The Best Special Occasion Shoes for Younger Women

| July 6, 2014

While preparing for any occasion; younger women try to look  for the best special occasion shoes they  can wear. You, therefore, need to be a little more careful when special choosing shoes to wear to any occasion, be it an evening, dinner, a date with your prince charming, for prom or even for a night out with your friends.


Now for all my classy ladies that love to keep up with that stylish and trendy look that will blow everyone minds away when they set their eyes on you that special evening. You must love the black strap on high heel platform shoe in the photo above. I have always had a thing for black shoes simply because you do not have to go through a hustle looking for what to wear with it as it will always look perfect on any color of dress that you may have chosen to wear it with.

strap high stilleto heel platform pumps.




This one in particular is made with an almond toe together with an adjustable buckle ankle strap so you can adjust it to whichever fit you feel is most comfortable for you. It also features a cut out detail towards the back which creates a really feminine and graceful appearance so much so that there is no doubt you will look more than elegant with this shoe.


What to wear with these shoes;

A short floral dress with purple, blue and black colors; because of the descent color mix, they will look really great if complimented with the black shoes. I insist on the dress being short so that you can leave the cut in detail at the back of the shoes and the strap well exposed. With this you will have a totally stylish and feminine appearance of the shoes. Do not mess up your look by wearing skinny jeans with this type of shoes because the buckle ankle strap is meant to stand out, so let it.

Bright colored medium length and body hugging dress; expose your fashionable side by wearing these shoes with any bright colors, I guess you will love hot pink or have more an angelic look with white. Either way, it will be just perfect.



I have not come across a lady who does not fancy looking flawless on a date; it doesn’t necessarily have to be the first date, second or even third. Every lady will always feel new and the way you dress will give you the memorable day you yearn for.

women open peep toes high heel pump



Sometimes it is not your dress code or whatever attire that will make your dinner unforgettable but the shoes you wear with your attire. In the photo above the kind of shoe that will make your make your partner fall just from their first sight at you. Much as the heel is really high it is given the provision of a platform to ensure that its height doesn’t become an issue to complain about. The platform will not let you have any discomfort issues but rather help handle the height of the heel. I fell for the color of this shoe simply because it is very unique, you will be very different from everyone else.

What to wear with this shoe; there is no doubt a matte black dress will come perfect with the peach shoes. For this one, the length of your dress will not matter much as the shoe will gorgeously blend with both a long or short dress.



Green Patent Leather Solid Pumps

Now for this I am definitely head over heels, its beauty is completely amazing there is no way you will go wrong if you wore this shoe for a date. If you have a date anytime soon, you have everything else ready but still not sure about which shoe will match your golden or white dress then you have absolutely found the solution to that. Simply try this one out. As already said you must go in for shoes that are very comfortable, it must be the perfect fit that is to say it should not be too tight and at the same time should not be loose now you know what to look out for when choosing shoes to wear to a date

green Patent Leather Solid Pumps



Now because most people are used to either black or silver glitter shoes for dates, why not go in for something different; that is something that is really feminine, classy and at the same time very trendy. Well all know colored shoes are the in thing for almost everyone and this simply means you will be totally outstanding. The green shoes are further detailed with a bow and golden rhinestone on the side which gives the shoes such amazing detail.

What to wear with the shoe; I do not know about you but with awesome green leather shoes I would definitely compliment the shoe with a silk shiny white dress and be sure to kill it. I wouldn’t advise you to go in for a cotton dress because it will mess up your look completely, the leather will not come out well either.


Red has always been a stunning color and from the looks of things it still continues to be one of those very amazing colors to go in for if you want to have a totally amazing look. If you are one of those teenagers that are going to have prom anytime soon and are fed up of looking for which shoes will make you the finest looking girl then you definitely have found one.

red stilleto shoes with glitter



The red shoes are detailed with silver glitter all through and a silver detail on the edge of the heel creating a completely attractive appearance. Making the heel just average will be just perfect for any girl and together with a platform; the shoes will be more than comfortable. If red is your favorite color you sure have found the most faultless red shoe to wear to prom.

There is a variety of things you can wear with the red shoes so the choice is yours because personally I would recommend you match the shoes with a black dress or silver dress to have that blend with the silver glitter on the shoes.



Do not be fooled by celebrity performances on stage wearing high heels because the best shoes to dance in are flat shoes. Remember going for a night out will engage into lots of moving activities as you have to stand all night. It might also involve moving from one place to another and then dancing itself is a lot to take on, all at once. So doing all this in high heeled shoes; you will not be able to stand the next day because the shoes will make your feet and legs hurt.

ballet flat dancing shoes



On that note, I would recommend you to go dancing in flat shoes and the one provided above will be just perfect. Animal print is not only very pretty on the appearance but also very trendy.  Of late you will you will find many of the models going for the animal print stuff. These shoes will come out great on a black, brown and other similar dark colors. For the ladies that fancy animal print dresses, you can also try them out with the animal print shoes just to show your love for the trend.

Short shorts and skinny jeans can also be another alternative for you to wear with the animal print shoes however do not wear any floral outfit with them because it will kill the entire look. It’s best to wear these shoes with something plain.



First of all think about the quality and construction of the shoes; you do not want shoes to be the source of discomfort on your special day you therefore need to be very keen to find out if the shoe is well built that is to say it must have a strong sole and comfortable insole. With this at the back of your mind, you will not fail to have the perfect pair of shoes for your special day.

Also think about the size of the heel; I cannot deny the fact that you will have lots and lots of attention with that 6 inch or 4 inch heel but you have to think about your comfort as well. Younger women tend to prefer shoes with higher heels. You do not want shoes to ruin your entire day so it is much better to go in for shoes that you are sure will be comfortable all day long.

Do not forget about the attire you plan to wear.  For most special occasions it is most likely that you will wear a dress but this does not necessarily mean you completely cannot wear something else. All I am saying is for most women; a dress will be first alternative, therefore pumps should be your number one consideration reason being they are very classy and will look smart on almost anything.


Above all always ensure that your choice of the best special occasion shoes is very comfortable.

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