How to Care for Human Hair Clip-in Extensions

| July 31, 2016


hair clip in extensions for women

Clip in hair extensions have the advantage that they are usually healthier, cheaper and faster to apply as compared to most of the other types out there like the traditional glue in extensions. This kind of extension will provide you with a complete new look like additional length, thickness and volume in less than minutes. Maintaining them is also very simple and here are a few quick steps on how to care for hair clip in extensions;

  • Brushing and combing; when brushing the hair clip in extensions, make sure that you first hold it tightly at the top and then start brushing the knots out with a comb that is spaciously teethed or it’s a loop brush because they are created to prevent damages as you detangle the clip in extension. Make sure that the brushing is from the bottom working it upwards and stay away from wet brushing.
  • Washing; when washing this type of human hair extensions, make sure that you use warm water and not very hot water as it might damage it. Start by mixing the shampoo into the hair and then start stroking it downwards starting from the weft base till the ends. Make sure that you don’t scrub, rub or twist the hair while washing. After cleansing it then rinse again still using warm water making sure all the shampoo is rinsed out. Then apply a conditioner that you will leave on for approximately 15 minutes and rinse out.
  • Drying; now when it comes to drying a hair clip in extensions, there is no difficult logic that is different from the usual hair extensions. So if you are not in a hurry to place it back into your hair then you can just place it on a towel and let it dry or you can hang it under the sun and allow it to dry. However, if you are in a hurry to use it then you will have to air dry it using a blow dryer. Make sure that the heat is very low as you dry it out changing the different sides and holding the blow dryer not so close to the hair clip in extension.
  • Comb through; after it has completely dried out, you will once again brush through it gently starting from the wefts making your way up so that you eliminate all the tangles that in it. If you are not panning you use it immediately then you can safely tie a ribbon on it and place it somewhere safely till you have to use it again.
  • Styling; when you want to style your hair clip in extension like either curl it or straighten it you will have to ensure to first use a heat protector so it won’t get damaged with direct heat application. You also have to use very low heat setting and then after it is important to use a serum after you have straightened it. Whether the clip in extension is already placed in your hair or its not yet make sure that you don’t leave the iron hanging on it for very long as it will scorch the hair damaging it.
  • Storage; these clip in extensions can easily be removed from the hair even on a daily if you like so you have to make sure that you properly store it well. So while storing them the first step is to make sure that the clips placed on them have been closed first. Always make sure that you do not sleep with them on other head because they are being uncomfortable most times and might even cause irritation especially when being pressed against the scalp and hair.




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