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| July 8, 2014

All women want their wedding day to be the most memorable day of their lives that is why everything you may choose to wear for your wedding should add great value to your big day. Your choice of the latest wedding shoes especially for young women must give you a more gorgeous and attractive appearance with your choice of outfit.

Before you can actually make up your mind to buy a particular pair of shoes to wear for your wedding; there are some factors you must keep in mind because it will make no sense to go in for shoes you will not even handle to walk with, just because you love very high heels.  Actually this may even completely mess up your day. You need to go in for shoes that are not only stylish and beautiful but also those that are very comfortable to give you a whole special day of happiness.

Since it is your unforgettable day, you should you also have to make a choice that you are in love with.  In other words; make the choice yourself. Now, to all the young women looking for some of the latest and most attractive wedding shoes to make their day a really colorful, you must a take a look through this article to check out some of the best wedding shoes out there.

Latest wedding shoes for Young women


latest wedding shoes for women





This is what I call, beautiful shoes…., the combination of leather, fuschia and transparent crystals brings out such a gorgeous appearance. I am certain that it will definitely make a perfect match with your wedding dress. Fuschia is such a brilliant color treasured by many women that love fashion and maintaining stylish looks. I would really credit the maker of these shoes for being wise enough to put the crystals at the front because they bring the beauty of the shoes. This pair of women’s formal shoes also features a gorgeous round toe at the front to keep you very comfortable and give you a lot of ease while you walk. The way the rhinestone are arranged while mixing the bigger ones with smaller ones is really attractive and will absolutely catch everyone’s attention. They also seem strongly attached so you do not have to worry about the rhinestone falling and ruining your day. If I were to have a wedding soon I would with no doubt go in for these shoes.


For those that love to keep it pure white, you can wear the shoes with a white wedding dress and compliment it with fuschia jewelry for that outstanding combination with the shoes. However, you will love the colors then you can wear a fuschia wedding dress but match it with white jewelry.


Leather, colorful crystals and hidden platform is absolutely the way to go for a wedding that will make history and make you the most admirable bride any one will ever come across. These wedding shoes are made with a really smooth lining just to ensure that you have a whole lot of comfort and the small tip at the front for that added sexiness to your appearance. The amazing detail of pearls and crystals on the upper part will make you look like a princess of your wedding day. Step out for your big day in style by rocking the high heeled platform wedding shoes with the unique designs of pearls and crystals and be the source of envy for many of your friends that will attend your wedding.

In order to prevent color from looking a little bit off, you should wear these shoes with a white satin dress.  It is the best you can go for and will have the shoes standing out well and at the same time make have your dress well complimented.

Latest white satin wedding shoes for women

latest white satin wedding shoes for women




If you still do not know which shoes to wear with the changing dress then you have definitely found one that will be just perfect. After a whole day of moving around in closed shoes and very high heels, your feet will definitely be worn out. So for the evening party you will need something more comfortable but still very beautiful and this exactly what the satin wedding stiletto sandals in the photo above will deliver for you. The material is very attractive then the sparkle detail on the upper part and a bow knot at the back will make you the most beautiful bride ever. The rubber sole will be very comfortable to walk in and will make your evening party just as memorable as the other sessions of your wedding.

Wear these shoes with a teal or blue long body hugging changing dress that stops around the ankle to ensure that your shoes remain standing out. I would recommend you go in for the satin material because it has that shiny appearance that is very attractive.

Latest red wedding shoes for women

Latest red wedding shoes for women




Not very many brides will go in for red wedding shoes so this just gives you the idea that you will be one in a million in your red pair of the latest wedding shoes for young women. The high heeled pump with rhinestone, a hidden platform together with a cushioned insole will make the perfect day for you. The cushioned insole will give you a special day full of comfort; you will not have to worry about any kind of discomfort in these shoes. The shoe also features lots glitter all over so you can be sure to be the most sparkling bride in this shoe.

Red and white make such an awesome blend together, therefore if you are head over heels for the shoes you can comfortably wear the shoes with a white wedding dress and make your groom proud to have the finest looking bride.

Latest gold wedding shoes for women

Latest gold wedding shoes for women



Gold as a color has a really special way of standing out when worn with any color and for a wedding. Apart from the shoes standing out because of the color their color they are also well detailed with very many gorgeous rhinestones and rivet giving the shoe a really stylish appearance. The hidden platform is one of the modern styles of late so you can count yourself a very modern bride.  The studs and rhinestones are the brightest thing about the shoes and the unique design perfectly shows that they are handmade. I love these shoes because you can wear them both with the wedding gown and the changing dress and still look amazing.

For a really brilliant look, you can wear these latest wedding shoes with a white dress that has some golden highlights. With this look you will sure be such a glamorous looking bride.

Latest peep toe stiletto wedding shoes for women

latest peep toe stilleto wedding shoes for women




Of late, I have been able to notice that peep toe stilettos are very elegant and will make that added gorgeousness to your wedding attire. If you want the kind of shoe that will add a touch of class to your wedding then you should try out this peep toe platform heel. The glitter mesh fabric is very amazing and with the detail of rhinestone, you will have your special day, all full of elegance. This shoe can be worn with any dress so do not bite yourself over which dress to wear it with.



Why give yourself the burden of walking around in heels all like it is a must for you to wear high heels on your wedding day when flat shoes can also make your wedding fantastic. You absolutely have no reason to whine over failing to walk in heels because there is that special and exceptional look you can add to your wedding day in flat shoes. For those that have problems with their legs and feel like they will not be able to wear high heels or maybe you just have this bad attitude towards them;  check out flat shoes in the photo above that will make you even smarter than brides in high heels. Try out something exceptional, elegant and extremely comfortable. This pair of bridal shoes with rhinestone will make you beautiful without you even getting tired at all.

Latest green platform wedding shoes for young women

latest green platform wedding shoes for women




Make your day a really exceptional one by choosing the kind that people are not used to seeing by wearing a different color for your wedding day. Since people are used to seeing white stuff for weddings then you should go in for something really different from people are used to. That something that people are not familiar with is this green wedge like type of shoe above that will surely do the magic. The pump features a pointy top and a metal ankle cuff that will hold you firmly and also keep your very comfortable. A peach wedding dress will do just perfect if worn with these shoes.

Latest stylish wedding shoes for women

latest stylish wedding shoes for women




Latest rhinestone wedding shoes for women

latest rhinestone wedding shoes for women





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