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| January 21, 2016

First of all, a mistress also referred to as the other woman is actually a woman that is in an extramarital affair that is most likely sexual with a man that is married. Or better still a mistress is a woman that is female lover and companion that is not legally married to the married man she is in a relationship with. Usually the relationship between the two is stable or almost permanent but they don’t live together in a open way like married couples do. When a married man cheats on his spouse and gets involved in an affair with a mistress then in most cases the relationship is mostly secret but eventually it comes out to the public after a certain period of time. Most men especially the very influential men  have always had affairs with mistresses some of which led to their downfall, especially those that were in influential public offices or those who had a chance of enjoying celebrity status.  Mistresses start to lure married men by putting on their best looks through wearing skimpy or revealing dresses, high heeled shoes or fancy wedge shoes and accompanying jewelry.  These mistresses usually tend to provide the more emotional support for the men, momentarily, while giving a lot and stress and pain to the wives being cheated on.

Just a mere rumor or thought of mistress is enough stress for any married woman. Most married women will try to do their best to save the marriage and only give up after doing their best without getting in trouble or being hurt to the extreme. One surprising thing about mistresses that drive these marital affairs is  that most times they also eventually end up being emotionally hurt, so badly, at the end of the affair because the most men tend to remain with their wives while others move onto the next victim . It’s only in very few scenarios where there is a good ending for the mistress in which the marriage ends in divorce and the ex husband stays with the former mistress happily ever after. Let’s look at some of the top mistress scandals of the rich and famous and celebrity affairs that have made headlines over time.


President Bill Clinton- Monica Lewinsky Affair

This was the most talked about affair, cheating scandal or case of infidelity involving a famous personality in the year 1998 as the world was both shocked and disappointed at the same time with both parties. It was termed as the Lewinsky scandal at the time breaking the front line papers, news, internet and many more outlets.

Who is Bill Clinton?

Bill Clinton


Bill Clinton was and is still married to Hillary Clinton  and was the then President of the United States of America (USA) whose term in office  lasted from January 20th 1993 up to January 20th 2001. He is the 42nd president of the United States and he had previously been the Governor of Arkansas and also served as an Attorney General and a lot of other duties that he was involved in. He has since then been among the highly rated United States Presidents in regards to opinion polls. During office he cheated on his wife Hilary Clinton with Monica Lewinsky which he admitted in a statement and apologized for the marital affair.

Who is Monica Lewinsky?

monica lewinsky as a mistress


She was born Monica Samille Lewinsky in the year of 1973 in the month of July in the San Francisco, California state of  United States of America. She has had a number of occupations like the government assistant, a fashion designer, a television personality and finally an activist. At the time the affair with Bill Clinton, Monica was just a white house intern who worked there from 1995-1996 and during which she was the employee of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

Details on the Clinton Affair;

Like I said before this high profile affair was known as the Lewinsky scandal from the mistress’s name that basically emerged out in 1998 shocking not only the United States alone but the whole world as well. It was an affair between the then United States president Bill Clinton who was 49 years at the time with Monica Lewinsky who was only 22 years at the time and an employee as well. They then began a personal connection with Bill Clinton and always confided the details to a close friend of hers named Linda Tripp who was also a co worker and all this while had been clandestinely recording every single conversation over the phone. However, when the details leaked to the world, Clinton completely denied ever having any affair with ‘that woman’ and so did she also refuted having had a romantic affair with him. This was one of those very secretive affairs that no one would just  know the details of except for the time when Clinton finally admitted to the affair but insisted it was non sexual on his side. Good enough for Bill; his marriage to Hillary did not end in divorce because of this cheating scandal.

