How to Choose Human Hair Extensions

| July 31, 2016


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How to Choose Human Hair Extensions

As women, we all want to look our best in a very natural way without anyone easily guessing we have put on additional things like in the case of hair extensions. Hair extensions are one of the easiest ways to add a couple of inches or even volume to your natural locks without waiting too long for them to grow. Now when you hit the market you will realize there are lots of hair extensions that you can choose from and this can be so overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. In such a case, it is better to seek the help of a professional hair stylist to help you recommend which extension would best suit your personal style, facial shape, hair type and so on. Here’s how to choose human hair extensions;

  • Human or synthetic hair extensions; first of all you need to know what kind of hair extension you want to place into your hair that is why you should check out if its synthetic or human hair extension. The advantage of human hair extensions over the synthetic is that they are more durable, will look exactly like your real hair, can styled with heating tools, can be dyed or colored and can be cared for in the same way you care for your real hair and yet with the synthetic you won’t be able to do some of these things like use hot tools like irons and blow dryer, you can’t swim with them and so on. Human extensions are usually quiet costly but worth it at the end of the day.
  • Hair color; if you want a 100% natural look then you should make sure that you choose the color of hair extension that will match exactly your same natural color especially when you are planning to leave some of your hair out. This is because a wrong hair extension color from your natural hair can really mess you up making it look so artificial rather than natural unless of course you want to look so dramatic. If you are not sure of your natural color then you can go for hair color testing and be able to pick the right color from the wide range of colors in hair extensions. The good thing is most of them allow highlights and low lights allowing you add tone and depth without using other dangerous treatments.
  • Your hair texture; now we all have different hair textures like others have curly, straight and so on so you need to cautiously put into consideration the texture of your hair. This is because in a case of example if your natural hair texture is straight then you wear a very curly hair extension, it will look so unattractive and tiring especially when you have to curl it daily trying to make them match.
  • Hair length; you need to choose a hair extension that will always make you entirely comfortable that is why length is another important consideration. This is because you cannot just move from a pixie hairstyle straight to straight locks almost knee length. So if you are used to having a short hair style and you are in doubt about having a long extension then you should make sure that length will make you at ease especially when you want change or just be adventurous. The style should also be able to match to your features especially your facial features and personal style.

Conclusion; I would love to state that hair extensions are safe to be used and they will not damage your hair in any way unless you don’t maintain it well. Though most times when you have just removed the hair extension from the head, it will feel thinner but it usually gains back the density you will be used to in about a week’s time only.

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