Special Occasion Shoes for Mature Women – Best Special Occasion Shoes

| June 3, 2014

Special occasions differ by tradition and theme, so you will find that each occasion has its own shoe fashion trend. Some types of formal women’s shoes for older women might require you to go for simple outfits, yet others require you to opt for exclusive outfits.

Beyonce Special Ocassion Shoes

On this list, I have featured some of the best special occasion shoes for mature women; some might cost you and arm and a leg, but what matters is to look exclusive and unique on that occasion.


1.    Lizard Leather Lace Sandals

This lizard leather lace sandal is crafted by ”BEBE”. You can wear them to any special occasion, be it cocktail party, wedding ceremony and so much more. Since you will spend more than 4 hours on that occasion, you might find this sandal very relaxing; its open toe feature will give your feet enough freedom and flexibility. The lace lizard leather allows in more air to cool down your feet.

Lizard Leather Lace Sandals



Now, when it comes to durability and class, the leather sole just defines all that in a single statement and the front laces will make this pair of  dress sandals fit well.



·        LACE SHORT SHIRT: – I’m a great fan of lace shoes and I would love to  wear Herve Leger lace sandals to any party because it has that exclusive style which matches with most casual lace trends. For example, you can team them with a black short lace skirt and then complement the skirt with a white tee, make sure you tuck in the tee with the lace skirt, and then match the white tee with a cream lambskin jacket. The reason why I suggested black is because this color is neutral, so it matches with anything and it will save you from that trouble of matching colors.

·        HIGH LOW DRESS:- Many times, I see ladies on special occasions wearing high low layered asymmetric dresses and the advantage with this type of dress is that it can look good on any body shape or size, because most of them are layered. The asymmetrical shape can easily give you a new look. However, you have to choose the right colors; most of them come in bright colors like pink, teal, peach and so much more.  With our nature of lace sandals featured above, you can opt for a teal high low dress, wear a slim cream leather belt and complement the sandals with a cream clutch bag.

·        SKINNY JEANS: – Before wearing white skinny jeans to any occasion, I suggest you get to know the exact dressing code on that occasion, if it is a cocktail party, you need to opt for a cocktail dress, and however, if the occasion is casual, you can then consider the skinny jeans. So, let’s see how you can style up for that special occasion in skinny jeans. Simply wear your white tight jeans with a cream Tammi stretch silk blouse, match the top with a white leather biker jacket and a cream should bag and the cream lace lizard sandals featured above. However, if you don’t like white jeans, you opt for the normal simple fade skinny jeans. Make sure they have no damage, wear them with a white split back tuxedo shirt, tuck in the shirt with the jeans and complement the trend with tweed coat which matches with the cream lace sandals in the picture above.


2.   Culver Bridal Pump

Culver Bridal Pump




3.   Special Occasion Rhinestone Suede Pumps

Special Occasion Rhinestone Suede Pumps



Do you want to dress and impress whoever you meet on any given special occasion, if the answer is a YES…then you have landed on the best pump shoe . This type of women’s formal shoes looks glamorous and charming; the glass stones will glow from a distance and strike everyone’s eyes. Let me hope you can stand the attention and hit-ons you will get from guys on that occasion.


  • RED SATIN DRESS: – Without doubt, red goes very well with black. If possible, you should buy a red satin dress which features black laces at the top and make sure the dress fits you well.  If you have a slim body, opt for a dress with a pencil skirting; it will re-define your looks. Then complement the outfit with black Rhinestone pumps and black clutch bag. A dress is something you can easily design because you don’t need to match so many things with it. However, those who want to go an extra mile to be descent; if the dress is short, you can wear black tights. Do not forget to accessorize with black feather earrings.
  • SILK POLKA DOT SKIRT: – Our Rhinestone pumps are glowing and beautiful so if you plan to wear it to any special occasion, make sure you team it with an exclusive outfit. In this case, I suggest you wear it with black and white polka dot short skirt.  Please, make sure that the skirt is not too short. It can stop above the knees by at least 1.5 Inches and then you can team the skirt with a red crepe top which has a brief peplum detail.  Complement the red top with a white jacket which features a black bow and then conclude the trend with a red patent leather clutch bag and our rhinestone black pumps featured above.
  • HIGH WAIST SHORTS: – So, you plan to opt for some simple outfit but still make a statement on that special occasion.  Is it a prom party or a get together party, it can even be a company party? Hit any these casual occasions in high waist shorts and I will shortly let you know how you can style them. Wear black high waist shorts with a white lace top which fits you very well, team the top with a black blazer which features some lace details and then complement the outfit with white bag and our rhinestone embellished pumps. To complete the look for the occasion, you can spice up your looks by wearing red lipstick and red nail polish; these small changes will make a great impression and add value to your looks.
  • BLACK LEATHER PANTS: – You can wear these rhinestone suede pumps with black leather pants.  However, you have to be aware of the dress code at that special occasion you’re heading too. If it is okay to wear pants, then pull out those black leather skinny pants and team them with a black lace dress top which features a peplum style, complement the outfit with a red & black leopard print clutch bag and the conclude the style with our rhinestone suede pumps featured in the picture above. On the other hand, you can still add value to your style by accessorizing with gold bangles.
  • WHITE FLARED SKIRT: – Since the pumps have white shinning stones and the black suede, you can team them with a white flared medium length skirt. Please, don’t confuse this kind of skirt with a maxi skirt; it has to stop above the ankles by at least 3 Inches which means that at least your legs have to be seen. If you can get one with pleats, that will be even better and make sure it is elastic in the waist, so that it fits you well and drapes down in a flared manner. Match that white flared skirt with a black top which features a white collar and conclude the trend with our rhinestone black suede pumps featured above and a black or green tote bag.

