Women’s Evening Handbags featuring Creative Designers

| May 29, 2014

During your time off from work, you will need an evening handbag which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It doesn’t need to be huge so it’s better you go for something simple and stylish from some of the creative designers that will be suggested here.

Evening bags for women

Evening time is for having fun, meeting new & old friends, having a beer with workmates, dating and so much more and you will agree with me that you do not want to be seen around with a work place tote bag.  Yes, it might be expensive but it is not the suitable bag for evening time. In this article, I have featured some of best evening bags from which you can choose from.  If you want to own any of these featured cool women’s evening handbags, you can use shopping links below each bag and get a discount.

1.    Furla Candy Vanilla

Do you want to feel free, casual and stylish at the same time, carry that mini tab with you and the other essentials then this classic Pochette cross body bag is the right answer for you.

Furla Candy Vanilla M Pochette Cross Body Bag



It does not matter whether it’s raining; this women’s handbag has a rain-proof Poly vinyl material and is indeed from a creative designer. Its feminine design will give you that glow look. This bag will be great for a simple evening out with friends say to the movies or to a bar for a drink or two.


Navy-antix-dress-evening bag



  • TEAL BLAZER: – Complement this classic cross-body bag with a teal blazer. Ladies, who love bright colors, will agree with me on this. However, you have to play with your colors very well. In this case, you can wear a grey lace trim tally top which features a deep flowing neck.  Team it with a charcoal black stretch wool pants, this will calm down the bright teal bag & blazer. Make sure the blazer is casual, but classic, because it is for an evening. In addition, team the outfit with our teal & grey cross body bag featured in the photo above. Please, don’t forget to add value to this trend, accessorize with teal stone necklaces & earrings and then conclude the outfit black leather open tote ankle boots.
  • POLKA DRESS: – Keep it simple but dress like a lady this evening; wear polka sleeveless short dress with white & teal colors. Make sure the dress stops above the knees at least by 1 inch and then team the outfit with teal or white & grey colors, and then match the outfit with our featured bag in the picture above. Please, don’t forget to wear a slim black leather belt with your dress; it will do you justice by trimming your waist line very well.
  • WHITE LINEN TROUSERS: – If you plan to go to a date, you need to wear something exclusive but simple. In this case, you can wear white linen trousers which fit you well, and then team them with a pink toast linen tunic top. Now to add value to this outfit, complement it with pink pointed pumps. However, you have to add some grey on this outfit because the cross body bag in our featured bag has some grey in it. So you can wear a cute grey scarf for the sake of the teal color.  You don’t have to worry about the teal because pink & white match very well.
  • COLOR BLOCK: – For those of you who love bright colors; you can team this teal & grey cross body bag with teal stretchy shorts and a teal tank top, and then team the top with a cream low hem pullover, spice the all trend with a teal scarf and teal flat shoes.
  • WHITE SKINNY JEANS: – Teal looks cool on white so you don’t want to miss out on this trend. In this case, you can wear white slim boot jeans and team them with a white blouse which features a deep V-NECK. Then match the top with a pink crew neck cardigan. Conclude the outfit with our featured teal cross body bag, accessorize with a teal beaded necklace and black or white shades.



2.   Mary Frances Accessories What A Hoot Shoulder Bag

Mary Frances Accessories What A Hoot Shoulder Bag




If you want to try out something different this evening, get out of your comfort zone with this hoot shoulder bag. It might look scary to some people, but that is what makes it beautiful and unique. However, younger adults will look better with this style of bag. If you are above 35yrs, some trends will not look good on you just like every nice bag I have featured here suits you. This bag will be suitable for an evening with your girlfriend(s) to the mall or a movie. Please keep away from this bag if you have something like a special date. You do not want to risk scaring away your company.


  • DENIM SHORTS: – Hit the streets today evening with a hoot shoulder bag and denim cut shorts. In this case, you can wear dark blue short jeans with a black & white horizontal striped chic pullover. You team the pullover with a sweater coat or a military jacket of your choice. Now team the outfit with thick black heel boots and our featured hoot shoulder bag.
  • KOOKIA TROUSERS: – I know you might not know them, but you don’t have to worry about them because they look exactly like skinny pants. However, they have a shinny material and a cigarette type of shape. The way you match your colors is very essential, let’ say, you may decide to wear a coffee brown kookier trouser, team it with a white classic & casual top and then complement the white top with a black leather jacket and black leather flat riding boots. Conclude these outfits with our featured hoot cross body bag.
  • METALLIC WOOL BLEND JACKET:- The cross body bag featured in the photo above features some metallic accessories, so complementing it with metallic jacket will give you better results. These jackets can match with all jeans; however, you can wear them with grey skinny jeans, team the jeans with a white floral-lace top and a simple blazer then conclude the outfit with UGG dark chestnut boots for that classic spring or fall trend.
  •  SHORT DRESS WITH A DENIM JACKET: – If you plan to go for a casual outing with your friends, this might be a cool and simple outfit for you. Choose a floral print ruffled butterfly short dress and team it with a dark denim jacket and black flat ankle boots; now conclude with the cross body bag featured in the picture above.