How it ended;

Well, usually these affairs between mistresses and married men don’t usually end well and in this case the extra marital affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky or rather the Lewinsky scandal resulted into an investigation that in the end was very bad on the side of Bill Clinton because it led to the impeachment proposal in 1996 by the United States House Of Representatives.  Following his release on all the accusation charges of false swearing and obstruction of justice led to a twenty one day senate trail. He was then held in civil contempt of court by a judge named Susan Webber Wright. The worst part is that his certificate to practice law was suspended not only in Arkansas but later in the United States as well with a false testimony fine of $90,000. It was indeed a scandalous affair.  As for Lewinsky she withdrew away from the public affairs for some period.


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Prince Charles – Camilla Parker-Bowles Relationship

This is one of those mistress scenarios with a happy ending for the mistress and the whole word disappointed with the two especially after the death of the world’s most loved princess…Diana. It was celebrity affair of a Prince to the British Royal Crown Prince and the mistress that existed in his life before, during and after the death of his wife.

Who is Prince Charles?

prince charles


Charles Philip Arthur George better known as Charles Prince of Wales is a born of 1948 and is the first born child and heir apparent of the current queen Elizabeth II. He has very many titles depending on where you are from like for example Duke of Rothesay or Duke of Cornwall. He has held the position of heir since 1952 making him the longest serving heir. He married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. However he later on in 1996 divorced Lady Diana Spencer after having had a number of extra matrimonial affairs that was highly publicized. Sadly Lady Diana Spencer later died the year after in a terrible car accident and Prince Charles remarried Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005.


Who is Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Camilla Parker Bowles as a mistress


Camilla Parker Bowles was born in the year 1947 and she was named Camilla Shand. In 1973 she got married to Andrew Parker Bowles who was a Calvary officer. However, in 1987 they announced their divorce after they had actually been separated and living apart for some period of time.

Details on the affair;

The thing about this affair between the Prince of Wales and Camilla is that for very many years they had always had a very controversial relationship that started in 1972 and it was always highly publicized by the media hence attracting a lot of universal scrutiny. The two had always been romantically involved for twenty five years. However when the world got to know and there where very many questions especially after the leaked telephone conversation between the two, prince Charles later spoke in an interview admitting that he knew her as a great friend of his that he would still remain friends with for a long time ahead. Then finally after they had both divorced he later on admitted that he had rekindled his relationship with the mistress once again after his marriage was beyond repair.

How it ended;

This mistress is the kind that had a happy ending because after all the struggles and the partners they were involved with, the two still ended up together getting legally married in 2005. It was a wedding that was culminated in a civil marriage in the Windsor Guildhall. It was also later blessed by the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. However the queen mother queen Elizabeth II did not attend the wedding. It’s now been years and the public have accepted the love affair finally after a long controversial relationship that everyone hated because they loved Princess Diana the ex to Prince Charles.

Senator John Edwards -Rielle Hunter Affair

This is another scandalous affair case that made the people of the United States once again very disappointed in their own senator John Edwards.

Who is senator John Edwards?

senator john Edwards mistress scandal


Senator John Edwards was born in the year 1953 and has an American politician that has served as the United States senator from North Carolina. In 2004 he was the Democratic nominee for the Vice President and then also a Democratic Presidential nomination candidate in the year 2004 and 2008. Basically, he is an American attorney and politician. He was married to Elizabeth Edwards from the year 1977 to 2010 when the cheating scandal happened and his wife separated from him but she later died of cancer in the same year.

Who is Rielle Hunter?

RIELLE HUNTER as a mistress

Source:Huffington Post

This lady was born Lisa Jo Druck in the year 1964 but is mainly known or called as Rielle Hunter. She is professionally an American actress and a producer for films. But she is mainly known and remembered as the woman that had an affair with John Edwards who was the vice presidential nominee under the Democratic Party in 2004. She was married in 1991 to Alexander M Hunter III that influenced the change in her name to Rielle Hunter in 1994. She later divorced him though in 2000.

Details on the affair;

This affair is something that started in 2006 in the month of February before she was actually hired by John Edwards however the press especially the national enquirer that is a tabloid in the United States only came out with the story in October 2007 shocking the whole continent. The extra marital affair occurred during the time when Edward was campaigning as a presidential candidate. It so happened that was the same time when the mistress Rielle Hunter was pregnant. However she came out and denied that the pregnancy was for a one Andrew Young a former staffer in the same campaign team and a married man too.