4.   Peep Toe Pump

Special Occasion Peep Toe Pump



5.    Milan’ Satin Sandal

Special Occasion Milan Satin Sandal


Now that you have the invitation to that special occasion; the personalized invitation means that you’re respected and highly valued so you have no option but to opt for trendy and classic attire. If you have no idea on which shoe to opt for, I have solved the whole equation for you. Simply wear this ‘milan’ turqoise / green satin sandal with some cool outfits. This sandal features an adjustable strap which has a buckle closure on the side.  This makes it easy to wear them. Actually those women who can’t wear close pointed pumps for so long should opt for these high heel sandals.


Note: I will suggest different outfits for this shoe, however, they all suit specific occasions, so you have to know the exact dress code for that particular occasion. Otherwise, you might end up dressing up in the wrong outfit for that special occasion.

  • YELLOW HIGH LOW PLEATED SKIRT: – It is a fact that green matches very well with yellow so do not hesitate to give it a try because you will realize that I’m 100% correct. So let’s not waste too much time on color matching facts; simply wear a high low pleated yellow skirt with a white satin top, tuck in the top so that you look smart and adorable, team the trend with green satin sandals featured in the picture above. For the sake of the bag, I recommend a green satin clutch bag which will keep the trend simple and awesome.  Many times I see women wearing more than 3 colors and this can be good but if you do it wrongly; you might end up with a color clash.  So, just play it simple and go with white, yellow & green.
  • WEAR A FLORAL DRESS: – You can opt for a floral dress because it opens up your options. However, the dress has to have some style, let’s say you opt for a body-con floral dress, it will give you an amazing shape. When you opt for a dress which stops just above the knees, it should not be too short and when it comes to prints; choose a dress which has green, purple & red floral prints.  It will match very well with our green sandals featured above and then team the dress & sandals with a green cross body bag.  If the weather is a bit cold, you might consider wearing a black jacket.


  • RED CROPPED PANTS: – Without doubt, red also looks good on green, so wearing red pants with green high heel sandals will make you adorable and unique.  In this case, you can wear cropped red pants which have white & blue prints, team the pants with a white shirt, make sure you tuck in the shirt and then complement the shirt with a red blazer. Opt for a slim fit blazer, since the shoes are green and wear slim green leather belt with your pants so that it complements the sandals. In addition, spice up the trend with a big short beaded necklace which matches with the white shirt & red blazer.
  • YELLOW TULIP VINTAGE SKIRT: – I already mentioned that yellow looks cool on green, which is a true statement. If you have been invited to a casual special occasion like a prom party; you can wear a yellow tulip vintage skirt which will make you look charming and attractive. A tulip skirt can look good on women with slim bodies so if you have wide hips, consider a pencil skirt which will shape those hips in a way you have never imagined. Complement the yellow skirt with a white deep neck shirt, tuck in the shirt and fold the sleeves of the shirt just a little bit, since the shirt has a deep v-neck and wear a gold chunky necklace. Team the outfit with a gold clutch bag which features a chain link strap.
  • GREEN SHORTS: – Let’s say the occasion is casual, you don’t have to stress yourself with a dress or any other complicated outfit; just grab those green shorts and wear them with a white satin sleeved top. Complement the top with a blue & white horizontal striped blazer and then team the trend with our green satin high heel sandals. On the other hand, add some value and style to this trend by wearing a blue & green necklace. Shorts are very easy to team with other trends so if you have nice legs; there is no reason why you shouldn’t give them a try.

