How to Wear Fashion Sneakers | Best Casual Sneakers for Women

| September 8, 2014

It is now time for you to leave all those old fashioned and not so classy sneakers that you have been wearing and try shoes that are much trendier and good looking that will make you look like the fashion star you have always wanted to be. For those for you ladies that love keeping up with a casual look always then you definitely must have a pair of the best casual sneakers for women in your wardrobe. Fashion Sneakers can also be a bit tricky when it comes to choosing the best outfits to wear them.  This is very simple to solve; all you have to do is choose a bottom and top that fit really well to balance out the bulk of sneakers. It is also vital that you detail your look further with some accessories and you will have the kin d of look that will blow thousands away. In this post, you will find some of the most fashionable and outstanding casual shoes for women.

Casual sneakers for women

Why not expose your free style in the Teva freewheel fashion sneakers, it features suede on the top with contrast stitching and piping making the shoes have that attractive appearance. It is also made with fabric lining on the interior to wick any moisture that irritates your feet and causes them to have that bad smell. As we can see, provided is a rubber sole that helps to grip you firm on the ground as you move. The shoe looks great, offers you amazing support and it is incredibly comfortable.

fashion sneakers4

What to wear with the sneaker;

High waist denim acid wash shorts blend them with a white strappy top to match the casual look of the sneakers then detail you look with a neon statement necklace and a cross body bag.

Destroyed boyfriend jeans would be a perfect match for the sneakers for those of you who love destroyed jeans this would be a great choice for you. Wear the jeans with a crop top and a chain necklace.

Pink casual sneakers for women


pink casual sneakers for women


It will not hurt if you added some sporty look to your casual wardrobe.  This one comes with a bright color and white stitched details for that old schools feel and appearance, a padded to give that amazing comfort and laces that lace up perfectly and fit you to your best. The shoes are very simple and anyone can easily customize them to whatever they want, whether you want them with shorts or jeans. The shoes will still give you the look that you will get lots of compliments about. Because they are made from high quality materials then you do not have to worry about their durability.

What to wear with pink sneakers;

Cropped knee length jean shorts; for those that are afraid to wear the short shorts then the knee length shorts are a better option to try out, wear the shorts with a white camisole and a cute striped pink cardigan. Cross body bags will nicely compliment this kind of casual look so feel free you can try it out.

Low rise slim leg jeans will also come out great with the pink sneakers, you can complement the jeans with a long sleeved jumper or sweater, finish the look with a long sleeved grey blazer.

fashion sneakers 5

Nike Women’s Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker

Nike Women's Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker


Relieve yourself from the discomfort of high heels by trying out this amazing women’s casual sneaker, it is super cute, stylish and very comfortable you will definitely get noticed in the gorgeous pair. The quality is fantastic so you do not have to worry about their durability, whatsoever, and they are very easy to keep up and can be worn for several occasions, for example for a walk in town, for dancing out in the night or to the movies. They are also very easy to wear as you will not hustle finding what to wear them with and have the outstanding look.


What to wear with the sneakers;

Short black leather skirt with a vertical zipper on the front would look very stylish if worn with a grunge logo shirt, tuck in the shirt and you will see how many heads you will turn in this outfit and the hi sky sneakers.

Black leather zip pants will also be an amazing match for the sneakers, however you need to wear something buggy on the top and a logo shirt will do just perfect.


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fashion sneakers7

Black casual sneakers for women

black casual sneakers for women



The concealed wedge made love this sneaker the very first time I set my eyes on this shoe.  You can barely notice it has a wedge; it is made with that snug fit that will relieve you from the burden high heels were giving you but give the same style you were getting or even better than the high heels. It is black in color with a white sole and with the Nike sign added to it in white; you will definitely not have problems finding the perfect match for the shoes.


What to wear with black sneakers;

All women who would love to have a sexy look for that great sexiness: wear the sneakers with denim overall shorts over a floral print crop top  then accessorize the look with a black hat and shades and you will surely be good to go.

