Rechoo Mixed Length Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Extension Weave for Women 3 Bundles

| July 13, 2016

The reason why this hair has won global acclaims is because of the nature of quality locks that it is associated with that includes 100% of individual human hair without any aciding in them. The kind of hair used is of Brazilian Virgin hair nature obtained naturally from women. What makes this hair different is that it has gone through very minimal processing so that its life span can be a lot longer. When you wear this hair piece, people will actually think it’s your actual hair as each strand of the hair is shiny, healthy as well as bouncy plus a high amount of elasticity. This particular Rechoo Human Hair Extension is designed with natural curls that will soften and beautify your facial features more and more making you a head turner.

Rechoo Mixed Length Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Extension Weave for Black Women

  • Long lasting curls; this kind of hair piece will hold in the curls for a much longer time taking it weeks provided you care for it well. Make sure that when combing, you either use very big teethed combs or you could even just use your fingers to detangle so that the curls don’t easily get out.
  • Thick bundles; each bundle of hair in this Rechoo Human Hair Extension weighs 100g with enough hair pieces that can be placed in your hair depending on the style you need. If you want a full look then you place all the three bundles but if you just want a little addition to your fine hair then one of two bundles of this thick hair is enough.


Features overview;

  • Superb weft; the wefts of this hair extension are extremely thin, very versatile as well as soft to touch and skin. It is designed with a flat lay out especially at the top to ensure a natural look and it also contains short curled hairs that will ensure your hair won’t tangle or irritate. This quality weft makes sure the hair won’t contain any kind of bacterial growth.
  • Nutritional strengthening; this hair extension is designed with concentrated nutritional strengthening that will provide a most favorable hair condition that will endeavor a longer life span of the hair. The least amount of chemical processing has been used and they are not harsh.
  • Various lengths and textures; this hair piece contains different lengths of hair and in this case it is the 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches to make your hair look thicker and naturally thinner at the tips like most hairs. As for the texture, it comes in a curly state but it can be styled into different textures like straight, curly, and wavy and so on.


Product quality;

Rechoo Human Hair Extension is made of only 100% Brazilian virgin human Remy hair that has not been processed and contains superb wefts. It is naturally black in color and made in a body wave texture. It has a long life span of between half a year to a full year depending on how well you care for it.

Who will it benefit?

  • People with fine hair; if you have a fine textured hair and want to make it look a lot thicker for any occasion then this Rechoo Human Hair Extension will provide you with that additional thickness that you desire.


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