How to Take Care of Your Moccasins

| July 28, 2015

Moccasins come in five different materials so I cannot give all the particular tips on how to take care of all moccasins but I can give some simple tips on how you can care of moccasins depending on their material. The way you clean suede moccasins will not be the same way you will clean those with sheep hide and remember the way you care for your moccasins will determine how long they are likely to last, in other wards it will determine their durability.

Women's Leopard Kilty Moccasin

Leather Moccasins

These include moccasin made from cow hide, moose hide or deer hide because those are the basic three materials used to make leather shoes. When it comes to leather moccasins you should only clean them with products specifically meant for leather for example, there are different kinds of leather shoe cleaners that you will not fail to get from any store so after cleaning your moccasins with the cleaner, just leave them to dry naturally under the sun and later use a soft cloth to make them shine. For further treatment you can opt for leather conditioner, it helps to keep your leather moccasins well moisturized and soft for a much longer period of time.

Sheep Skin Moccasins

This type of material is more delicate so you need to be more careful with how you take care of it. You should use a soft cotton damp cloth if you notice any spot of dirt on it. For more tough stains you can go ahead and use suede eraser; it will help you remove those stains that seem hard to remove. After wearing the moccasins for a long period of time and you feel they need to be washed. Use lukewarm water and liquid soap to wash them with your hands; they cannot be washed in the washing machine. Always leave them to air dry.

Suede Moccasins

These are practically the easiest type of shoes to clean reason being even just a damp cloth will be able to make them look clean. If the shoes are really wet just use a dry towel to remove most of the moisture. But always remember not to completely soak the shoes in water as this will make your moccasins get spoiled really fast.


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