brown-zara-dress with an evening cross bag

  1. 3.   Scarleton Satin Soft Frame Clutch

This time Scarleton, from the group of creative designers, has crafted a stunning satin soft frame evening clutch handbag which you can match with most evening dresses. Unlike tote bags or shoulder bags, a clutch is very simple bag. However, it carries a few items compared to tote bag.

Scarleton Satin Soft Frame Clutch



On the other hand, while I patrolled AMAZON, I found this clutch in more than one color so you do not necessarily need to go with this red clutch, if it’s not your favorite color. Use the link above to discover more colors that suit your needs. It might go without saying that this bag here will be most suitable with a proper evening dress for that evening out to say wedding or special dinner. However, the bag can still go with other outfits and occasions.


  • HIGH WAIST SHORTS: – I know it might sound funny and crazy for me to suggest matching a clutch bag with shorts, I know most of you expected me to start with a dress or pants.  Fashion is all about trying out new things in a way no one has ever imagined and sometimes I wonder why people get stuck in on the usual trend when it comes to fashion. Please, try out something new all the time because you don’t have to follow the book all the time. Being that not every type of shorts go well with this clutch bag, opt for classic black high waist shorts, team them with a white top and then complement the top with a red sequin or embellished jacket. Now for the sake of the shoes, I recommend open toe pumps, I know you would love to team this outfit with black  dress sandals, but the high waist shorts will not look nice with flat sandals.
  • PANTS: – I know this is what you have been waiting for; it is a common trend but it looks awesome.  So, don’t feel bad simply because I made this number two in my options. Now, you can wear black pleat-front crepe trousers with a brightly colored Nancy top and make sure you tuck in the top with your pants so that you look smart. Then team the pants with black point-toe suede pumps and then eventually conclude the trend with our satin clutch bag featured in the image above. Remember, if the color of the clutch I have featured above doesn’t please you; use the link below that clutch, you will discover more amazing colors. Before I forget, you should accessorize with a chain-imprint disc necklace because the Nancy top I suggested has a deep round neck which will leave your chest open.
  • PLEATED DETAIL SKIRT:- These skirts have been on since those days on Monroe, Celebrities like Jessica Alba, have once appeared on MTV MOVIE AWARDS a wearing pleated detail skirt, and I will assure you, it is still on. In this you can wear a pleated detail skirt of your choice; however, I suggest you opt for darker colors like black or brown because they will look nice when matched with a satin red clutch bag. Team the skirt with a white tube top, and then conclude the trend with note-print patent leather pumps.
  • TAPERED TUXEDO PANTS: – There was a time I was browsing through Kate Moss’s fashion trends and I landed on a photo where she was wearing black tapered tuxedo pants, teamed with a black silk tank top, and then she complemented the trend with a white silk long sleeved blazer.  However, she tried to keep a balance between black and white by wearing black suede pointed pumps and matched the trend with a black satin clutch. So do not necessarily have to opt for a red clutch, even a black one will do the magic.

4.    Hidesign Riley Sling Bag

Riley Sling Evening Bag

If you want to carry more items with you this evening, you might not need a tote bag.  Simply opt for this sling bag; it has enough space on the inside to keep all essential items like Ipad, Iphone, and makeup kit. It also has a long strap which will give you the opportunity to wear the bag as a cross body bag. The leather handbag features Eco-friendly grained leather which is soft and durable…


  • FLORAL DRESS: – This yellow sling bag looks cool when matched with a floral dress, you can decide to go bright or play with dark colors. For example, you can wear a white & yellow floral jersey dress and then team the trend with white strap Tonga sandals.
  • SKINNY JEANS: – It is obvious; you can complement this yellow sling bag with any color of skinny jeans, if you love bright colors.  You can wear white skinny jeans and team them with a navy blue stripped t-shirt, complement the trend with stripped flats which feature navy blue & white. The yellow sling bag will match very well with white jeans & navy stripped t-shirt & flats.
  • FLORAL PRINT CASUAL BLOUSE: – For the any good weekend, you might decide to go floral, simply wear a black & yellow button down floral blouse with black flared mini skirt and then team the trend with yellow flats.
  • NAVY CROPPED PANTS: – Without doubt, navy blue looks cool with yellow, simply wear cropped navy pants and team them with a stripped navy & white long sleeved shirt, and then complement the outfit with yellow pumps.

