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| August 6, 2014

For many fashion lovers, Uggs are just one of those must haves for women’s casual shoes. Unlike other shoes types such as pumps, wedges or dress sandals, many find Uggs to be ugly but those who own them will testify how they are adorably comfortable and you who has not tried them will fall for them the moment you try them out. In most cases, you will find that they are boots ranging from the ankle length, knee length boots or just medium length boots but they can also be in form of  flip flops so it is not only tied up to boots. Typically, they are unisex that simply means that both men and women can own a pair of uggs. However, in this article, I have focused on women’s uggs. They are also made out of sheepskin so I guess that explains why they are really comfortable.  They will surely keep your feet maximally warm so now you know what to wear during that cold winter season. In this post you will find some of the best looking and original uggs that you will definitely love so scroll through to find one that works for you.

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You will probably want to try out the shoes because you have seen them with your friend, on a television show or with your favorite celebrities but there are some things that you must keep at the back of your mind before you actually wear this type of shoes. Below are some of the things that you must know so that you rock your uggs in the most stylish way.

  • The color of the uggs; choose a color because you think it is really cute and you must feel comfortable as you try it out.  You should also choose a color that matches you skin tone, hair color and above it all the color of your outfit.
  • Your body shape; if you are short, you will look off in high boots so you must go in for short ankle length boots as these will flatter your body shape really well and for those who are tall feel free to try out any length.
  • Think about the color of you outfit; if you own a pair of neon colored uggs, please, do not blend with neon colored outfits; it is best you go in for a neutral color.
  • Take note of the season and weather; wearing uggs during summer will be like wearing a sweater in the hot sun. They will make you very uncomfortable. It is therefore best to wear them during winter, spring that is during the cold seasons. And when it is raining do not wear them because they will easily get spoilt.
  • The occasion to which you wear uggs; we cannot debate about the fact the uggs are casual shoes so please do yourself a favor and do not wear them to formal occasion or with a formal outfit.

Now that know you know how and when to wear your pair of uggs below is a list made specifically for you to choose from.

UGG Australia Women’s Bailey Bow Boot

You will not find a better way to define your stylish side other trying out this black bailey ugg detailed with a double bow at the back. The uggs feature a light and really comfortable sole so ensure that you find a lot of ease walking in these shoes. They also feature a very cozy and soft insole made out of sheep skin that will keep your feet very warm. I also love the fact that they are black in color that simply means you will not have to hustle looking for colors to blend the shoes with. This is not the kind of shoes that you buy and they get spoilt just after a month. They are very well constructed making the shoes very durable. The good news is even after you wear them for a while they remain good looking.


uggs with a bow



Like I already said these shoes are casual so for those of you that treasure your casual look; you definitely found the right place. Wear the black short uggs with skinny jeans, a buggy blouse and accessorize your outfit with a chain or necklace. This way you will have that trendy appearance with no hustle whatsoever and at the same time remain very comfortable.

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UGG Mini Bailey Bow Snake Women’s Boots

The first thing you should always look out for when buying a pair of shoes is how comfortable you are when wearing the shoes and this is exactly what the shoes in the above photo will offer to you. They are made from genuine two-faced sheepskin with a man made sole that perfectly constructed to make the shoes really long lasting. The colors and design used give the shoes such a stylish look that will grab you lots of attention that moment you wear these shoes and at the front they are designed with the snake skin look and a bow at the back so I wonder what more you can ask for.

UGG Mini Bailey Bow Snake Women's Boots



Since the shoes are already too detailed then it is best to wear them with something plain this way your outfit will stand out nicely and your shoes as well. Grey shorts with a brown buggy vest. Casual outfits look best when well accessorized so you can match your look with golden earrings and a nice brown cross body bag.



UGG Australia Women’s Adirondack Tall

Trek through that wet weather condition and snow with absolutely no problem in these women’s Adirondack uggs made with a rubber sole, full grain leather and sheepskin lining. The laces on shoes will take you some minute to tie up but it is worth it because they go all the way up the shoes and help to your feet very warm and comfortable.  In these shoes you will not have to worry getting all dirty and wet, the leather has that vintage feel and the sheep fluff at the top makes you feel very warm and comfortable. Even after wearing the boots for years they still remain comfortable so now you know where to invest your money. Get yourself that stylish look in these water proof shoes.

UGG Australia Women's Adirondack Tall



You will have a more than perfect look if you wear these ugg boots with dark green or brown skinny jeans, a long sleeved top and further detail your look with a scarf. This will not only keep you very warm but also looking very classy and gorgeous.


