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| August 28, 2014

Boots are very stylish that is why many women get excited about wearing these shoes. They are very many types of women’s boots and there is definitely a type that is perfect for each particular body shape. Most are high in form of high heels yet others may take form of dress sandals because they are open at the front.


However, you need to be a little more careful with the kind of boots you wear with your body shape and outfit. There are those boots that you must have in your closet because they important for a particular weather condition especially during winter and then there are those trendy ones that you must own just to have the look that will leave thousands of heads turning.

women's boots



The latest fashion boots come in a variety of heights which makes it a challenge for many when it comes to choosing the most perfect outfit to wear with a particular height. However, this article is written to specifically have the challenge sorted out straight and it will save you the embarrassment of wearing boots wrongly. You will also find some options to choose from all types; have fun checking them out.


Women’s fashion boots just like the word these are highly fashionable boots that will give you that outstanding look as long you wear them with the right outfit. These can be of any height from knee high boots, to those that are over the knees, ankle length and the riding boots. Below are some really outstanding options for you to try out and become your own fashion star.

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Black women’s fashion boots

If you haven’t added these to your collection then you must know you are missing out a lot because this pair is a must have, if you are a true fashion figure. It features both an outer platform and a hidden platform which is indeed trendy.  It also has a side buckle that makes it fit better and makes the shoes appear even cuter. With the suede material and rubber sole; you will definitely not go wrong rocking a pair like this one.

Black women's fashion boots



Now for those that are perplexed about what to wear with the gorgeous ankle boots then below are some perfect options;

A maroon crepe floppy dress; these boot will look really fantastic on a short dress a few inches above the knees, you can further accessorize your look with a golden necklace, a black hat and you will sure nail it with your black ankle length boots.

A woolen floral print skirt; the woolen material will come out great with black boots, and the floral print will give you that detailed appearance.


Flat buckle fashion boots

Forget about being clunky and old fashioned; this is the boot that will add that chic and stylish look to your wardrobe. The buckle boots feature a very simple but really cute design and them being mid calf gives you more reason to try them out.

flat buckle fashion boots



During that cold season, the boots will keep you looking amazing and at the same time keep you feeling really warm. For that unbeatable styled up look below are some options you can pair with boots;

Stretchy black skinny pants; tuck your pants in the mid calf boots and be sure to grab lots of attention; you however need to wear the pants with a fitting sweat shirt and add up some accessories for a more detailed appearance.

Low waist slim fit jeans; for that modern look, I suggest ripped jeans and they must fit really tight. Pair the jeans with a black cutoff shirt detailed with some graphics, shiny black earrings and a black chained purse and the look will come out absolutely flawless.

High heel women’s fashion boots

This one got my attention at first sight simply because of the extraordinary designs all over the shoe. It is made with green suede material that is totally eye catching, a black sole with a platform to make your walking much easier and a golden detailed on the platform.  There is no way you can let this one pass you by. It has laces at the back and a zipper on the side to make wearing the shoes much easier.

high heel women's fashion boots



Now for all my girls who always want to have that feminine look that is also very elegant ,wear these high heeled fashion boots with the outfits suggested below;

Low rise hot pants; white shorts detailed with tribal Aztec designs and a plain buggy top will make you a center of attention. So for those of you that can deal with the attention you will definitely feel beautiful in this attire.

Leather stretch skinny pants; these pants are very stylish and you will get lots of compliments pairing the gorgeous shoes with these pants.  A stripped light weight tank top and black biker jacket will make you your own fashion star with this look.




I guess every woman would love to have a pair of over the knee boots because they are just too sexy and for us women; having a sexy look is always a priority. Many of us, however, do not know how to wear this type of boots but we have you sorted here. If you wear them with a dress or skirt it must be a number of inches away for the boots and if you wear them with pants then the color should match the color of the boots. Below are some over the knee boots that you can try out and the best outfits to wear them with.

Animal print over the knee women’s boots

Even when we cannot see her entire look we can clearly tell she came out amazing in the animal print over the knee boots. May be it’s because they matched perfectly with her skin tone.

animal print over the knee women's boots


The boots are super cute and are of faux suede. They go all the way over the knees and are round toe.  They also feature a cushioned insole to make sure you are very comfortable.

Wear them with;

A black mini dress; a mini dress with an elastic waist band and a leather jacket will give that outstanding look for a night out with your friends and leave all of them desirous of your look.

