Mistress Clothing Ideas to Consider

| January 18, 2016

When it comes to mistress clothing, they are usually more flirtatious and sexier in the way they are made.  Mistresses must be acquainted with the kind of clothing that will attract the married men and the type that will keep the affair longer than it is usually supposed to be. They know all the dresses that will flatter their bodies in the places they are blessed,  for example if it’s the cleavage, they will show it all, if it’s the curves they will do the same and so much more. They are usually better looking than the wives may be because they are still  young, single and don’t have much to deal with such as the endless marital troubles faced by their competition. Some may be in position to take good care of their bodies so as to stay attractive to men. The dresses or skirts they wear are usually very short exposing the long endless legs that every man would fantasize over while the trousers are usually very tight almost leaving very little to imaginations. These outfits will drive most married men crazy as their minds start to explore beneath them and once the mistresses notice they simply have to flirt back then the affair kicks off in not time.

Bodycon Party dress

bodycon party dress for mistressess

It is nearly impossible for a woman to dress like the lady pictured above and not stop the attention of the men in the building or party that she has attended. This is basically a body hugging dress that will make sure every single curve on your body is exposed clearly. What makes this dress more eye catching the front lace that leave all the cleavage almost out apart from the tips. So when a married man sees such a woman he will definitely want to make her his mistress. Trust me on such a dress even the married women will wish they had such a body for their men to fantasize on. This dress is for the kind of mistress that is not afraid of attention.

Sleeveless  dress

sleeveless mistress dress


So let’s say you she works in the same office with the married man she is attracted too, she has to look formal because she doesn’t want people looking at her as slutty. In this case she will go in for a mistress formal wear like the one above. The dress is decent enough to cover her completely but curved enough to expose what her mother gave her. The arms and legs will be the only visible things but when she walks you will notice the way she wiggles her curved waist. If you are a married woman, you can as well be stylish for your husband by pulling off such a dress and let the mistress know you got game too and are not taking her interest in your man lightly.


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Lady in red cocktail dress

red long slit mistress dress

This is the kind of dress a mistress would wear to a party like cocktail or wedding simply because she will never go without notice  with such a color. First of all red is a color of love especially with romance and it will also flatter almost all skin tones. The dress is long up to down but with endless slits all the way up to one side exposing the long endless legs. With such a dress the married men will only wish the slit was longer and they will find themselves attracted to the lady wearing it. This particular dress also has some lace up allowing people to peep into her breast then the waist exposes a slim waist line. With such a dress they will ensure to seduce the married men even from across the room.

Playful Tee long sleeved dress

Playful Tee long sleeved dress

This is the kind of dress that shows that she has a fun playful side. The kind of dressing that will make you imagine her wearing your tee’s. It’s also the kind of dress that makes you wonder what she’s wearing beneath. It’s the kind of dress mistresses love, after all it makes the look every younger. Most cheating married men love younger women to have affairs with.  This dress is the very ‘warm’ type that will make you feel more relaxed and at home. Mistresses will wear such a dress to make the men forget about their personal problems at home with their wives and children. After all it’s the kind of dress you just flip it off when you have to.

Casual jumpsuit with v neck


This is usually what the girl next door aiming for the married man next door will dress like. Its contains lace, it’s a long v-neck exposing the boobs, and its only long enough to cover the personal space. It’s the kind of mistress clothing she will use to completely get all your man’s attention. The wives will think she is indecent while the husbands will thank God they have a girl in the neighborhood like that. Such a dress will remind the married men of their bachelorhood and will want to go back by having a piece of the woman behind the outfit. Dressing up like this will be sure way for the mistress to secure that affair with a married man..


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