The Best Workplace Handbags and What To Wear With Them – Women’s Handbags that are Perfect For Every Career

| May 27, 2014

The checklist of things and items to be in your workplace handbag increase day by day and nowadays you will find that a Woman has to carry a ton of things in her bag which may include a Smart phone ,lipstick , Beats-by-Dre Headphones, Makeup kit, Wallet, mini tab, Keys and the list goes on.


Michael Kors Black Tote Handbag

This means you can’t work with a small bag, you need opt for a tote or a shoulder bag, however, you don’t have to overload that bag even though it can accommodate all the items you have. It might make you feel uncomfortable because the bag will be so heavy for you to carry around. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best office handbags for Women; you will pardon me if I didn’t include your choice.

Women with formal job positions and perfect careers like High Level Managers, CEO’s, and Accountants need to carry exclusive workplace handbags to match with their outfits and style . Many times, you can tell a ladies fashion taste basing on the type of bag they carry. In the picture above, I have featured Michael Kors Black Tote Handbag which comes with a long strap so you have an option to hold it via the shoulder. More so, you can hold the normal the normal with your hand. It has enough space to accommodate your essentials and makeup kit.


  • SUIT: – Since it is a classic form of a tote bag, you can match it with a classic slim fit suit. You can opt for a suit with a short skirt or one with a trouser; the choice is yours to make.
  • BLACK POINTED PUMPS: – Judging from the style of the bag, you will look stylish if you complement it with elegant black leather pointed pumps. Even though black is a neutral color, please, don’t make a mistake of complementing a black tote bag with brown shoes.
  • TUNI DRESS TOP :- This style is for ladies with casual but yet formal jobs, for example fashion designers, magazine editors, etc….such jobs will require you to dress well but at the same time you have a chance to try simple outfits to give you the freedom to move up & down. In this case, you can wear a black tunic dress top without sleeves and make sure the dress fits you well and it also has to stop above the ankles. When it comes to color choice; you can go with one color, in this case, we can opt for a black tunic dress, match it with a black leather tote bag and then complement the leather handbag with black glove leather sandals. However, you need to spice up the black dress, give it some style by accessorizing with a Golden thick wrapped cuff; if possible, you can also accessorize your hair with a golden headband.
  • TAILORED TROUSERS: – If you want to be simple but smart, you can complement the black tote bag in the picture above with a black or grey tailored trouser, match the trouser with a white cotton poplin blouse and then team the outfit with a nice pair of black leather dress sandals.


2.   Orla Kiely Sixties Stem Punched Ivy Shoulder Bag

If you always want to get noticed, this red shoulder bag has a bold statement which will make you stand out from the crowd. Spice up your style diary with this punched red shoulder bag which has both a handle and a shoulder strap. The strap is removable, so you can replace it when you want to change style. However, this style of bag does not carry lots of items like a tote bag featured in position 1. When it comes to price, I did a simple patrol on Online and I found it on AMAZON going for $498….

Orla Kiely Sixties Stem Punched Ivy Shoulder Bag



  • BLACK LEATHER LEGGINGS: – If your job allows you to dress as you want, you can give this style a try too. Simply wear black leather leggings and match them with a white bow blouse. Now complement the white blouse with a red double breasted blazer, and then team the outfit with animal print calf hair pumps and red shoulder bag. To spice up your look with this style, you can wear red lipstick. This will fully complement the red blazer & bag.
  • DENIM JEANS: – When I look at this bag, it has a versatile design which is both casual and formal. You can wear it simple flash denim jeans to work.  However, to look smart, complement them with a cream floral bow blouse and then match the outfit with a red shoulder bag. When it comes to shoes; I suggest you opt for cream Cassandra pumps.
  • CHECKED HOUSTON PANTS: – I’m sure every job allows women to wear pants to work, so, in this case, you don’t have to dress like everyone, simply go for something exclusive. In this case, you can wear black & white checked Houston pants, match them with a black long sleeved silk collar shirt and then team the outfit with a khaki coat. Now conclude this trend with a red shoulder strap handbag featured in the image above and team the bag with white & black t-strap pumps.
  • RED & WHITE STRIPPED SHIRT: – Now that you need something casual, lets try out a unique simple trend. Wear denim blue mid-rise skinny jeans with a white & red stripped shirt, now complement the outfit with a red trench coat, and conclude this trend add a red shoulder strap bag and pony skin printed pumps. To complete the look, you can spice up your lips with Red Butter Lipstick.
  • YELLOW TAPERED PANTS: – I just love the combination of yellow with red because it just fabulous. I know of ladies who always want to look attractive in order to impress their clients or bosses. If you’re that type of lady, hit your workplace in a yellow tampered pant matched with the red shoulder handbag shown here and you will surely make a statement.



3.   Women’s Vachetta Small Zip Leather Tote Hand Bag

When simplicity is combined with durability, this is what you get.  This small zip leather tote bag has a very simple style that you can easily complement with any work outfit.  If brown is not your type of color, you can opt for a black tote bag or choose any other color you like. However, unlike most tote bags with large space, this mini tote bag can’t carry lots of items.  It can only keep those small essential items like smart phones, Mini Tabs, Lipstick and tiny makeup kit. It features double rolled leather handles which make it perfect to carry around.