How it ended;

This is one affair that did not hold as much stone basically due to the fact that Senator Edward was still married and it also brought a lot of strains in his whole political career which a lot of critics feeling sorry for his wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the time. It actually ended a lot faster but since there was a child that was involved in the first place and senator Edwards had publicly denied at first. But later on in the year 2010 January he admitted that the child was his and this led to the separation of his wife Elizabeth from him.


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President John F. Kennedy – Marilyn Monroe Affair

This is one affair of a mistress and a president that only lasted for a very short time leaving the mistress very devastated over her short term  celebrity affair and the married president moving quickly onto the next available mistress.

Who is John F. Kennedy?

john f kennedy


First of all his full name is John Fitzgerald ‘Jack’ Kennedy and he was born in the year 1917 in the month of May. However is was mainly referred by his initials ‘JFK’ and was a politician in America that served as the 35th president of U.S from a period of 1961 until sadly to the time when he was assassinated in 1963 November month. He was later on married to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in the year 1953 September after he had just been elected as senator. However he was a serial ladies man!

Who is Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe as a mistress


She was an American model and actress that was born in 1926 in the month of June and was named Norma Jeanne Mortenson. As celebrity, she was mainly known for playing the ‘dumb blonde’ characters. This lady also in the 1950’s became one of the most popular sex symbols at the time. She was married thrice to James Daugherty for a period of 4 years, then Joe DiMaggio for only one year and finally Arthur miller for approximately 5 years. She however died at a very young age of 36yrs due to an overdose of barbiturates in her own home on August 5 1962 in Los Angeles.

Details on the affair;

This was one  celebrity affair that was basically termed as a one night stand because basically the two only met twice with the first time when they spent time together in a hotel and the next time when she performed at his birthday bash. The first time they met was when they were both guests at Bing Cosby’s house and they later spent the night together in march 24th 1962. Then the next time was during the 45th birthday bash and that was also the last. After her death an FBI director J. Edgar Hoover tried theories to prove that the man on the secret FBI sex tape was President Kennedy but in the end he lacked enough proof.

How it ended;

Like I said earlier this was basically a onetime affair that the president wanted to satisfy his desires with the sexiest lady at the time. It is rumored that after their one night stand he told her that she wasn’t first lady material which hurt her so bad and people suspect it’s the depression that led to her death in 1962. However Marilyn once confessed that what they had was only a one time affair to a friend. However she tried making some contacts with the president and there was no response back because he didn’t want the scandal to affect his political career.


Eliot Spitzer- Ashley Dupre Affair

This is basically known as the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal from the very moment it leaked simply because in the case the man in point was a New York governor while the woman in the middle was a call girl.

Who is Eliot Spitzer?


Source:Huffington Post

He’s full name is Eliot Laurence Spitzer was born in the year 1959 and has been   a politician in America as he served as the 54th new York governor from 2007 till the time he resigned in 2008 the month of month. He was also a New York attorney general for a period of 8 years. He married Silda Wall Spitzer in 1987 but they afterward on divorced in 2013. In the month of March 2008, it was reported that Eliot Spitzer was a client of the emperors club VIP that later on led him to resign as the Governor.

Who is Ashley Dupre?

ashley dupre as a mistress for eliot spitzer

Source: CBS News

This lady was born Ashley Youmans in the year 1985 but goes by the name Ashley Rae Maika Dipietro. However her stage name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre and it’s the name that she is popularly known as. She is a previous or an ex call girl and has worked for the New York post as a sex columnist and she is also a singer as well. The only time she became known was when it was later discovered that she was the woman in the middle of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. During that time she was known by her call girl name ‘Kristen’.

