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| July 7, 2014

The type of handbag that you choose to wear with different outfit will surprise you because of the gorgeous detail they give to your look. Sometimes we tend to ignore things like this yet they are the most important things to give the attire we love that added beautiful outcome. When it comes to the latest women’s handbags for all occasions; it is best to always go in for those that are really colorful, animal prints and stripes. All in all, plain handbags may not give you that attractive look as compared to hand bags that are detailed. However, you need to be careful with the outfit you wear with a detailed handbag. Do not wear a floral outfit and compliment it with floral hand bag.  You will hate the look as it will look like a complete mess.  The same applies to animal print outfit; if you wear an animal print outfit then you should wear a plain bag or something neutral. Now for those that are fond of plain attires then it is best to blend the outfit with a really detailed hand bag. This way you will give more emphasis to your hand bag.




Probably you have come across very many different types of  women’s hand bags, let’s take a look at some of the options that easily come to mind;

Tote bags; tote bags have a larger capacity than other bags, most of the time they have a square or rectangular shape and can have any material. In most cases you will find that they are made with leather or a similar material. If you love carrying a large amount of stuff with you then you should go in for a tote bag.

Scarleton large tote bag


Scarleton large women's tote bag



Shoulder bags; this is possibly the commonest type of hand bags that most of you are familiar with. They are bags that have long straps leaving the bag falling down to around your hips or waist. They are made with side pockets and have inner slots helping you to have more organized bag. This type of bags can have any shape, color and size that is why you will find most of them having different shapes, sizes and colors. They are also made in many different styles for example hobo bags, diaper bags, functional or slouchy so you can refer to them as multipurpose.

Hobo shoulder handbag

Hobo women's shoulder handbag



Satchels; if you are looking for the best handbag to wear to a work event, business meeting, party or a night out and have yourself lots of attention then satchels are definitely the way to go. They are basically the true definition of what you can call a hand bag since they are made with short handles to ensure that they fit right n your arms. They come in many sizes usually wide with a flat inner side and a double handle. With this, you will definitely have the classiest look ever. This type of bag will be more than perfect if worn with your choice of formal wear as well as casual wear.

White satchel with a gold chain handle

white satchel with a gold chain handle



Evening bags; this is another type of women’s handbags that you probably are also familiar with and just like their name they are usually worn with evening dresses or party dress when you are going for a cocktail party or any party after work. This type of bag that may be in form of a clutch bag will make a great blend to any formal outfit because they are made from really fine material such as metallic and satin and in most cases with rhinestones, beads or sequins and they do not have straps. The kind of evening bag you choose to wear will also depend of the dress that you choose.

cock tail evening women's handbag





When going to work; when choosing a bag to wear when it going to work, it is always best to go in for  handbags that will match almost all outfits that you may choose to wear when going to office. A black satchel will bring out a more serious look and will match almost any outfit. This way you will not have to hustle looking for a different every other day.

When going for an outing; if you are planning to go out say to a party, the first thing you should consider before choosing a bag is to choose a bag that will draw everyone s attention to you and then go in for one that will give great detail to your look. This is when you should think about prints and colors because they have a way of grabbing people’s attention.

For a casual look; A casual look is less serious so you do not have to go through too much of a hustle looking for a bag to wear. If you are going shopping with your friend, wear a bag with plenty of space for you to place different items. A good suede hobo bag will be perfect for shopping.





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