White leggings; wearing a white outfit is stunning on its own so pairing your white leggings with the animal print over the knee boots will absolutely give you an incomparable look.

Distressed denim shorts; stretch denim cuff shorts with distressed details and an animal print free flowing vest will ensure you are good to go.


White over the knee women’s boots

White is that elegant color that always comes out great and it is very easy to find what to match it with because absolutely  most colors will look fantastic with white.

white over the knee women's boots


This over knee stiletto boot is very hot and sexy and at the same time keeps you very comfortable. It is made with a cuff area so you can fold it down if you do not want it to be very long.

Do not worry about which outfits to wear with the boots as I have provided some gorgeous options below;

A short black turtleneck dress; no woman doesn’t treasure an extremely sexy look and this is exactly what you will get in a body hugging short dress and these white over the knee boots.

Leopard print high waist shorts; since the shoes being plain, the look should come out amazing with some more detail.  So feel free to rock your boots with the shorts and you can try to match the shorts with a white see through top that loosely fits.

Flat over the knee women’s high boot

Save yourself the trouble of walking in heels when you can still have that sexy and attention grabbing look in these flat over the knee boots. The leather looks super cool and they are very easy to wear unlike other boots that remain loose on your legs; these will closely fit.

flat over the knee women's high boot


They are very comfortable because the leather is way too soft.

They will look great with fitting jeans or leggings below are some you can try out with the classy boots;

Denim stretch skinny jeans; dark blue jeans tucked in these boots will look really great. You may pair the jeans with a sweatshirt and white earrings.

A gray knitted dress; this will come out really cute you can blend the dress with a black waist coat, detail your look with other accessories like a chain necklace and bangles.

A color blocking fitting skirt; this will nicely match with the boots. Wear the skirt with an off the shoulder sweater shirt; these are so elegant and trendy. Finish up the look with a one button blazer jacket

Stylish over the knee Women’s boots

These can also be called riding boots.  They are sleek looking in brown color just like in that image above.  The leather is pure and completely genuine so there is definitely no way you will go wrong in these boots.

stylish over the knee women's boots


The heel is slightly tall but you will definitely not find any problems walking in the shoes because they are super comfortable and have a rubber that firmly grips on the ground to prevent you from tripping down.


Below are some outfits that you can wear with the brown boots;

Sleeveless blue sweater dress; a pencil dress that fits really well with a turtleneck for a more up to date look so you will leave thousands of heads turning to just have a glance at you.

Thin black skinny jeans ; jeans always look great with knee high boots so rock your brown over the knee boots with black skinny jeans, a  loose turtleneck sweater, brown shades and a brown satchel.

boot for women


High heel zip women’s ankle booties

Now if you are fashion junkie and came across these shoes and did not purchase them I would definitely call you crazy. May be its just me that fell in love with them but I know many will agree with that they are way too fascinating.

high heel zip women's ankle booties

Everything about them is amazing; the heel is for those that treasure very high heels. It will absolutely work for you and the army design has everything for you to love about these shoes.

A chiffon tent dress; if you are good at your styling then you must know that these dresses are the in thing. A sleeveless dress worn with a denim waist coat will perfectly match your adorable ankle boots.

Loose fit ripped jeans; these would also come out great with the ankle boots and you can wear the jeans with a tight shirt or vest and a nice blazer or jacket.

Lace up women’s ankle booties

Lace up ankle booties are a favorite for many so if you haven’t gotten one yourself, you better run to get one.  For the ladies that love to keep that sexy look, trust me you will not be disappointed in these ones. If you have always had a hard time looking for cute boots that fit nicely, are easy to walk in and are very comfortable then look no further than this. Let’s have a look at some of the outfits you can wear them with;

lace up women's ankle booties


Frayed hem short shorts; now this is the true definition of sexiness, these shorts don’t only look great but are also very comfortable and catch a lot of attention. Match the short with a short sleeved scoop neck shirt and a suede jacket with a tilted zipper.

Red ankle length skinny jeans nicely match with a blue long sleeved round neck sweater will make the perfect match for these ankle length booties.


Peep toe women’s ankle booties

The green is very unique and really cute. These ankle booties have are made with a simple design so you do not find any problems wearing them. They are very comfortable and have a side zipper to make it even easier for you to wear them.

peep toe women's ankle booties



Now, why not rock that chic and elegant style in these peep toe ankle booties. Do not worry about what to wear with the shoes below are some fantastic options;

A knee length pencil printed dress; tap into a fashionable and stylish look in the graffiti pencil dress along with your peep toe ankle booties.