Details on the affair;

The first time the country heard of the affair was on 10th march 2008 when it was reported by the New York Times that Eliot Spitzer the governor had patronized a privileged escort service that was run by emperors club VIP. His first meeting with the call girl named Kristen was a day before valentines of 2008 when they met in a Washington mayflower hotel and she was 22yrs of age at the time. However this was just a one night arrangement that only went bad a few weeks after when the Governor was being investigated over some other scandals.

How it ended;

This relationship did not hold enough water and it is believed the affair was only a on one occasion thing that when discovered led to the public apology from the governor and then also finally his resignation from the office of Governor New York on the 17th of March. As for the woman in the middle Kristen, she gained a lot of attention from the media attention but and only responded back that it was a complicated and difficult time for her.


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David Letterman- Stephanie Birkitt Affair

Usually when a man starts to spend a lot of time at work especially with his assistant then there is more likely to be a relationship that will cross beyond work relations and such was the case between David Letterman and his assistant at the moment Stephanie Birkitt.

Who is David Letterman?

david letterman

Source: FabcNews

David Michael Letterman was born in the year of 1947 in the month of April. He is an ex- television and a radio host, writer, actor, comedian and a producer as well. He was a late night television talk show host for a period of 33 years. He also hosted a number of very numerous ‘late night and late show’ episodes and he was once ranked as the number 45th television guide on the fifty greatest television stars of all times. He married twice with the first marriage to Michelle cook from 1968 to 1977, but he also had a very long term relationship with Merrill Markroe and the next he married Regina Lasko in 2009 to date.

Who is Stephanie Birkitt?

stephanie birkitt

Source: NY Daily News

Stephanie Annie Birkitt is a lady that was born in 1975 in the month of January. She is an ex assistant of David Michael Letterman on the talk show named ‘late show’. She appeared in some of the shows and was mostly referred to as Vicki. She is an attorney by occupation and an American by nationality.

Details on this Celebrity Affair;

Well how the world got to know about this after was after David Michael Letterman announced that he had been a victim of blackmail on his own show in October 2009. The blackmailer was threatening to disclose that he was involved in a number of sexual affairs with his female employees during and time and he surprising admitted to them. Among the women included Stephanie Birkitt who was working with him at the moment and he usually referred to her using a number of nick names. David Michael Letterman was at the moment cheating on his wife Regina Lasko that he married that very year and in the same way Stephanie Birkitt was also cheating on her current live in partner Robert J. Halderman. The details of this affair never really came out in the public openly except for the evidence in the journal that was leaked by Halderman and the fact that it was sexual and both of them cheated on their partners.

How it ended?

The thing is this wasn’t a committed mistress and married man affair because the man in this case was not only involved with one female employee but rather quiet a number of them. It is said that by the time the David Michael Letterman announced it had already long ended like a month and over ago. Stephanie Birkitt resigned from her office and also moved out of the house she was sharing with Robert J. Halderman. The investigation led to charges that led to the arrest of Halderman for a period of six months jail sentence after he had pleaded guilty.

Tiger Woods- Rachel Uchitel

Usually over time when a man is very powerful there will be a need to have a mistress and in some cases the mistresses are really quiet many. Could that have been the case with Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel the alleged mistress he had an affair with that finally led to the collapse of his marriage.

Who is Tiger Woods?

Tiger woods mistress scandal


Tiger Woods was born Eldrick Tont Woods in the year 1975 December 30th. He is by profession an American golfer that has won very many titles making him the most successful golfer of all time. You should also know that is has been one of the most and highest paid athletes worldwide for so long. He became a professional golfer when he was only aged 20 and that was the beginning of his winning titles. He married Elin Nordegren in 2004 but they later divorced in 2010 after his extra marital affairs.

Who is Rachel Uchitel?


Rachel Tiger woods mistress

Source: San Fransisco CBS Local

Born Rachel Uchitel in the year 1975 and she is an American who is a nightclub manager, a television correspondent and also a hostess. The first known she became known to the press and the world was during the 11th September attacks when she had a picture of her fiance at the moment who worked in the world trade center. She has also appeared in the celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew which is an American series for reality television. However what kept her long on the headlines was the affair that she had with the famous golfer Tiger Woods.

