How to Trim Clip in Human Hair Extensions

| September 3, 2016

How to Trim Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the best ways to get luxurious, long and thick hair instantly but now the problem is that sometimes the length is a bit too long and maybe it won’t blend well with you or you just need a change after using it for a long time. Whereas very long hair can be awesome for a diva moment or any other occasion like red carpet, prom and so on.  Remember it can also be a little heavy, can get hot and so on but dot worry because we have simple ways in which you can trim off some length into more manageable, fun and stylist layers. Now here’s how to trim hair extensions in a few simple steps;

  • Place extension in the head; now let’s start from the very first step of ensuring to first put the hair extension into the head regardless of what installation style you have to do. This is because you just can’t rely on just placing it on a wig head or something else that can replicate the size, shape or your scalp needs because you are most likely to get the trim wrong.
  • Style extension; now after placing it into your head or natural hair, you will have to style it in the best way that you would love them to fall after the trimming is done, sectioning it, how you would want it to be like and so much more. When you do this then your piece will be awesome after you have finished.
  • Section hair extension; now you will have to section off your hair extension well by starting with pulling it into four ponytails in which you will have two on both sides at the front of the head into pigtail styles and the other two at the back but with one stacked over the other. If your hair extension is very long or thick then you will have to section the back portion into more ponytails like three instead of two for the shorter or medium length ones.
  • Start trimming; now first ignore the back ponytail and start by cutting the other sections of your hair first so that you can later know the full length that bought on especially at one point on the head. Now in order to trim off a few inches off the top-back ponytails, you will have to slide your elastic band or whatever you used down up to just above the length that you want to trim off. Then using a scissor that is extremely sharp begin to trim off the unwanted ends and the amount you need to trim off will depend but make sure you don’t trim off more than 3 or 4 inches during this point because it might make the hair look blocky rather than layered if the trimming was too radical
  • Create a fringe; after the above steps you will have to create a fringe by tackling the front part through creating a gradual fringe around the face but this time you will have to use a razor comb and not the scissors. Start by picking out the front pony tails and then combing using a damp comb that is wide toothed and after that slide the razor comb down the entire length of the hair from the level of the eye as you work your way downwards till the tips. You should make sure that the strokes sharp and will easily thin out the hair so that a tapered look is created that will suit your facial features. If you want, you can still clip out a section of bangs using your scissors.


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