UGG Women’s Classic Short Sparkles Boot

You will not only have a pair of comfortable shoes but also one that is super hassle-free. Feel the amazing comfort of Uggs by giving this one a try. These short boots are greatly detailed with lots of sparkle on the outside giving them such a pretty appearance. On top of the beautiful outside appearance the shoes feature sheep skin lined silhouette which is the main reason for their comfort. They are very light so you will not find any problem walking in them; in fact they almost feel like you are wearing sandals. If you have been looking for that shiny pair of boots that you will wear both in the wet and dry condition then this one will perfectly work for you. And with the way they are comfortable you will not even want to remove them. There is no doubt they will get you compliments wherever you will go with the shoes.

UGG Women's Classic Short Sparkles Boot


Have that look that will leave heads turning by rocking you shiny ugg boots with black skinny jeans, a grey cropped top, a silver chain and you will be good to head for a day full of gorgeous looks.





UGG Australia Women’s Genevieve Boot

This is an exceptionally designed high boot that will flawlessly expose your feminine and girly side.  It features very durable sheepskin that is also surely comfortable. The shoe is further detailed with a bow on the side and I can assure you that you will find no better way to have that sexy and classy look. For all my girls that are gifted with height and want to add some bit of sexiness to those long then you know you have to try out the high boot as they go all the way  high up your legs. If you want them slightly shorter you can flip the collar down and still have the shoe looking marvelous. Sometimes we have to spend a little more than what are used to spending but trust me it worth and these will one of the investment you make and feel like it was really worth your dollars. The other thing I loved about these shoes is the fact that they suit any age.

UGG Australia Womens Genevieve Boot



For my ladies above 50 that have problems with cold weather; these are more than ideal for you as they will keep you very warm and comfortable. You will look really elegant in these shoes if you wear them with a short flared dress and I would recommend you go in for a colored dress since the boots are black there is no doubt they will come out amazing with colored dress.



UGG Classic Short Rosette Women’s Boots

Try out something new and really trendy by rocking the leopard print and two faced sheep skin ugg boot that not only looks gorgeous but also keeps you extra comfortable. This chic boot keeps your feet very dry unlike other boots that are made from fake material and this because it is made with an interior that keeps away moisture.  It is further made with light weight to ensure you have ease when walking with the shoes; you, however, must handle your shoes with extra care to ensure that they last really long.

UGG Classic Short Rosette Women's Boots



UGG Women’s Fluff Flip Flop

I know  you are now wondering how this can be among our list of uggs but remember uggs are not only boots much as many of them are boots. Flip flops can also be a type of uggs just like the one in the image above and keeping a pair of these in your bedroom won’t hurt. Like you can see in the image the shoes are made from the highest quality sheep skin that will give you that comfort that you have never felt before. The shoes are manufactured with a rubber sole and real fur form a sheep; they are super original. If handled with care, you will own for a really long period of time.

UGG Women's Fluff Flip Flop




UGG Women’s Cambridge Boot

This pair of ugg boots is super stylish, very cozy, amazingly warm just like all uggs and above all they are super cute, you will get lots of compliments about them. For those of you that usually have cold feet you can be rest assured these shoes will keep you very warm. They feature the highest quality sheep skin and a knit collar than can be folded over and an adjustable strap that will adjust to any fit you feel is comfortable for you. They also have a cushioned insole to ensure that you are very comfortable you will love them.

UGG Women's Cambridge Boot




Remove large dirt pieces on the outside; as soon as you spot any dirt on the outer surface clean it off immediately.  Use suede brush to brush off any dirt. This should always be your first step before you actually start washing or cleaning the shoes.

Do not completely soak the boots in water; since they are made out of sheepskin they will probably take long to dry and remember your aim is wet the shoes to make them dripping wet so the best thing to do is soak a sponge or cloth in water and slightly wet the shoes.

Clean the shoes with sheepskin cleaner and conditioner; do not just use regular soap to clean your shoes, purchase a cleaner and conditioner, apply it on a sponge and starting cleaning the shoes. The best sheepskin cleaner is Women’s UGG Cleaner/Conditioner, it is made specially to clean, rejuvenate and condition your uggs.

Stuff the boots with a towel when drying them; when uggs are wet they tend to lose their shape so to maintain their shape you have to stuff in towel so that when the shoes dry they still have their shape.

Do not dry them in direct heat or sun light; direct sunlight will make your shoes weak over time so it is recommended that you dry the shoes at room temperature, on boot stand. Also do not place your shoes anywhere near fire.

Use your hands to clean the shoes; what I am trying to mean is that you shouldn’t dry wash your shoes in a washing machine or else you will have no shoes after. You should always wash the shoes with your hands.

Do not over use your uggs; since they are casual shoes, you should not wear them each and every day just wear them once in a while this way they will last as long as you expect them to.




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