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| January 18, 2016

Mistresses TV show is basically an American soap opera and a secrecy drama as well that was based on the United Kingdom 2008 to 2010 series with the same name. It was basically about four females that where friends and all of them where involved in an array of dishonest and complex relationships. The major stars of this mistresses series were Rochelle Aytes, Jennifer Esposito, Jes Macallan , Alyssa Milano, and Yunjin Kim all of them playing  lead roles that were developed by K.J Steinberg. It first premiered in 2013 the month of June and it attracted very many viewers from the beginning of the first episode in season one to the final episode in season three. This series might be just acted but am telling you there are a lot of people out there who will relate with some of the actions of this movie. You will find a lot of betrayal, infidelity, secrecy and a lot of other complicated relationships issues. Love is hard to find and love is also hard to keep as well when it comes to this mistresses TV show.

mistresses tv show

Mistresses Season 1;

The first season of this amazing series with a cast of sexy girlfriends had only thirteen episodes that was very dramatic from the beginning to the end with a number of heart breaks involved. Among the girls was Savannah who was the only married one of them all but her and her husband were faced with some issues regarding fertility and she becomes attracted to her handsome workmate. She kicks off an affair with the workmate and later discovers she is pregnant and is confused about the father of her pregnancy and tries hiding it from her husband because she was to first know the results of the paternity test.

While the other cast April had also recently become widowed but started being convinced that her husband was actually alive. She then starts to kick of an investigation about whether he had another life.

Karen the other character in mistresses also basically is more in and out of relationships with men that are usually unavailable and she has to deal with the consequences of an affair. She gives Savannah an advice not to tell her husband the affair she had with the hot guy back in office.

Finally Joss, Savi’s sister is basically hurt that her sister didn’t tell her about the affair she was having or even the pregnancy and she decides to move out.


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Mistress Season 2;

This series returns for the second season of these sexy girls with the most scandalous lives compared to what we have seen before but the good thing is they are willing to support each other through every difficult situation.

It starts when Savi reclaims back her life after a near death scenario and then she has a serious clash with her husband Harry over the pregnancy. Her relationship with Dom is challenged. She also has the move out of her house after the clash with her husband and saying goodbye to the house is the hardest thing for her with support from her friends.

While as for April, she kicks off an affair with some handsome artist and then she also tackles Daniel believing he will reveal the truth. She also gets a shocking phone call about her haunting past. So she then learns who her stalker is and helps the FBI. She is betrayed a lot discovering her husband had a mistress and a child as well.

In this second season, Joss does clash a lot with Harry and she is caught in the middle of her sister and husband’s clash. Meanwhile Joss gets engaged and is actually busy planning her engagement party.

Mistress Season 3;

With this season there is more of betrayal and at the same time excitement and the never ending secrecy as well from the girls but I can assure you it will be very exciting for you to follow. Karen finds herself trapped in this relationship with a married couple and she being the mistress. For some reason the couple become happier than before with Karen in their bed. April’s relationship is rather complicated with her daughter as her step son moves in to stay with them for a while.

Joss breaks up her engagement and she is confused with love, she falls in for her sister’s husband because of the time they were spending together. They later kick off an affair.

Savi is heartbroken and confused so she leaves town for a while without telling anyone or calling her sister. She finally calls her friend and tells them where she is.

In conclusion;

This series proves that most times becoming a mistress is not what women would love or dream of becoming but sometimes situation occur and they find themselves trapped in a situation. When that happens do you get out immediately or stick in?

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