Reebok Women’s Freestyle Hi Lace-Up casual Sneakers

Now is the time to rock that serious old school free style appearance.  The shoe is highly constructed with hook and loop straps what more can you look out for in the sneakers. They also feature the smoothest and softest leather on the upper part; it is cushioned around the ankles with a rubber sole that is very purposeful when it comes to delivering comfort. Now for those who are looking for the best sneaker to wear when walking around without exercising then this is the perfect one because you are guaranteed support for your feet and protection for your ankles.

Reebok Women's Freestyle Hi Lace-Up casual Sneakers


What to wear with the white sneakers;

Try out white all through for that elegant look, I am talking about white mid rise skinny jeans, and a white denim crop t-shirt. Why suffer with blending colors if one color all through can come out this great.

Wedge casual sneakers for women

For the ladies who dress to be remembered and not just to be noticed then you know this is the most perfect choice you can ever make, the hidden wedge with two fastening options the laces and the straps at the collar plus all the other unique details give you each and every single reason to give these shoes a try. The sneakers can be dressed up or down and for those of you who love to kill with the jeans then you do not have any better option than this pink and black wedge sneaker. You will never get over how comfortable they will make you feel and they are just too stylish.

wedge casual sneakers for women

What to wear with the wedge sneakers;

A black and white crotchet, mini dress will make great combination with the shoes, you can also the dress with a cable knit sweater and some other accessories though remember not to get carried by a lot of bling bling.

A plaid pleated mini skirt will make you look very sexy with this gorgeous wedge sneaker, blend the plaid skirt with a short sleeves t-shirt and you will rock your casual look.

Faded skinny jeans will also be great with the sneakers, wear the pants with a whoop over pink sweater and with a slim fit leather biker vest.


Reebok Women’s FS High Splitz casual Sneaker

Reebok Women's FS High Splitz casual Sneaker

The sight of this color is completely spectacular and this why you must try it out. It will get you lots of attention and leaving the striking color alone, the shoes are also made with a lace up closure that is very comfortable; perforated at the top so that your feet can have enough space for breathe and stay away from bad smell. For you to love the sneakers even more, they are made with padded ankles that protect your ankles.


What to wear with blue sneakers;

White skinny zipper jeans with the sneakers will turn out really beautiful, team it up with a buggy checked shirt and a blue cross body bag.

Distressed denim shorts are very sexy and trendy so there is no doubt they will look great with the sneakers, so wear them with a hippy fringe shirt and you are good to go.

Stylish casual sneakers for women

stylish casual sneakers for women

Black is a core color and I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t want to own black sneakers because they are much easier to cater for and will not give any problems when you are looking for what to wear them with. The sneaker above is made with leather material that is very durable and a rubber sole that will make will make walking very easy.


What to wear with the sneakers;

Three quarter distressed jeans will leave the sneakers standing out well and you can pair the jeans with a striped turtleneck top and a motorcycle jacket.

Elastic waist pull on pants with side slid pockets blend the pants with a short sleeved t-shirt and boxy laced jacket.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to achieve the look that will blow everyone away that is why I will recommend also Jean shorts, a white crop top or summer top and a fitted boyfriend t shirt.

Fashionable Alicia Keys casual sneakers for women

fashionable casual sneakers for women

Multi colored is definitely the way to go for all the fashion killers and in this Reebok sneaker you will sure be the most outstanding in a crowd.  The sneaker features leather material, mesh for breath ability and a lace up closure.

What to wear with multi colored sneakers;

Bleached cut off denim jeans will work just great with the sneakers; you can pair the shorts with a short sleeved cape coat.

For my ladies who are confident enough to wear knicker shorts then can go ahead and rock the sexy shorts, wear them with a green shawl tuxedo jacket.

Classic Reebok casual sneakers for women

classic reebok casual sneakers for women


For the casual wear, this stylish and comfortable mid cut lace up sneaker. It is made with suede on the overlays that is very durable, a mesh tongue that is breathable and an invisible perforated detail on the side. For comfort it, is made with a padded foam sock liner and to make movement easy it features a rubber sole.


