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| January 18, 2016

They say everything you need to know is written down in paper and with these stories you will find just about that. It might not be from personal experiences usually but these writers draft down stories that many of you will relate with which include the tricks, the scandals, who’s being played and a lot more. The best part is that the books will give you an idea of what the mistresses always be thinking, how they attract their intended culprits and how you can get rid of them as well. With these books you will learn a lot am sure and be wiser.

Mistress; Mysterious Ways on How to Get Rid of Your Husband’s Mistress  (Husbands and Mistresses should not ignore this)

Mistress Mysterious Ways on How to Get Rid of Your Husband's Mistress

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First of all, no woman wants her marriage ending up in divorce moreover worst of all over a mistress. When you think of all the effort that you have put through for your marriage to work then you discover that your husband has a mistress, it will totally break you down. And because you want to stick to your wow or because you have children and want the best out of your marriage you will want to eliminate the mistress. After all to throw in the towel is allowing the mistress to win, no one would want that. This is a book written by Justine Blackwell and it based from her own personal experience and how she handled the situation. In the book are some tips of how you can win your husband back into your life and let the mistress be forever forgotten in his life. It surely worked for her and am sure it work out for you as well though most of these tasks will require total commitment and patience till you achieve the goal.

However, most times when your husband begins cheating or having an affair then you should first check out yourself first like its mentioned in the book. If you were a rare wife in the kitchen then you need to spend more time in it making his favorite meals, start to dress sexy, start to look good and also stop being the nagging type. In other words, try and be the woman he first fell in love with. If all those things are already in place or you them and he not committed then the problem is not you, its him.


Mistress Paperback by James Patterson

Mistress Paperback by James Patterson


This is basically another mistress book written by James Patterson and it has a character of a man named Ben who is different from other people because his thoughts are always racing and he can’t find a way of controlling them. He has a number of obsessions especially in motorbikes, movies, a beautiful woman he knows he can never have many more. Then suddenly the love of his life Diana is found dead outside her apartment and his obsession drives him to hunt for what really happened to her.

Shockingly, he finds out that Diana had a shocking double life and someone is out there to stop him from uncovering the truth about Diana’s dishonest relationships. While reading this book you will realize that James Patterson plunges the readers into depths of a mind tormented by fascination and paranoia in a world full of very many dangers and lies.

This James Patterson book shows that there is a lot to people that we love more than it meets the eyes…people will hide secretes that will only be discovered when the damages are already long done and its too late to turn things usually round.

Simone: The Hired Mistress

Simone's The Hired Mistress


This is a mind blowing book that was written about a mistress named Simone and it has three different parts under it about the story line of a mistress that only gets hired for specific married men. When you read this book you will be able to know what the main character of this woman thinks as she is seeking revenge. She is the type of woman who will do about anything to get her cup of revenge served. She does this so she can free the good wives of their cheating husbands. She is hired by a woman that is anonymous that is just one of her previous clients but then she has no idea that the anonymous woman is after her own personal feud. She will take on a lifetime journey about lies, manipulation and a lot of scandal. Nonetheless the only drawback with this book is that it is only consisted of a few pages and will leave you wanting for more.

In conclusion, it is a very dangerous game to try and hire a mistress for your husband because thing might take a complete u-turn from all that you had all sorted and planned out in your heads. Men will usually cheat and especially when an opportunity strikes on the door in form of a mistress. It will take a man with a heart of gold to say no. In case he is not able to resist the mistress, can you win him back?


Mistress: Mysterious Ways on How to Get Rid of Your Husband’s Mistress – Get it here



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