Details on the Affair;

The world was shocked in the later 2009 when news broke out published in ‘The national enquirer’ that Rachel Uchitel was a mistress to the famous Tiger Woods. This they said that happened at the Australian masters and after this story broke out, she completely denied all the allegations but there was evidence from a photographer showing of the newspaper showing her getting into Tiger Woods’ room in the year of 2010. This is mainly what confirmed that they were having an affair behind their partner or spouses back.

How it ended;

The thing about most of these celebrity affairs is that they usually end quicker than you know especially when they both know that it will greatly cause a scandal and affect their families of careers. When the news and pictures first broke out and there was no way they would both deny the allegations, Rachel Uchitel decided to have a conference scheduled so she could tell the real story with the alleged affair with Tiger Woods but to our shock she later cancelled with the help of her attorney Gloria Allred only citing ‘unforeseen circumstances’. It was later on rumored by a close person to the attorney that the only reason the conference was cancelled was because Rachel Uchitel had accepted a cash settlement.

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Brad Pitt- Angelina Jolie Steamy Affair

It takes a lot of discipline to act with someone who is equally attracted and not be able to cheat on your wife with the mistress. These two are among the top paid celebrities in the entertainment world and are very successful in their acting careers.

Who is Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitts affair withAngelina jolie

Source: Denofgeek

He was born William Bradley Pitt in the year of 1963 in the month of December. He is an American producer and actor that has received a number of awards before including the golden globe award, three academy award nominations, a screen actors guild award and to be mentioned but a few. He owns an entertainment company named Plan B Entertainment. He has been married twice with the first marriage to America’s beloved actress Jennifer Aniston that lasted from the year 2000 t0 2005 then later married another famous actress Angelina Jolie in 2014 to date. He has been named as one of the most dominant and powerful people in the entertainment industry and also world’s most attractive man.

Who is Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie as a mistess

Source: Playbuzz

She was born in the year 1975 in the month of June and named Angelina Jolie. She is professionally an American actress, a film maker and also a humanitarian who has received a number of award as well including the academy award, three golden globe awards, two of screen actors’ guild awards and a lot more other awards. She has been cited as the most paid actress in Hollywood. She first started her career as a child alongside her famous father Jon Voight in the year 1982. She has been married thrice with the first marriage to Johnny Lee Miller in 1996 then divorced in 1999, then she got married to Billy Bob Thornton in the year 2000 and divorced again in 2003 and now she’s married to Brad Pitt since the year 2014.

Details on this Celebrity affair;

Most stories starts when a single boy meets girl…blah blah…blah…happy ending. This one started when married man meets single woman…..blah…blah…married now. It is believed that the affair kicked off during the time when both of these people were acting as the lead roles in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and immediately connected by falling in love. During that time Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston where still matrimonial and they were America’s favorite couple so when the news broke out that he was dating Angelina Jolie the whole world was heartbroken because of the love they have for their sweetheart Jennifer Aniston but looks like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie where already smitten and nothing could stand in the way of true love. However, they didn’t made any public appearance till the divorce between Brad and Jennifer was totally over with…the rest is history.

How it ended;

After Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had divorced, he then became official when Angelina Jolie with the two adopting a number of children and having their own too as well. They invested into a number of businesses together as well. They got engaged after being together for seven years and finally got married officially in 2014 making it a happy ever after for this affair that started with Angelina Jolie being a mistress.


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Hugh Grant-Divine Brown Affair

Well this is another case of a celebrity love scandal which involves a man paying for sex and getting caught by the media and later exposed to the world. This is a case of a successful English actor and a former prostitute.

Who is Hugh Grant?

