How to Dress for your Body Shape

| February 20, 2017

Are you aware that there are ways of dealing with body-shape imperfections?  Although you cannot easily change your body shape, you can improve your appearance so much that people around you might never know about those parts of your body you are less proud of. The secret is in your dress style. Below are four easy steps to this success.

 Recognize your body shape
Most people have an accurate awareness of their dress sizes but do not take the trouble to know how such a size is arrived at. This is reason for the annoying experience of buying clothing with the correct labels in terms of size, only to find out it does not fit at all. Different parts of the body have specific measurements varying from person to person which determines the general body shape. It is therefore important to have measurements of one’s neck, bust, below-the-breast part, the waistline, the hips and the thighs. You can take these measurements at home by using a soft measuring tape and noting down the measurement for future reference.
With the measurements in hand, it is very easy to know your body shape. Or you can determine your category using the descriptions below. By the way, body shape is not necessarily to do with height or weight. Both a slender person and a chubby one can have the same shape. Using some online resources you can feed in the measurements of your body and you will know your body shape.
There are five body shapes to which most people belong, and these are: pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass. Below is some information on these shapes and how to get the best out of each. There are, of course, many variations and if your body shape does not fit in any classification it just means that your shape is a merger between of two or more. All the same, this information will help you to get at a good understanding of your body shape.
Fashion is all about looking your best. There are two approaches this: showing off your best assets or concealing or minimizing those parts you are least happy with.

Wedge shape/Inverted triangle:
•    Shoulders wider than hips
•    Rib cage almost flat
•    Squared shoulder-line
•    Waist-line not very defined
•    Hips and bottoms are almost flat

If you are this shape, you fashion goal is to keep all volume and detail away from the upper part of your body. Make sure avoid large collars, puffed sleeves, half sleeves that finish at the elbows and horizontally stripped tops. A-line or layered skirts are superb for you and wide belts which can highlight your waistline.
The Rectangular or Banana Body Shape
•    A long top half
•    Narrow shoulder line
•    Small bust
•    Flattish belly and bottom
•    Flat hips
•    Undefined waistline

In this shape, always try to add volume to your bust and hips so that you define your waist line. To achieve this you may use big shoulder pads, wide collars, designs and stripes in your tops. Layered, flowing and box pleated skirts are you best options. You should avoid figure hugging clothing as much as possible.
The Pear shape:
•    Hips wider that shoulders
•    Well defined waistline
•    Flat stomach
•    Rounded bottom

If you are pear-shaped, consider wearing skirts or pants that hug your hips but blouses and shirts that flare out a little and finish just above the fullest part of your hips. This does not mean wearing baggy tops, but something to give a little more volume to the shoulders without seeming to. Open dresses, strapless or string armed dresses will serve you by showing off your shoulders.


The Apple shape:
•    Body is heavier between the neck and tummy
•    Broad back
•    Broad chest
•    Full belly
•    Narrow hips
•    Good legs

Wear flared skirts and trousers to elongate your mid section.  You will need tight underclothing, for instance a bra that lifts your breasts and clears your waist area. It is also helpful to use clothing that is plain around your fullest area or, just avoid extra volume around your bust and belly.
Waist Tummy Girdle Body Control Shaper.
The Hourglass Body Shape
This shape is the most balanced with the top part of the body matching in size with the bottom. When one is small the shape is often referred to as neat hourglass.
•    The small bust
•    The defined waist
•    The concealed belly
•    The curved bottom
•    The shapely legs

In a more rounded body the shape is referred to as the full hourglass shape. In this latter state, the waist remains small but the bust, the tummy and the thighs are bigger and more pronounced. The bottom is more rounded and with bigger legs and the body gets a proportionate look.
This shape allows you to enjoy body hugging clothing. Detailed blouses, stiff fabric and heavy materials which hide your silhouette do you a disservice. In the same way, pleated and flaring skirts and pants are not your best wear. But pencil skirts and neat ones which finish at your calf are good to flatter your legs. You can use embellishments to visually adjust the fullness of your bust in addition to full capped bras that support your breasts and clear your waistline.

Pick the Right Colors
Colors too, in addition to the size of fashion apparel, have the power to enhance your looks. Here are a few tips on how to use color:
Know the color that looks best on you. Each color has different shades and tones and it is these that make all the difference. To know the tone that blends very well with your skin, you can ask your friends or you can determine from the number and nature of complements you receive when you put on particular attire.

Use colors to show off your strong points and to minimize your natural flaws. Dark colors or dark shades of colors are helpful in drawing attention away from those parts you are least comfortable with. For instance, if you are wedge shaped and you would want to shrink your bust, wear dark tops and light colored skirts or pants.
Select the Right Patterns

Patterns too can be used to create visual body-shape balance. Horizontal stripes in a blouse tend to lend a wider look to the bust. So, if you are interested in shrinking your bust or shoulders you shouldn’t go for such apparel. In the same light, vertical stripes enhance your height so, if you would want to visually elongate your legs, vertically stripped skirts or pants are the thing for you.

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