5.    FRYE Jenny Convertible Cross Body Bag

Since 1863, FRYE has been a pioneer when it comes to designing high quality Women bags and shoes. Today, I have featured one of their crafts; I guess you can see the quality and strength of the leather of the convertible cross body bag above.

FRYE Jenny Convertible Cross Body Bag




Style and durability are marked all over this trendy bag.  It has a long adjustable shoulder strap with a sizable interior which can surely accommodate a descent number of your favorite products.


  • JEANS: – Since it is a casual bag, you can team it with all types of jeans, however, brown looks good on blue or black jeans. Let’s say you have opted for denim blue skinny jeans; wear them with a brown turtleneck wool sweater. However, you can only wear this kind of sweater in winter or during cold days because it has a thick & heavy material. Team the outfit with a white belted trench coat and accessorize the outfit with a brown silk twill scarf.
  • SHORTS: – Judging from the style of this bag, you hold it as a clutch bag or as a cross body bag. Simply wear hound tooth shorts with a Black Hand knit sweater, team the trend with a long brown coat which features a funnel neck. It is a simple outfit for young girls.
  • ACID WASH DENIM SKIRT: – Pimp yourself this evening in a nice looking acid wash denim skirt, match the skirt with a white stretched cotton-blend jacket and then wear a gold disc chain belt.  Conclude the outfit with brown ankle boots, and then team the boots with our brown leather cross body bag featured above.
  • DENIM / LEATHER MINI SKIRT: – If you plan to hit the club this weekend and in a simple casual outfit; you can opt for a short denim skirt which you can team with printed round neck t-shirt and then complement the t-shirt with a designer sweater which matches with your outfit. For the sake of the shoes, please opt for brown ankle boots, they match very well with our brown cross body bag featured above.

6.    Damara Pleated Satin Flap Crystal Clutch Evening Bag

Black is a neutral color, so this clutch will match with most casual evening outfits. It looks adorable, compact and it’s suitable for any evening outing.  You can easily team it with a dinner dress and go for a date or party.

Damara Pleated Satin Flap Crystal Clutch Evening Bag




When it comes to colors, you can opt for any color of your choice because this clutch comes with different cool colors which include Silver, White, and Wine Red, among others.  For men, if you want to surprise your spouse this can be a good alternative for a gift than you can buy for them.


  • EVENING DRESS: – When you go to a party, the last thing you need to worry about is a bag; you need to carry something simple and easy. All wedding dresses look cool when matched with classic clutch bags. However, opt for a dress which fits you well. When it comes to choosing an evening dress, you might go for a royal blue body-con dress; it matches very well with a black satin clutch bag and black satin pumps.
  • BLACK LEATHER SHORTS: – If you want to hit the club with this evening bag, you can opt for leather shorts, however, you have to be sure that the weather is favorable. During winter, you might need to wear leggings with the leather shorts and then opt for a long wool trench coat to keep you warm.  You can also match those black leather shorts with a white cowl neck top and then conclude with black pumps and black clutch bag.
  • SATIN PUMPS: – If you have a formal dinner with a professional or career gentleman then you need to impress in an appealing manner. Make sure you attract his attention on the first date, however, don’t look too expensive because this might scare him off. You can wear a rose-print satin pencil skirt; team it with a black bandage shoulder top and if you have a well shaped body, you will look nice in this outfit. On the other hand, you can complement the outfit with black satin pumps and accessorize with black & silver cable wrap earrings.

7.   Tracy Cross Body Bag

This is a two-in-one kind of bag; it can work as a mini briefcase or cross body bag. I love its crocodile skin leather structure which gives the bag a glamorous look. This LODIS Century bag features a drop handle which makes it easy to hold as a briefcase, yet the shoulder strap turns it completely into a cross body bag. You can team this bag with lots of outfits; let us go into the details below.

