How to Tape in Human Hair Extensions

| July 31, 2016

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How to Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Taping in hair extensions is not a new thing, only that it’s more popular today as it makes people believe it’s your real hair and it is also highly very flexible. They are also known as skin wefts due to the invisible nature of their application without any seams allowing them match your scalp. They have the benefit of being a lot lighter in weight, lay flat and look 100% natural. This application process is usually very fast and they aren’t damaging to the hair like most people think. While majority of people believe that it is hard to tape hair into your head without seeking professional help, am here to say nothing is impossible under this sun. Now let’s explore how to tape in human hair extensions;

  1. Cleanse the hair; there is no way you are going to tape in an extension to dirty hair so make sure that you first cleanse and the dry the hair first before anything else and this way the extension will stay in longer looking new every other day. Now the problem with dirty hair is that during the adhering process of the wefts, it will stay in longer but will come out quickly and embarrass you especially when among people.
  2. Partition the hair; after hair is clean and dry, then now you can do a head and partition the hair starting from the bottom making your way up to the top. Make sure that the first row contains usually less than two inches from the bottom of the scalp. Then gently while using a comb, begin parting the hair evenly throughout. Then after pull the top parts half way up and then hold it with a ribbon, pin or anything that can properly secure it while you make sure the bottom half part is left just hanging down.
  3. Collect a thin section of hair; the hair gathered should be extremely thin in nature so that you can squeeze in between two extensions. You should make sure that the adhesive tape that is on the top extension touches the one of the bottom extension and that way the two will stick together perfectly. Then after you should again use your comb to collect another even section of hair that is wide just like the one of your extension wefts.
  4. Add in extension; now when attaching this kind of human hair extensions, you should press the top and the bottom wefts very firmly together for a time frame of about 20 seconds only. You have to make sure that they are completely stuck together so that while you are showing, the water won’t be able to enter inside the wefts that could lead them to easily loosen and come out. Remember not to place the wefts very close to the edges of the scalp because people will tell they aren’t real if you do that. Keep repeating this step making sure that the wefts are next to each other so there are no gaps till the entire head is done.
  5. Style hair; by now you are already done with the taping in of the hair extension so you can style in any way that you like or better still you could even trim off some hair so they can blend in together perfectly.

Conclusion; please note that the best way to tell if your partitioned hair is thin enough is to first attach the bottom extension in place and then flush it next to your scalp. After that, make use of your fingers to see if you are able to feel the stickiness of the tape from side to side of your own layer of hair. You can also use the comb to gently pull some of your hair away from the tape and if you feel stickiness then now add the top extension.


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