How to Wear Converse Shoes Elegantly

| April 22, 2016

Converse shoes are the most comfortable shoes to pair with anything because they simply can match with anything, which is casual, in your wardrobe. At least everyone should own a pair of converse shoes be it men or women simply because wearing converse shoes is a tendency that has been famous from back in the day.

Depending on what your personality is; there is a unique way each one of us can wear converse shoes and look absolutely flawless. Converse shoes are usually worn for casual occasions like going to the movies with your friends, when you are having ice cream, to the beach, and so many other events. The only thing you are not allowed to do in your converse shoes is wearing them to office for work or formal events such as wedding. With that said, let us take a look at some of the best ways to wear your converse shoes.

Converse Shoes with Jeans

wear converse shoes with jeans


All types of jeans will look fantastic with converse shoes and the only thing you have to be cautious about is the way you will put those colors together.

Converse shoes are really fantastic when worn with skinny jeans; this kind of look is extremely stylish and works perfectly for both men and women. For the ladies you can match your skinny jeans with a loose colored vest or if you like you can wear the jeans with a crop top for a trendier appearance. And for the guys, if your skinny jeans are too long you can go ahead and fold them so they do not go beyond the shoes.

How to wear Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Classic shoes


With boyfriend jeans, converse shoes will still be a perfect compliment. Since boyfriend jeans are not too tight, it always looks stunning when pair them with a top that is not so loose and match it up with a really fancy jacket.

Straight jeans are also a very good choice for your converse shoes, such jeans fit really tight so it will be more flattering if you match up your straight jeans with a loose T. shirt or denim shirt.

Try out slim fit jeans; these are almost similar with straight jeans and they make such a perfect fit with converse shoes. This look can be taken to the beach or movies and still rock. This look is very stylish and girly as well so you have no reason to think twice about trying out this attire.
Converse Shoes with Pants or Trousers


how to wear printed converse shoes


Colored pants; wearing converse shoes with colored pants is very fashionable and since colors are overly getting popular these days you will absolutely rock in this look. If you are wearing these bright colors like red, orange, lime green or pink it is best to match them with converse shoes that are not colorful at all.

Floral or animal print pants; prints become popular every other day that goes by and wearing prints with converse shoes will definitely give you that outstanding appearance. If you have chosen to wear printed pants, do not match them with printed converse shoes otherwise you will look totally off. The best thing you can do is wear your prints with plain converse shoes.

Buggy pants; if you have noticed lately many of the fashion stars are going in for this kind of style because it is very flattering and keeps you comfortable about yourself. Your converse shoes will stand out best if the buggy pants are ankle length and not so over lapping around the ankles.


Converse Shoes with Shorts

converse shoes with shorts



For a beautiful day out to the movies; wear your converse shoes with denim shorts, such shorts are very flattering especially if you match with a crop top, beautiful colored vest, and really fitting shirt. Finish up your look with a black biker jacket and cross body bag to make you appearance even more flawless.

how to wear Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star shoes


Ragged or damaged shorts are also very stylish and will come out perfect when you wear them with converse shoes.  For this look it is bet to pair the shorts with a nice shirt and really nice jacket.

Very short shorts; if you are confident about your body and are not afraid of showing how confident you are about, short jean shorts are very flirty and will look really fantastic with your converse shoes.


Converse Shoes with Leggings

How to wear converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

Wearing converse shoes with leggings is very chic and will give you that sophisticated casual look. Wear your leggings with a nice dress top or boyfriend shirt and you will be good to have a fantastic look.

Stripped leggings are also very sexy and flattering for all casual occasions if you wear them with a matching top, converse shoes will be the perfect finish for your look.

Plain leggings with colored or printed converse shoes; now if you want to be the center of attention everywhere you will go, try out wearing plain leggings with floral, stripped or animal print leggings. Keep in mind that leggings look best if worn with buggy and longer tops.


Converse Shoe with Mini Skirts and Dresses

wear dress with converse shoes



Wearing mini skirts and dresses with converse shoes is a very feminine look. However, you need to be very careful with mini dress or skirt you choose for your converse shoes. Flared short skirts and dresses are very casual and there is surely no way you will go wrong on this kind of look.

how to wear black converse shoes


Pleated mini skirts and dresses also make a great combination with converse shoes; this look will be great for casual parties with your friends or for a walk down the street. This attire is perfect for any body shape therefore you have no reason not to give it a try.

rihanna-converse shoes


Converse Shoes with Leather

How to wear All Star Chuck Taylor converse shoes

Leather is outstanding on its own that is why it usually looks great with almost any shoes that you may wear it with but with converse shoes it becomes even more outstanding. Take for example leather pants with converse shoes, or detailing you look with a leather jacket or leather hand bag. This look is exceedingly chic for all special social events for casual attire that you are planning to attend.



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