are perfectly molded so they will keep you very comfortable.



After taking you through a list of some of the best back packs, let’s take a look at some of the things you should always consider before buying a backpack.

Look closely; this simply means that you may ignore a backpack that will work for you just because you were not amused by it appearance on the outside.  What you should do is, look at the outside, check inside for important pockets and compartments then you can know if it is a good backpack or not.

The size of the backpack; in most cases you will find backpacks in three different sizes that small, medium and big so you choose the bag according to what you feel will work for you. But personally, I would recommend a medium size because a big size will be difficult for you to carry and much as a small size will be easy to carry, all your items won’t fit.

What activity to you plan to use it for; for those that need one to travel then it is best you buy a big backpack, and if you are buying the backpack for school it is better to buy one with compartments since you will have a variety of items to carry.

Look at the special features; a good back pack should have enough pockets, zippers, space and compartments so before you buy one; look out for those, then you can know if it is worth buying.






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