What Color of Handbag to Wear with your Outfit- Women’s Handbags

| July 7, 2014

You can get  attention with your choice of color of handbag and your choice of outfit. All depend on the type of outfit you are  going to wear that particular day and the occasion you are going to. Below are some of the best colors you should go in for when choosing a bag.


Gold will always make the attractive detail to your look most especially if worn with the right colors. Gold will match well like colors like brown depending on the shade as well as the universal color which is black. The gold handbag you see in the image is one that will give you a really classy look so there is no doubt that it you will stand out of the crowd if you wore this color of handbag with your outfit to any kind of occasion. It will come out best if you compliment it with the same shade of gold jewelry and strappy gold shoes. Why not try it out so you to be the most outstanding woman for the day.


zebra print satchel handbag




Lately prints are very cool and fashionable; I bet you probably have seen your favorite celebrity and many of the women we refer to as classy wearing animal print bags. In the photo above; is a black and white zebra print bag double black stripes which will definitely grab you a lot of attention. Do not wear this bag with any printed outfit because it will mess with your look.  The bag will stand out best if worn with single colors for example a red skirt and black top.  This way you will have that stunning look and at the same time leave your bag well exposed. Always, keep in mind that animal print bags or floral printed women’s handbags must be worn with plain outfits and bright colors.



double handle black hand bag




All ladies will agree that black  for a color of handbag will look great with absolutely any women’s outfit.   Therefore, with your black handbag, you will probably not have a lot of work to do looking for what to match with it. Experiment with colors like darker colors like beige and black or light colors like orange. For all those classy women that have to keep their casual look then you must have in mind that a Black Handbag will always give you the kind of look that you have always wanted to have. You can wear the bag with denim jeans, a striped top and nice pair of flat shoes. If you love metallic staff then whatever you match with the bag must be gold.




brown tote hobo women's hand bag




Brown is also considered one of those neutral colors because of its natural appearance. This brown bag will go well with colors like green, orange and teal so there a variety to choose from. In the image above, the bag has metallic details around the edges and dark brown handles which all together give the bag great detail. It is also comes with an extra handle so whenever  you are tired of holding the bag in your hands feel free to attach the handle and hold your bag on the shoulder. For an elegant look wear the bag with green skinny jeans, white vest then compliment it with a blue coat or jacket and black high heel  dress sandals.


green women's hand bag




For those love colored outfits then you must be in love with color blocking which is so on lately. Why not stand out with that really dazzling and chic look by trying out the green hand bag for women. This  shoulder bag will look very great if worn with casual attire such as white and black polka dot skirt, a yellow top, a fitting black jacket with white highlights and black high heel pumps. There is absolutely no way you will go wrong with this outfit.


unique orange women's hand bag




Wow, aren’t the colors amazing?  Look at how pink and orange look together! The bag also has a wooden triangle handle at the top giving the bag a really unique appearance. With this bag, you will have lots of heads turning. Have a whole day of colors by complimenting the orange bag with a pink body hugging dress, blue jacket and brown high heeled pumps. These colors will without doubt work for casual outfits.


silver hobo hand bag with a shoulder strap




Because silver is not such a common; this color of handbag  means you are going to be totally unique if you wore a silver gray handbag to work. The color is more conservative so it will be appropriate for formal outfits. It is best if you wear this type of bag to work or office and a more formal outfit. I love the look of gold and silver gray together I actually they would such a perfect match. Compliment this bag with a grey or black printed pencil skirt, a white blouse, black strappy stiletto sandal and a grey chambray relaxed blazer.




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