How to Wear Moccasins

| May 13, 2015

Moccasins are one of the most versatile type of  women’s shoes because they can match almost any outfit from skirts to dresses and also to different types of jeans. There is a whole variety of options that you can choose from, no matter what your style or personality for example, those of you who love cold colors or those who love bright colors like hot pink, yellow or lemon green and for those who prefer just simple casual styles; you will absolutely not go wrong with moccasins.


For those of who are actually wondering what moccasins are?, they are simply casual shoes made out of different materials such as sheep skin, deer skin, cow hide, moose hide, suede and have a strong sole which is sometimes built within. It is usually said that a fashionable person’s style can be seen from the way they blend their attire with different types of shoes, so by the end of this post trust me you will not find any problems finding the right ways to wear your moccasins.

Outfits to Wear With Different Moccasins:

It is now time to look at some of the best ways you can blend different casual outfits with moccasins.

Moccasins with shorts;

If you looking for a way to make your shoes stand out together with your outfit and body then you should wear moccasins with shorts most especially short shorts. On that casual weekend rocking your moccasins with shorts will definitely grab you all the attention you want to have.

Minnetonka Women's Cally Faux Fur Slipper



I call these variety moccasins because of the fact that they are black in color and their style is very easy to blend with any style of outfit. They are more than comfortable with their gorgeously made in sole that will keep your feet really warm without making them sweaty. Wear these with shorts and leave everyone wanting to get the moccasin as well.

  • Brown, black or grey moccasins with make a perfect match with white shorts matched with a nice black vest or fitting shirt and for a more finished look you can blend you attire with a simple nice jacket.
  • Another perfect option for black moccasin would be denim shorts; these are very trendy and stylish so you can blend your denim shorts with a pink free vest or a fitting V-neck t-shirt and nice accessory and you will be good to go.
  • Since the moccasin is black in color there is higher possibility of them matching with any color of outfit you may choose to wear whether bright colored or dull colored. For a more fashionable look you can go for more color and wear the black moccasins with pink shorts and a white crop top you can then compliment your look with a black leather jacket.


Moccasins with Jeans

Now when it comes to jeans you have more than a thousand options to choose from because they are very many types of jeans and they all will look good with a pair of moccasins. However, you need to be a bit careful with colors that is to say the color of the jeans and the color of moccasin you wear it with. Let us take a look at some options for you to try out.

moccasin boots


When it comes to moccasins, some do not actually know that moccasins boots are also part of the category but for those that love fashion, you will definitely know they are something that a lady should include as part of her ward robe. They look really cool with skinny jeans tacked in; they are made with a rubber sole and go high just above the ankle to give a really feminine and great style.

  • Skinny jeans are of late the most preferred type of jeans by most women mainly because they have lots of dressing options. Therefore, with this moccasin you can rock your skinny jeans with a nice designer baggy top and accessorize the look with a chain necklace and earrings.
  • For those of you who are not fans of tight stuff, you can still rock you blue buggy jeans and look good; buggy jeans come out great if worn with a small or fitting vest and detailed with a really nice looking jacket.


Nothing beats the joy of wearing really attractive and comfortable shoes which is exactly what you will find in these brightly colored moccasins. For those of you who fancy colored staff there is no way you will let this one pass you by.

Minnetonka Women's Kilty Suede Moc Hardsole

Compliment with the perfect pair of jeans and you will be sure to rock. The shoe features a hard rubber sole that will be perfect to walk in those rocky areas together with super soft suede and a cushioned in sole for maximum comfort.

  • Straight jeans are also a very good option to wear with moccasins, they usually look great when worn with a shirt like top tacked in and complimented with a leather or suede jacket. For the formal evening out; this will sure be the ultimate outfit to wear.
  • Denim jeans nicely matched with tank top will also give you that really stylish look when matched with this gorgeous pair of moccasins. You can wear this outfit to any casual outing may be to the movies with your girl friends, for ice cream and even shopping.


Moccasins with leggings

Leggings also make perfect results when worn with moccasins, most especially because of the way they hug and flatter your body. Most of them usually stop at around the ankle which leaves your brightly colored moccasins standing out nicely.

Women's Thunderbird Softsole Moccasin

Because of the many fake leather products on the market these days it may not be so easy for you to find something that is made with great quality like this moccasin above. The shoe is made from 100% cow leather that is very durable and simple to maintain. Its padded cushion insole will keep feeling comfortable all through the day. Their navy blue color will not give you trouble looking for what to match it with and with a good pair of leggings there is no doubt they will make the perfect match.

  • Leggings look nice when matched with a long vest or dress top and complimented with a matching color of moccasins.
  • Sometimes we ignore waist belts but they are also a way of having your own style and looking gorgeous. Wear your leggings with a mini dress, a brightly colored waist belt and match it with moccasins of that same color.
  • For a more stylish and fun look you can wear the moccasins with that favorite pair of leggings that nicely flatter your body and match it with an outstanding tank top.


Moccasins with miniskirts and casual dresses

Another really interesting style is wearing moccasins with casual dresses and miniskirts; I think you have seen many of your fashion stars in this kind of outfit. Just like you do with the jeans, you also need to be a bit careful when matching the colors. When it comes to this style it is better to do away with maxi dresses and skirts because they never look good when worn with moccasins. Below is a really cute and trendy moccasin that would be fantastic to wear that dress or miniskirt.

Women's Leopard Kilty Moccasin

The stylish brown moccasins will not only make you look stunning but also remain overwhelmingly comfortable on your feet. They are made with a rubber sole for firm grip as you move and a well padded cushion in sole that keeps your feet feeling good all through the day. You will love the supper soft suede material that is very easy to clean and the leopard print detail that is so trendy of late.

  • You can rock your moccasins with a black miniskirt match the skirt with a leopard print top so that it matched with the moccasins.
  • Brown will also not clash with the color of your moccasins; a nice brown dress that is not so formal will be perfect with the shoes. You can go ahead and accessorize your look but keeping in mind the casual outfits do not need too much accessorizing.

moccasin shoes




  • Always keep your look casual, moccasins are casual shoes there is possibly no way they will match with formal outfits for example office wear or party dresses; you will look totally off. The best outfits to wear with moccasins are jeans, shorts, miniskirts and a few casual dresses.
  • Consider your personality, most of the moccasins are colored therefore you should choose what moccasin to wear depending on the kind of style that blends with your personality because some people prefer bright colors while others are in for the dull colors.
  • Always keep your shoes clean, the easiest way to make your shoes last long is to keep them clean. Whether its leather, suede or any other material you should always clean your shoes before you keep them.
  • Take a close look at the weather; you will enjoy your moccasins more during the dry weather more than when it is raining. Therefore during rainy seasons it is better to leave moccasins alone reason being they last longer when kept dry which is impossible during rainy seasons.
  • Once in a while wear the moccasins with socks; socks help to keep your feet dry so the sweat from your feet does not make the shoes wet as well, this also reduces on chances of getting that irritating odor.
  • Try foot powder if you have sweaty feet. This is the main cause of shoe-odor and it could also cause your feet to smell so applying foot powder whenever you are planning to wear your moccasins will help you out on that.



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