6.   Farrel’ Pump

Farrel Pump


7.     Cinnabow Evening Shoes

Cinnabow Evening Shoes



Question…..Would you wear a high heel pointed sandal to a special occasion or you would rather go for a short heel open sandal? My answer is it depends; if you’re short; opt for the highly pointed heels because they will make you look taller. For women who are tall; they should opt for low level heels which give them balance and make them look shorter. In the picture above, I have featured black low level heel evening shoes which you can wear them to any special occasion. Since black is a neutral color, these sandals will match with most outfits.




  • OFF SHOULDER DRESS: – This type of dress is not very common. Its shoulders are open and off and the arms start below the shoulder. It can’t be categorized as a sleeveless dress. Since the shoe is black, you can match it with a green, purple or red off shoulder dress; team the dress with a cool chain link bag. However, if you fail to get an off shoulder dress, you can opt for a purple or black lace body con dress. Given a dress in purple; a black clutch or chain link bag will be the best match. Women with nice bodies should look for an off shoulder classy silhouette dress which features a midi hem.
  • SKINNY JEANS: – The good thing about skinny jeans is that you can wear them with most types of shoes. The color of the jeans may not matter, but how you style them matters most. For example, you can wear maroon skinny jeans with a printed peplum top which features both maroon & black. The black prints will complement the black shoe. Then team the outfit with a black leather chain link bag. If you want to look more attractive, you can accessorize with a big gold bangle. Keep in mind that it’s not a must that you have to wear maroon skinny jeans. You can go for any color because black shoes match with most colors.
  • FLORAL MAXI DRESS: – Tall ladies, once you wear a maxi dress, it will completely show your height. Those short men you will meet on that special party will find it difficult to approach you. If you’re married, this works perfectly for you.  However those who are single and tall; you need to calm down that height by wearing medium heel  dress sandals like the ones I have featured above. The reason why I suggest a floral dress is because it will make you astounding and you will stand out from the crowd. Trust me that single guy will easily notice you. My choice of maxi dress would be the one with a front slit especially the one which opens when you walk or sit. When choosing floral dresses, make sure the color of prints looks good on you.

8.    Evelixa-Ls Open-Toe Pump

Evelixa-Ls Open-Toe Pump


Electra Bridal Pump

Electra Bridal Pump

This shoe has been categorized as a bridal pump but this should not scare you because it’s not for brides only.  This kind is  among the best special occasion shoes and you can wear them to a cocktail party, prom party or corporate party. If you don’t want it in black, you can go for other colors like yellow, red, purple, blue and so much more. The shoe features an adjustable ankle strap which makes it easy to wear these pumps. Since they have a bow detail on the front, you need to team it with classic outfits. In this case, we shall kick out the skinny jeans, also when it comes to bags, satin embellished clutch bag will be the best match.


  • FLORAL PLEATED MEDIUM TO LONG FLARED SKIRT: – If you’re above 40, their some trends you can try out and look younger. On the other hand, also young girls may want to look a bit mature. In this case, you can wear a long to medium floral dress and attend that special occasion. So, let’s see how you can style this trend.  Simply wear a skirt with cool prints. Let’s say, if the skirt has pink, white ,blue prints, you can team it with a black tube top and then complement the tube top with a pink jacket  or blazer and the black bow bridal pumps can be matched with a black clutch bag.
  • PINK / RED PENCIL SKIRT: – I would not like to dictate the colors because black is neutral therefore it will go with any color.  However, I will use a red skirt as our best example because it is a romantic color. Simply wear a red fitting pencil skirt with a black peplum top which features half sleeves then team the trend with black leather envelop flap purse.  The black top will match with the black bow bridal pump. If possible, accessorize this trend because it appears to be normal by wearing a white or ivory beaded necklace which will give the black peplum top a glow look.

9.    SJP ‘Carrie’ T-Strap Pump

T-Strap Pump



Circa Alice Special Occasion shoes





In conclusion:

As you can see, on this list I tried to cover the best special occasion shoes for mature women, but you should always know the dress code of that occasion or the theme of that occasion before choosing any outfit. I’m sure you have some cool outfits in your closet, but not every cute dress or pant can be worn to a special occasion. Now that you know which shoes to wear then you should complement them accordingly and who knows those good looks can win you a rich bachelor or a business contact. We not only go to parties to have fun but we also want interact and connect with new people. Enjoy!!!!

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