Hugh Grants affair scandal

Source: Ancestors.co.za

He was born Huge John Mungo Grant in the year 1960 and is professionally an English actor and also a film producer at the same time. He has been awarded with a number of awards like a golden globe, an honorary Cesar and a BAFTA award as well. The films he has made have earned him a lot of money reaching up to $2.4 billion. It was the Richard Curtis scripted ‘four weddings and a funeral’ that primary led to his international success. This is one guy that has never been married but has had a number of relationships starting with a fellow actress names Elizabeth Hurley that lasted for a long time amounting to 13 years before they broke up. Then he later dated a heiress named Jemima Khan for three years and so on…!

Who is Divine Brown?

divine browns affair

Actual name is Estella Marie Thompson and she was born on the 9th of August of 1969 but she is popularly known as Divine Brown. She is an American prostitute that first caught the attention of the media and its followers after being caught giving oral set to Hugh Grant in his car. This happened in Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. From that time on she has remained in the public eye through newspaper interviews, appearances on television and also pornography work.

Details on the love affair;

This basically wasn’t an affair because affairs usually don’t involve the exchange of money for the sexual services being offered in return. This was just a case of a guy who wanted to solve his sexual desire for that moment and a prostitute who was searching for a client. Whatever you choose to call it, it happened in the car in the year 1995 in the month of June when she entered Hugh’s car and she performed oral sex on him for a fee of only $60 that only lasted for a few minutes because it was interrupted by the police.

How it ended;

Imagine having sexual pleasures and before you know it, you get arrested…that’s how this one story ended! She was performing oral sex on him while in the car in Los Angeles when Hugh constantly started pressing the brake pedal of his BMW car using his feet which thereafter led to the flashing of lights. The police was alerted and they came over and arrested them both. After that Estella Marie Thompson was charged with lewd conduct and then ordered to go to AIDS class and also community service for five days and also a fine of $1,150 for violating the parole with another 180 days in jail. While on the other hand Hugh pleaded no contest and then he was given a $1,180 fine that was placed on a summary probation of two years and ordered to complete an education program for HIV.


Tori Spelling – Dean McDermott Affair

This is a case of celebrity infidelity in which two people feeling they were both trapped and not happy in their marriages so they meet different people they immediately connect, cheating on the married partners then finally both divorcing their married partners in the same year in order to get married again together.

Who is Dean McDermott?

dean mcdermott affair


He was born in the year of 1966, November month. He is professionally a Canadian-American actor but is he best known for a reality television character with his current wife and actress Tori Spelling. He is also the host of ‘chopped: Canada’ which is a cooking completion. He has played before in the television series ‘due south’ as the ‘constable Renfield Turnbull. He has been married two times with the first marriage to Mary Jo Eustace from 1993 to 2006 that he cheated on by having an affair with his current wife Tori Spelling that he married in 2006 immediately after divorcing Mary Jo Eustace.

Who is Tori Spelling?

Tori spellings affair 


She was born in the year of 1973, May month and was named Victoria Davey Spelling. She is also professionally an American actress and an author too. She first feature in a role of Donna Martin in the ‘Beverly hills’ 90210’ in the year 1990 that was actually produced by her own father. And then she later on featured in a number of her acting jobs. She also was also named the best celebrity autobiography in 2009 due to her ‘stori telling’. She has also been married twice with her first marriage to Charlie shanian that lasted from 2004 up to 2006 and her second marriage to Dean McDermott that very year 2006 up to date.

Details on this Celebrity love affair;

By the time these two started dating, Tori Spelling had already separated from her husband at the point in time but not yet divorced officially while Dean McDermott was still with his wife and then he started having an affair with Tori Spelling. These two became so close like two souls that had been searching for each other had finally met to become one putting an end to the ling search. That is why immediately their divorce was finalized in 2006, the two immediately got married that same year making their affair a fairy ending.

How it ended;

This love affair ended with a wedding, a reality television show about their life and lots of children. The man proved to the world that she was not just a mistress but his soon to be his wife that is why immediately he divorced his ex wife, he put a ring on Tori’s hand. And to show that they are going stringer and happy, they later on in 2010 renewed their wedding wows once again.


