How to Remove Human Hair Extensions

| August 1, 2016


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How to Remove Human Hair Extensions

You know human hair extensions provide you with the kind of hair that you always wished you had like thickness, more volume, length and so much more which is very convenient for different occasions. But now the thing is they are only temporary meaning at some point or another you will have to remove them. Regardless of how it was placed in, you have to be very gentle while taking them out so they won’t cause damage in any way. Here is how to remove human hair extensions;

  1. Removing glued or taped human hair extension;
  • Separate into smaller sections; you will have to first separate the hair into smaller workable sections by tying with a ribbon or using a hair clip. Now start by finding the closest and first artificial hair from the very bottom, working your way up.
  • Place oil on the glue or tape; now you will have to place oil on the glued or taped section and leave it there for about 15 minutes allowing it break up any chemical bonds on them. Its best to use quality oils like almond oil, baby oil, coconut oil or any other quality product for removing extensions.
  • Wrap in towel and conditioner; now you will have to wrap the hair in a towel and a conditioner so that the remaining glue can be broken down well. Make sure that you wash hair well and condition entire head starting from the roots and then towel wrap hair for approximately 20 minutes then after you can use a comb that is wide toothed to smoothly comb out extensions.
  • Repeat the above steps; now you will have to continuously repeat those steps till all the glue is out of the hair then finally shampoo and nourish with shampoo before you dry it out.
  1. Removing sewn-in human hair extensions;
  • Gather hair; now you will start by gathering your hair and securing it then obtain a section of your hair from the ponytail from the base. Then now you will make use of a long pointed comb or a rat tail comb to obtain a section of hair that is even and from the bottom and gradually let down ponytails so you keep track of done places.
  • Snip out threads; now you will have to use your fingers to obtain the end of the threads before you snip it out. You can use needle nose scissors or even manicure scissors to help isolate the thread from the hair before you cut it.
  • Unravel the thread; using both hands, you have to gently pull the extensions from the scalp allowing one hand to hold your natural hair roots so that damages to hair is minimized while the other hand should grasp the extension thread firmly so you pull it out. If the extension has coated threads with salon products, then you will just spray the threads with solution and allow it sit for minutes
  • Comb and wash; finally, you will have to comb out the natural hair once you have finished using a wide toothed comb eliminating artificial hair before you shampoo and condition it.
  1. Removing clips on human hair extensions;
  • Remove clips; you will start by squeezing the clip and removing it out of the natural hair but first make sure you have held the natural hair from the roots to prevent any damages.
  • Spritz hair; in order to detangle the hairs, you will have to split it so it can be properly moisturized so it is later easy to detangle the hairs. Then you brush it out using a comb that is wide toothed only before you store it and place into hair again the next day.



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