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| November 17, 2014

From this post you will get to know how best you can rock your wedge sandals without causing any embarrassment to yourself. What are sandals or wedge sandals anyway? These are just shoes that with a heel running from the back to the middle or front unlike high heels that only have a heel at the back bottom. For those who have always been scared of wearing high heels, wedges  are such a perfect way to go because they are much easier to walk in and will look good on almost everything depending on the way you put everything together to match your shoes. Wedge sandals can fit any style starting from the extremely elegant to those who love keeping it simple, they also come in different heights so it is all up to you to choose the height is comfortable for you. One thing I really love about these shoes is that they are exceptionally fashionable and can be worn to a variety of occasions and still have you looking absolutely gorgeous.

In this post, I have provided some of the best wedge sandals that you can try out and what you can wear them with. More to that, I have also provided some of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing such shoes so by the time you choose what to wear them; you know exactly what you are going in for.

Why Wear Wedge Sandals:

They are very easy to walk in, sometimes you want to add some height but stilettos may not be an option if you are not used to wearing them because they are really hard to walk in. On the other hand wedge sandals add some height without causing you any difficulties when walking.

They are fashionable, unlike flat shoes that you must try hard to blend with something so as to look gorgeous; wedge sandals are very fashionable on their own.

They look great on any length of clothes that you may choose to wear; whether you love very long skirts or dresses or prefer to rock the shorter stuff, wedges will easily blend the look either way.

For those who are overweight, wedge sandals are such a great way to add some style and balance to your look.  Instead of going for stilettos that will greatly reduce on balance; try wedge sandals to get you the extra inches to your height and create more definition.

Downside of Wearing Wedge Sandals:

Much as they look great with different outfits, they can be a really big embarrassment when worn with the wrong outfit, for example when worn with extremely tight outfits.

It is somehow difficult to find wedge sandals that are exceedingly fashionable, they look great with a lot of things but finding a classy pair can be such a pain.

If you wear wedge sandals that have a very high heel they will definitely cause you some kind of trouble walking in them unless you are too used to the kind of shoes that are too high.

Wedge Sandals to try out and what to wear with them

Always ensure that you balance your entire look in order to have a really successful outfit otherwise if you over emphasize on one particular thing for example, your shoes they will draw all the attention to that particular area making your outfit seem funny. Therefore as you choose you outfit always ensure that you have an entirely well balanced look from head to toe and you will have the look that will blow everyone away.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women’s Reeta Wedge Sandal

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Reeta Wedge Sandal


The style of wearing wedge sandals becomes more and more popular every other day therefore you need to know what to wear with your wedge sandals with in order to have that fantastic look. These black wedge sandals will definitely match any color that many may choose to wear with them. The best occasion to wear these wedge sandals to will be casual outings with workmates but to dinner or formal outing they will not work. You can match your wedge sandals with either a knee length skirt or something slightly shorter than that depending on your preferences as an individual; also remember that it is not advisable to wear them with clothes that are too tight, flared skirts are a much better option.



Blue wedge sandals

blue wedge sandals



These blue wedge sandals are actually extremely pretty and will definitely make you stand out at any occasion. Wedge sandals look really great with skirts and this is one of those shoes that will look really gorgeous with skirts that flow fully and this does not matter whether the skirt is short or long, as long as it is not body hugging. Pencil skirts or teaming skirts will sure kill your look if worn with wedge sandals so save yourself the embarrassment.


Top Moda Women’s Ds-6 Wedge Sandals

Top Moda Women's Ds-6 Wedge Sandals


Now those of you that are attached to your casual look and want to try out wedge sandals well you can rock you casual look with this beauty as well. Dresses and skirts seem like the finest stuff to wear with wedge sandals but it does not mean you cannot wear them with your jeans. Jeans are not that hard to blend with wedge sandals so you need to be more careful in choosing the type of jeans you are going to wear. Skinny jeans or quarter length jeans will be the best option to wear with wedge sandals and if you are wearing flared jeans they should cover the heel.



Women’s Strappy Open Toe Platform Wedge

Women's Strappy Open Toe Platform Wedge



These open toe and colorful wedge sandals would be such a great option to rock during the summer season with a beautiful dress. Because the shoes are colorful it is much recommended that you wear it with something that is a bit plain and with less color or else you will turn into a walking Christmas tree.



Jessica Simpson Women’s West Wedge Sandal

Jessica Simpson Women's Westt Wedge Sandal



Since we are different people and have different body shapes it is always good that you experiment your balance in wedge sandals with different outfits before you pick out what to go with. Good thing this wedge sandal is plain red so it would not be that difficult to find what to wear it with. A maxi skirt or dress either black will sure pull it off, if blended with the red wedge sandals.

In conclusion, wedge sandals are more of an all season thing; they can be worn to different occasions and can be easily matched with any outfit of your choice. As long as you can balance your look and feel comfortable in what you are wearing then you will always come out amazing.





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