Women's Vachetta Small Zip Leather Tote Bag




  • BROWN & WHITE SPOTTED SHIRT DRESS: – On Friday’s, you need a very simple casual dress. In this case, you may also opt for a brown & white shirt dress which stops below the knees. However, it doesn’t have to be too long. Complement this type of dress with the brown mini tote bag shown here and brown peep toe pumps.
  • FLORAL PANTS: – Ladies who love style, will always try out something new and exclusive, it’s not that floral pants are new in the fashion, it just that not every woman or girl can be bold enough to wear them. When you play your colors well, these pants can look good on you. So, let’s try to match our brown tote bag with a floral pant.  Simply wear a trouser which has yellow, brick red & brown flowers, complement these trousers with a white top and then team the outfit with black / silver flats and then conclude this outfit with a brown mini tote bag and vintage brown sunglasses.
  • PRINTED TROUSERS: – I know you have some cute pants in your closet, however, with this style of handbag, you need pants with brown parts which look exactly like the bag. If you get them, team them with a white sharp shoulder shirt and the brown blazer.
  • DENIM SKINNY JEANS: – You can wear blue denim skinny jeans to work if it’s acceptable at your workplace and remember this is a casual work outfit. Match your blue skinny jeans with a light colored top and a khaki jacket and then finally team this outfit with a brown mini tote bag. Now when it comes to the shoes, you can opt black or brown suede pointed pumps.

1.4.   The SAK Deena Flap Cross Body

Cross body bags are good for Women, especially those who have jobs which require them to move from street to street.  You don’t have to bother yourself holding a tote bag; just throw-up a cross-body bag and get moving. This black SAK Deena cross body bag has a wide space on the inside which can accommodate lots of items, it also comes in different colors, and so you can opt for a color of your choice. In addition, it features an adjustable strap which makes it easy to wear.

The SAK Deena Flap Cross Body




  • SHORT SKIRT: – Since your job is casual in style, you can wear a simple leather black short skirt which stops above your knees, it should not be too short, but make sure it has a reasonable workable length. Complement the black leather mini skirt with a white crochet vest, and then team the outfit with black & white zebra stripped medium height gladiator sandals. Now conclude the outfit with this black body cross bag.
  •  FLORAL SHORT DRESS: – Keep it simple but fashionable this time, simply wear a floral dress of your choice, team the dress with cute wedge sandals and then conclude with this cross body bag.
  • GO OLD SCHOOL: – How about trying out something unique and old fashioned as well. This time, you can wear flared bell bottom anthropological pants and make sure you opt for the fitting size.  Play with colors very well, and in this case, you can wear dark orange bell bottom pants with a dark yellow wool anthropological sweater, these two colors match very well so you don’t have to be worried about color clashing. Then team this trend with a blue leather cross-body bag, conclude the style with a nice pair of brown platform booties.
  • SWEATER DRESS: – This is a cool casual outfit for work during spring season and just when winter is about to end. As usual the length of the dress should be appropriate for your work environment. Feel free and wear a classy sweater dress to work. Team this kind of dress with a gorgeous pair of ankle boots. If the boots are black, match them with a black cross-body bag.
  • WOVEN JOGGERS: – I love printed woven joggers; you can wear them to work on Fridays and the weekend. Simply team them with t-strap sandals and a sleeveless top which matches very well with the prints in the woven pant, and then conclude the style with our matching cross-body bag.

1.5.   MATANA Trendy PU Patent Leather Doctor Style Tote Purse

This pink tote women’s handbag is as classy as it gets and you can match it with both formal & casual work outfits. It has a sleep shape and shiny leather which makes it look modern and attractive. I know of some ladies who want to dress to impress and I’m sure if they get their eyes on this bag, they will just grab it on the instant. The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can easily turn it into a shoulder bag.

MATANA Trendy PU Patent Leather Doctor Style Tote Purse




  • COLOR BLOCK TREND: – If you love matching bright colours, you can wear neon green skinny jeans with a floral top, make sure the top matches very well your jeans, now team the jeans with dark purple suede heels and conclude the style with this pink tote bag.
  • BLACK LEATHER LEGGINGS: – Leather leggings are more stylish than fabric leggings so now to complement this pink tote bag, you can team those leather leggings with an aquamarine blouse. Make sure you tuck in the blouse and wear a white slim leather belt.  If possible, you can accessorize with a pink scarf to complement the pink tote bag.
  • WIDE LEGGED PANTS: – Lots of women are now wearing wide legged pants to work.  These pants come in different colors so if you love pink hand bag, you can wear blue wide legged pants with white floral blouse, team the top with a cropped vintage jacket and conclude the outfit with black suede high heels and a pink handbag in the picture above.
  • TEAL CHIC WISH SKIRT: – By now, most of you might be stuck on this and if you know flared skirts, then also a chic wish skirt has the same shape. The difference is it has more than one light layer, and they stop just below the knees. They are not too long in style and they have small waists. I believe you can wear this type of skirt to work, when it comes to color, you can go for Teal or Blue; these two colors match very well with pink. For example, if you wear a teal chic wish skirt, you can match it with a white Jovonna shirt, tuck in the shirt and fold the sleeves of the shirt and then conclude the outfit with a pink tote bag and pink pumps.