Tracy Cross Body Bag




  • DAMAGED BOYFRIEND JEANS: – Yes, rock the streets in the evening while wearing boyfriend damages jeans. After a long day of hard work, you need some freedom to express the real you. Get rid of those suits and pencil skirts and pull out those damaged faded boyfriend jeans which you need to team with a cute casual top. For example, you can wear a white round-neck silk top with your boyfriend jeans, tuck in the top but don’t wear a belt. Your goal is to look casual and attractive at the same time. Now, you can complement the white silk top with a Ponte navy blue blazer, fold the bottom of the jeans and add pointed white pumps to our Tracy cross body bag.
  • RED SKIRT: – If you look closely at the bag featured above you will notice that it has some red color tone mixed with blue & black, so, you can wear a red short skirt which stops around the knees and match that skirt with a black sweater, tuck in the sweater with the skirt, and then wear  black strappy heels. Conclude the trend with our cross body bag above.
  • SHORTS :- I think most casual cross body bags can be matched with shorts, simply wear black shorts with a polka top which has white & red polka dots, tuck in the top with the shorts and then wear a plain black over the polka top. Please avoid wearing polka blazers with polka tops. Now, your choice of shoes could be black DR-MARTENS boots.
  • SKINNY JEANS: – This is a basic fashion trend for ladies who don’t want to bother themselves with details and fashion statements. In this case, you can wear black skinny jeans which feature a simple damage on the knees, team them with a white deep neck top and a navy blue faded jacket. Then you can wear the featured cross body bag in the picture above over the jacket, and conclude with dark colored keds or converse shoes.


8.   Perfect Pairing Clutch

Perfect Pairing Clutch




floral skirt


9.    Latico Jennifer Cross Body Bag

Orange is a lovely color, majority of women fancy orange color, in the picture above, I have featured a cute orange ”Clementine” cross body bag, it includes a small interior, so, it basically carries a few items, however the most important items like your smart phone, mini tabs, lipstick, a small mirror, among others can all fit well. The strap is adjustable, which means you can adjust the length and wear it in any way you prefer.

Latico Jennifer Cross Body Bag



However, for those who don’t love this orange or Clementine color, you can opt for other colors which include black, teal and white.

black-banana-republic-jacket-evening bag



  • PINK WIDE LEG TROUSERS: – If you always want to dress like a celebrity, then this should be your best outfit. Not all women wear these trousers in the evening, most of them wear them during working hours, and however, you can bring office like trends to street. This will make you look glamorous and exclusive.  Simply team those pink wide leg trousers with a white stretch cotton collar shirt, make sure you tuck in the shirt with the trousers.  However, you need to look casual not formal because it is evening time, so, in this case, you can leave the last 3 buttons of the white shirt open, and then complement the shirt with stylish Dolce & Gabbana blazer. Please, choose a color which goes very well with the pink trousers and cross body bag / clutch. Finish this outfit with shiny black platform stiletto pumps.
  • BLACK & WHITE STRIPPED PANTS: – You need to try out something exclusive and exceptional and all you have to do is to play around with prints and colors. For example, you can wear black & white low-rise skinny jeans with a black a two pocket long sleeved blouse, tuck in the blouse so that you attain that implausible look. Don’t forget to wear a nice leather belt for skinny jeans and in this case; I suggest a black belt. Complement this trend with a pink chic crepe blazer and pink studded pointed pumps. To look casual, you need to fold the sleeves of the double pocket blouse and throw the pink blazer over the shoulders.
  • PINK FLORAL BLAZER: – Spice up your looks this evening and dress to impress every man who sets their eyes on you and make them have excellent thoughts in their heads about your well matched outfit. So, this is what you can do; simply wear denim blue damaged fitting cropped jeans. These jeans look more like skinny jeans, but they’re not as tight as skinny jeans and team them with a white crop top and a floral white / pink & blue printed inverted collar blazer. Conclude this trend with pink flat pumps and our cross body bag featured in the image above.
  • BLACK HIGH WAIST TROUSERS: – After a long week of hard work, you need to go to your favorite bar with your workmates of best friend but you might be so into jeans.  Worry no more; this evening you can wear black high waist stretch trousers with a lace black top, now brighten the trend with a peach biker jacket, this peach jacket will give the all outfit some life and style. You will agree with me that most women don’t want to wear black throughout, so it is cool to spice up a black outfit with a bright color like peach. Remember, our choice of bag is the peach cross body bag featured in the picture above and then our choice of shoes should be black cut-out ankle boots.
  • PLEATED TULLE SKIRT: – If you happen to have a date planned for the evening then don’t waste your time with dinner dresses. Keep everything simple but beautiful and in this case you can wear a pink pleated tulle skirt, make sure it stops around the knees; it should not go above / below the knees.  Opt for a flared tulle skirt and then team it with a white cropped top, and then complement the outfit with pink pointed closed toe pumps. Definitely, the pink cross body bag in our picture above will match very well with this kind of outfit.

10.   Ecosusi Ecobags Evening Clutch

Ecosusi Ecobags Womens Evening Clutch Seatbelt Bowl Shoulder Bag



Evening bags for women 1


11.    Elegant Clutch

Elegant Evening Clutch




12.      Leather Cross-body Bag

Leather Crossbody Bag





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