Le Ann Rimes-Eddie Cibria Affair

This was the scandal of the year 2009 when it was realize that these two were having an affair both cheating on their spouses at the time. Cheater it was with none willing to let go of their extramarital affair and hence causing terrible heartbreaks to their spouses at the time.

Who is Eddie Cibria?

Cibrian, Eddies affair


He was born on 18th June 1973 named Edward Carl Cibrian and is of Cuban decent. He is professionally he is an American actor that has been popularly known for his character in ‘Sunset Beach’ as ‘Cole Deschanel’ that was one of the favorite television series in the 1990’s. however there are a number of other films that he has been a cast of including the ‘invasion as Russell Varon’, ‘third watch as Jimmy Doherty’, ‘CSI:Miami as Jesse Cardoza’ and a lot other more. He married a former model Brandi Glanville in may 2001 then they later separated and divorced in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Then he went ahead and married Le Ann Rimes in December 2010 and have been together since then.

Who is Le Ann Rimes?

leann rimes affair with eddie


She was born on 28th August 1982 named Margaret Le Ann Rimes and she is professionally an American pop and country singer. She is known for her rich vocals and she rose to stardom only at the age of 13yrs after the release of her ‘blue’ a song of Bill Mack. She became the youngest music star for country music since Tanya Tucker. Her first marriage was to her backup dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002 then they later separated in 2009 and the divorce finalized in 2010. Her second marriage to date is to Eddie Cibrian and it happened in 2010.

Details on the celebrity love affair;

These two officially met during the acting of a lifetime made for television film named ‘Northern lights’ and it was a case of an extramarital affair on both sides after it was leaked by a press coverage. These two met during the shooting of a film they were in and immediately kicked off an off screen affair because they had immediately fallen in love regardless of the fact that they were still both married to different people at the time. It was a case of extramarital affair in which both parties didn’t want to lose each other and didn’t mind what everyone else thought.

How it ended;

It simply ended in a wedding in after they had both separated from their former marriages. Their ex spouses were so heartbroken leaving them damaged about the affair. Eddie and Le Ann both apologized but said that they were in love and went ahead to marry. After all the heart wants what it wants.


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Johnny Depp – Amber Heard Affair

He was involved in a long term love relationship with the mother of his children while she was just a young unmarried man.

Who is Johnny Depp?


Johnny Depps affair


He was born on 9th June 1963 named John Christopher Depp II and he is a very famous American actor, musician and a producer as well. He has won a number of awards before including the golden globe award, screen actors guild award as best actor. His first raise to fame was after a television series named ‘21 jump street’ in the 1980’s making him a teen idol. His first marriage was to Lori Anne Allison from 1983 to 1985 and his second being to Amber Heard in 2015.

Who is Amber heard?

Amber heards affair


She was born on 22nd April 1986 named Amber Laura Heard she is professionally an American actress. It was the sports drama ‘Friday night lights’ that first gave her a breakthrough in her career as her first film debut and she also had other small roles that she played. However, in the film ‘all the boys love Mandy lane’ was where she got her first leading role. She is married to the famous actor Johnny Depp and they wedded in 2015.

Details on the love affair;

These two met officially during the shooting of the movie ‘Rum Diary’ during which time Johnny Depp was still with his very long time girlfriend Vanessa Paradise and Amber Heard was also still dating Tasha Van Lee. However they began an affair in 20012 and were so in love with each other after they had been called if off with their previous relationships. They became official attending most ceremonies together, got engaged in January 2014 and finally a wedding for the two happened in 2025 in a ceremony that was very private in their Los Angeles home.

How it ended;

These two became inseparable from the very moment they crossed paths with each of them only telling of sweet things about the other when being interviewed. From the moment they started an affair he knew she was the time that the stars had lined for him that is why he didn’t wait for so long to place an engagement ring on her finger and later on followed by a private wonderful wedding.


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