What to wear with the shoes;

Drop crotch shorts are the trendiest shorts that I have come across and when worn with sneakers they are just something else.  Just wear them a woolen print top and you will have the look that you have always wanted to have.


Go in for some accessories; because of the bulk of sneakers you need to add accessories to your look to balance out your look in sneakers. You need to add some weight to the upper part of your body and you can do this by wearing scarves that are not too bright colored.

Keep it simple; it is much advised that you accessorize your look if you wear sneakers but you also keep in mind that you should keep things simple because this is the only way your sneakers will best stand out.

Keep away from colors and patterns; if you have sneakers that are too decorated with patterns and colors then you should completely do away with decorated outfits; go in for something plain.


Sports Sneakers you can try to wear fashionably…..

As a general rule wear these sports sneakers with different types of jeans and may be a few types of shorts the you may qualify for a pass.

Green Golf sneakers for women

green casual sneakers for women


For all the female athletes that want to perform at their best then you must know that you cannot look any further than these adorably cute and fashionable sneakers. The shoes are made to specifically deliver balance and keep you 100% comfortable as you walk or run, the design of the shoe is very simple but yet delivers great support for your feet. It further supports motion and is very ideal for flexibility. You will love the bottom design which does not have those old styled hooks, the green is very cute even if it is not favorite you will want to give it a try.


Reebok Women’s Skyscape casual sneakers

Reebok Women's Skyscape casual sneakers



If the first thing that you look out for when it comes to sneakers is comfort then you cannot leave out this Reebok skyscape sneaker because it has been reviewed as the most comfortable sneaker ever.  It is made for lingerie inspired material and foam padded synthetic material on the upper part of the sneaker. This outrageously feminine sneaker is also made with a padded foot bed just ensure that you walking is made much easier, a durable rubber sole that will not wear out just after months of wearing the shoes.

What to wear with the sneakers;

Boyfriend jeans with a folded hem are very fashionable so you can definitely wear them with the purple sneaker together with a sleeveless lace top and a simple necklace.

White skinny jeans that are ripped for those who prefer a more detailed look, match the jeans with a crop top that has ruffled layers.

Nike Women’s Air Relentless casual sneakers

Nike Women's Air Relentless casual sneakers



For the ladies that prefer enhanced cushioning sneakers then the new balance has made one just for you, the sneakers offer maximum comfort. It is made from leather material and detailed with a rubber sole that grips firm on the floor to ensure that you have fun walking and running in them without having to worry about falling. Their pink color is so girly any female would love to have it.


New Balance WW411 sneakers for women

New Balance WW411 casual sneakers for women



New balance is well known for their exceptional quality sneakers and now they have made another come back with the yet another really comfortable and fantastic looking white sneaker. It features lightweight that will not be a problem for you to carry as you walk and a removable padded insole that is very comfortable and when you do not feel like wearing the shoes with it you can just remove it, so it all depends on what makes you comfortable. The upper part is perforated for breath-ability so you do not have to worry about your feet sweating. Now what makes me love the shoes even more is the grippy rubber sole that will not let you miss a step as you walk. These are running shoes which are white so quit stressing about which colors you can wear with them.


Nike Women’s Free Fly knit casual sneakers

Nike Women's Free Flyknit casual sneakers



The fly knit style is not only appealing on the appearance but also very comfortable and gives a lot of room for the feet to breath, you will make each stride with a lot of ease because of the its light weight. The shoe delivers a lot of support without any extra weight making your motion way too easy. The bottom of the shoes is very flexible it bends with the movement of your feet; you will not find easier shoes to walk in.

This shoe will take away all the pain you had from walking because they are exceptionally comfortable and easy to walk in. This one is white on the sole and black on the upper part with some details of white and grey so there will be no hardship in finding what to wear with the shoes; your walking exercise attire will be just perfect.


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