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| July 13, 2016

With Gotta® Virgin Body Weave hair extension, you got yourself 100% Human Brazilian Hair without any single addition of any man made fibers or even animal hair placed in it. This kind of hair extension is entirely virgin hair which means that it is unprocessed and has not been bleached so that it can maintain its human natural nature. So any action you perform on your real hair can be done on this hair piece as well. It comes in a bundle of three weighing 300g that is enough for the entire head providing you with a natural thick look. It is packed with a wavy natural state that can either be maintained by you or you can as well style it to different ways like straight, curly and so on.

Gotta Virgin Body Wave Hair Human Hair weave extension for Black Women


  • Soft hair piece; this Gotta Virgin Body Weave hair extension contains particles that are very soft with every single whisker that you touch. This softness is what makes it blend with your natural hair looking completely real and it also makes it very manageable and skin friendly to sleep or have it on for a long period.
  • Long lasting; because of the nature of this hair which is 100% natural human hair and unprocessed, that makes it very long lasting like up to an entire year especially when you own it well. This means that you can use it over and over again and it will always look new


  • Quite Costly; this Gotta® Virgin Body Wave hair extension is really costly like currently its priced at slightly less than $200 which might be expensive for some people.

Features overview;

  • 3 bundles; this hair extension is packed in a bundle of three that is usually enough for the entire head so it can look thick. It contains different inches in each bundle which is the 18 inch, 20 inch and the 22 inch hair wefts. This combination of mixed lengths will endeavor that your hair will always look thicker and longer with tips naturally thinner than the bottom and mid length.
  • Body wave; another feature of this Gotta® Virgin Body Weave hair extension is the natural body wave texture that it comes with. When wearing it in this texture, it makes the hair look naturally wavy without a lot of hassle. This kind of texture can also be bleached, curled, dyed as well as straightened.


Product quality;

Gotta® Virgin Body Wave hair extension is first of all registered with the US Certified Brand showing that the materials used to make it is legit. It is 100% Brazilian hair without any other artificial and animal substances added to it and they are all made in a way that is not processed. Each bundle weighs 300g and they are in different lengths of 18, 20 and 22 inches of only human hair wefts. Its natural color is #1B but it can be dyed, bleached, colored and so much more like basically anything that you can do on human hair can be done on it.

Who will it benefit?

  • Will benefit people with shorter hair; if you want to rock a long hairstyle but not patient enough to wait for it to grow that long or your hair has basically failed to reach that length then you can just use this hair extension and rock the look. This way, your hair will look naturally long and not like synthetic hair.



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