A green polka dot short sleeved dress would sexily match with these shoes; a round neck dress will blow everyone, who sets eyes on you, away.

All star weather women’s ankle boots

Now if you are looking for all weather boots then you should not look further than these all star boots. They are very nice on the appearance, will not make you uncomfortable when it is hot and when it rains you do not have to worry as well because they are made with a plastic covering on the outside that is very easy to clean and is water proof.

all star weather women's ankle boots



It is best to wear these shoes with jeans or shorts and I wouldn’t advise you to wear them with dresses or skirts.

Try wearing the shoes with white and red.  I have always loved white skinny jeans because they are not so common like the other colors so I suggest white skinny jeans and a red long sleeved top for those that want to.

All weather riding women’s boots

This is a low heel knee length boot that will make all friends crave to have the one moment they see you wearing it.  This is another of those pairs that you can wear during any weather condition that you wish and have that stunning appearance.

all weather riding women's boots


This one will looks best if worn with distressed jeans, short skirts or dresses and for those of you who love to rock a maxi skirt then you can as well wear the maxi skirt with the boots. Match them with a nice hobo bag and you will have a whole day full of dazzling looks.

Combat women’s ankle booties

Style up your look with something new and unique which is what the combat boot will make your wardrobe look like. It is one of the latest trends for combat or even work boots. For those of you who love following the trend then you must not let this one go without you trying it out.

combat women's ankle booties


They fit gorgeously and are very comfortable. They are available in various colors so you do not have to stick with brown alone.

Wear it with;

Blue denim jeans; the combat boots will blend perfectly with these jeans and a checked shirt  plus a green denim jacket, if you treasure your casual look then you know this one is worth trying.

Slim fit jeans and a buggy shirt; it best if you do not wear the shoes with a tight top they give better results if worn with tight pants and loose or buggy shirt.


Some boots are all weather and this simply means that any time you wear them they will look great be it winter, be it spring or fall. And below are some of those that will turn you into a star.

Timberland knee high all weather women’s boots

timberland knee high all weather women's boots


The durability of these waterproof timberland boots for women is totally amazing and with the way they are cute you will get several compliments on the shoes. The hooks are well made so you will be very easy for you to place the laces. To make matters even better you do not have to worry about the weather as they are great for almost any weather condition.

Denim shorts will give you the appealing look with the timberland boots. You can wear the shorts with a floral top, a colored jacket and accessorize your look with a chain necklace.

High waist denim shorts can also come out great with the timberland, so you can rock the shorts with a white cropped top; accessorize the look with golden hoop earrings.

Tie and die skinny jeans and a long sleeved buggy shirt. This casual look will absolutely make you a fashion star and you will be on your way to becoming a fashion superstar.


We all know that during winter season, it is very cold and you can barely walk outside the house without covering up your entire body.  It is therefore not optional when it comes to owning a pair of winter boots. What I love most about these boots is that as they keep you feet warm and prevent you from the cold troubles of that very cold winter season.  They also give that really astonishing stylish look, so you are shooting two birds with one stone. Let’s take a look at some options that you can try out;


Wear them with winter leggings; this basically the best way to rock you winter boots and I guess you have seen a number fashion stars rocking their winter boots in this way. What I love most about wearing leggings with winter boots is that you can choose to make yours either really casual or really dressy because any color of leggings will give you the perfect results.

With jeans; since they are known to be widely worn during the winter season, you probably have no option but to wear them with jeans because they keep you warm. Skinny jeans and slim fit jeans will help you achieve the stylish look you have the warmth that you desire to have.

Cute women’s winter boots

cute women's winter boots


This is a very trendy and very comfortable winter boots, made of leather that is of high quality, so you can be rest assured the shoes will last really long and a rubber sole to die for that crown it all.


Mid calf winter women’s winter boots

mid calf winter women's winter boots


If you love wild style well, here you go. The rabbit far winter boots are definitely the way to go during the winter season because they are not only very fashionable but also very warm and comfortable. The boots are made from the finest quality natural fur and genuine sheep skin so you now have your winter season all sorted.


Fashionable women’s winter boots

fashionable women's winter boots

Go through the winter season in style by rocking this really fashionable pair of boots that is made with a rubber sole to prevent you from tripping on the floor and the side walk during the wet seasons. It is made from faux fur cuff. They also feature a seam sealed water proof construction that is very protective in that wet season and you really cannot afford to miss out on this beauty.


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