How to Style Clip in Hair Extensions

| September 3, 2016

How to Style Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions can easily be removed or placed in the hair daily, styling it is so easy because you can either first curl or straighten it before placing it to the rest of your natural hair or it can be styled while its already attached to the hair. Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can easily style a clip in hair extension so it looks like your natural hair always for any occasion;

  • Brush and curl/straighten clip in hair extension; this process should be after you have thoroughly washed and dried it up then now you can brush and curl or straighten the hair extension. So begin by holding the hair clip in tightly right from the clip end using one hand, then you grab small chunks and begin curling or straightening with a good quality iron. You can also first find a place in your head where you are easily curl your natural hair then snap in the clip on extension and pop it off so that later you can relocate it where you want it to be placed.
  • Lay the clip in extension flat; so now once you have finished curling the panel or straightening it, then you have to lay it flat so that the curls can be properly set and cooled into the perfect shape. If you are curling it and don’t want it to lose the curls, then you can spray it with high quality hairspray to tighten them or even prevent the straight locks from tangling.
  • Begin to apply clip in extension; now after you have fully styled the extension, you will have to start applying the first extension layer using a triple clip panel into the hair. Start by making a horizontal part from one side to the next at the back of your head like mid ear to the opposite mid ear as well. After that you can now start clipping the rest of your natural hair up so it is out of the way. Now with the teeth of the clip facing inwards start snapping the far right clip from behind your ears right below the part then shift over to the middle clip and do the same then to the far left that should be able to wind up just right behind your other ear.
  • Apply second clip in extension; now you have to start applying the second clip in extension but this time using a four clip panel. Start by letting your hair down and then make another horizontal part but this time you should start from the top of the ear till the opposite top of the ear. Then you continue with the previous step till you have the section placed in the center along your head. You will continuously do this step till you have clipped in the hair extension fully on all the parts you wanted to place it in.
  • Brush and organize; now you will conclude by gently brushing out the ends of the hair extension so that they are able to properly blend in well with the rest of your natural hair. If you notice that there are some pieces that need to be properly organized like curled or are not straight enough, then you can re-curl or straighten so it can match the rest. Now you can organize it to any style if you still like hold into a ponytail and so on depending on your personal preference or occasion.

Conclusion; always remember to take them out before you go to bed so there you are not inconvenienced in any way and the hair also maintains a new look, always.



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