How to wear flip flops

| October 25, 2014

Flip flops are also known as step in shoes especially because of the way they are worn, you step them into your feet. They are usually made of plastic or rubber. They can only be worn in casual situation so do not risk wearing them to any occasion be it formal or informal or to work in order to save yourself the embarrassment. They are very simple shoes and you easily rock them with any short time casual outfit especially to the beach or for simple walking activities. These are very comfortable and can be worn by anyone despite your age and still look gorgeous in them and when it comes to that hot summer season you will love them even more because of the way they keep your feet feeling fresh with no sweat that you face when wearing other types of shoes. For the lovers of flip flops below are some the best quality flip flops for you to try with different outfits that you can wear them with.

flip flops

You will not be smarter at the beach without a pair of flip flops, so as you through that sand you will be great in a pair of flip flops. It is very true many people will wear some other types for shoes because they are actually think they are trendier but it is high time to make them aware that nothing will beat the gorgeous look and comfort of flip flops when worn at the beach.

On your casual days; what I am talking about here is days when you are out of office and you have stayed at home, you can wear flips flops when going for simple shopping at the mall, to the grocery store, the coffee shop depending on also which type of people you hang with. If you hang around more critical and fashionable crews it will be much better to go along with the rest so that you do not seem left out.

However, there are a number of occasions that you should not be wearing flip flops to and these include; business meetings, to your work place, to funerals, to a date and to red carpet like events.

 Black and white women’s flip flops

black and white women's flip flops



This vibrant and beautiful pair of flip flops is made from one of the greatest company Roxy. They are detailed with a lively and amazing combination of colors that are black and white which means they are likely to nicely match any color of outfit you may choose to wear them with.  The shoes are all made from rubber. These shoes are also very durable and with the slender strap they will also be very comfortable.

You can wear these flip flops with casual shorts of any color of your choice and a casual nicely fitting shirt or better still wear the flip flops with denim Capri pants and will easily walk looking all nice in your flip flops.


Black women’s flip flops

Black women's flip flops



One thing about black is that you will not have anyone complaining about your match of colors because black saves you all that as it matches most colors. In the photo above is a pair of flip flops made from light weight EVA material that is very easy for anyone to walk in because of their comfort and really light weight. They are really great for any comfortable casual day.

Wear these black flip flops with a nice pair of jeans, they could be skinny jeans or just straight jeans matched with a simple nice top. Another option you have to wear these flip flops is a casual jean mini skirt; this will be good especially for the younger girls.

Beautiful women’s flip flops

beautiful women's flip flops



Well much as most of the flip flops are flat, some flip flops differ a little bit and are detailed with a wedge just like the one in the picture above. These feature a man made sole and suede material which give the shoes a shiny and really attractive appearance and rhinestone on the straps. They are strongly built so do not even hesitate to try them out because you are skeptical about their quality.

You will look great in these flip flops if you wear these with Capri pants, even shorts would look great with the wedge flip flops. For the elder women who love maxi skirts these would also make a great addition to your flip flops.

Hilary-Duff- flip flops

Women’s flip flops with stars

women's flip flops with stars




The star designed flip flops are just what you needed to take you through that hot summer season, they are made with EVA material that is very light hence making the shoes very easy to walk in and very durable at the same time. They have that soft velvet material on the base that keeps your feet very comfortable as well as chenille material that is very soft below the straps. These ones should leave you with no single reason as to why you should own at least one pair of flip flops.

You will look very stylish if you wear these with a nice maxi skirt or maxi dress to any of the occasions mentioned above that are appropriate to go to with flip flops. You can also go in for the casual skirt and just blend it with these cool flip flops.  


Women’s Coastal Flip Flop

Women's Coastal Flip Flop



This is another one of the flip flops that you cannot afford to miss because it is not only good looking but also very unique. The design of this flip flop is very simple but very elegant with a brown sole, the white braided straps give it such a beautiful appearance. The sole is man-made and the part where you foot lies is detailed with acetate to ensure that the shoes are really comfortable for you.

For those who really enjoy free clothing more as compared to the tight stuff, you can wear these with loose fit pants with really fitting vest or shirt. You can also wear the shoes with a casual dress and for a more outgoing look you can just rock your casual in these flip flops with leggings or jeggings.





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