  • FLORAL DRESS: – Get a floral dress which matches very well with pink, in this case, it can have pink ,white, brown and orange prints and then team this style of dress with pink high heels and the pink tote bag featured in the photo above.
  • DENIM BLUE SKINNY JEANS: – If it’s a Friday, you can team this Pink tote bag with denim blue skinny jeans.  However, you have to be presentable yet at the same time casual.  Match the skinny jean with a white casual top, and then complement the top with a navy blue boyfriend blazer and spice up the all outfit with a floral scarf.


  1. 6.   Black High Gloss Crocodile Print Office Tote Briefcase.   This black crocodile tote kind of briefcase bag has a smooth texture. It looks pretty amazing and you can team it with most formal outfits. The bag has a crocodile texture which looks classic. It can act as an alternative to a laptop bag.             WHAT TO MATCH WITH THIS BLACK CROCK BRIEFCASE?
    • POLKA OUTFIT: – It is better to give a try to something exclusive.  I see many ladies wearing polka outfits to work.  however, most of them opt for a uniform trend but this time, I suggest you wear a white & blue polka high low skirt, make sure the blue dots are small and then complement this skirt with a blue polka dot sweater, make sure the white dots are bigger that the blue dots in the skirt, this will create a unique match than what you would expect. Conclude this outfit with a black crock briefcase and black platform pumps.

Black High Gloss Crocodile Print Office Tote Briefcase



  •  CROPPED PANTS: – You can wear black cropped pants with a horizontal black and white stripped top, team the outfit with open toe pumps, fold the bottom of the cropped pants so that you look a bit casual, and then conclude the outfit with this black crock handbag.
  •  SKINNY JEANS: – I am sure, most careers allow you to wear skinny jeans to work, so, you can wear denim blue skinny jeans with a red leather peplum top, team this trend with black croc leather pumps and then conclude the style with our black briefcase featured in the image above.
  • BRICK RED SKIRT: – Pimp your style this week in a brick red skirt. Team this nature of skirt with a black slim top and red suede ankle strap pumps, and then complement the outfit with this black crock briefcase.

1.7.   Solo Vintage Collection Women’s Leather Bag

If you love Vintage work bags, look no further, this Solo Vintage Carryall laptop bag can carry just about anything.  It’s 15.6 Inches, so it can carry any medium size laptop or mini tab and so much more. The blue lining gives it a classy look, it also has a metal feet protect bottom to give the bag enough protection.


  • YELLOW DRESS: – Without doubt, a yellow dress can match with this brown laptop bag, however, to look attractive, you can wear a short yellow dress with a brown leather belt, and then complement it with brown wedge pumps, and then team a descent pair of pumps with this brown bag.
  • FLARED WHITE SHORT SKIRT: – Think outside the box on this one and be creative to do something different this time. Pimp your style but stay simple; wear a white flared skirt with a grey blouse. Tuck in the blouse so that you look smart and make sure you wear a brown leather belt over the skirt so that your waistline is well outlined.  Team the outfit with a brown handbag and a brown peep toe pumps.

Solo Vintage Collection Women's Leather


  • BRICK RED PENCIL SKIRT: – I know you all have those cute pencil skirts you wear to work but this time, I want us to style that pencil skirt in a casual way. Simply wear a brick red pencil skirt with a white blouse and team the outfit with brown pointed pumps, and then conclude the outfit with a brown briefcase bag featured in the photo above.
  • FLORAL SKIRT: – Wear a floral skirt which features adorable colors of your choice. However, you can opt for one with red or yellow & white prints, complement it with a white bow top but make sure you tuck in the top with the skirt and finally complement the entire outfit with cream flat shoes and the bag featured above.

1.8.   Mobile Edge Ultra Work Tote

Mobile Edge Ultra Work tote



If you own a Macbook, you don’t have to hold those fake laptop bags to work; flaunt your style and opt for this classic mobile edge Macbook handbag. Since it’s black, it will match with most outfits.


1.9.         JP Marcellino Co. – McCarty 1550 Duotone Fine Black

JP Marcellino Co. - McCarty 1550 Duotone Fine Black




1.10.         EILIS Black High Gloss Crocodile Doctor Style Office Tote Satchel

EILIS Black High Gloss Crocodile Doctor Style Office Tote Satchel



Black Faux Leather Women’s Satchel Handbag

Black Faux Leather Women's Satchel Handbag



       HALEY Classic Gold Studded Structured Satchel Purse Style Tote Handbag

HALEY Classic Gold Studded Structured Satchel Purse Style Tote Handbag


               Black Faux Crocodile Patent Leather Satchel Handbag

Chic Black Faux Crocodile Patent Leather Satchel Handbag



       Over sized Zipper Top Closure Soft Shopper Hobo Shoulder bag

Oversized Zipper Top Closure Soft Shopper Hobo Shoulder bag



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