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| August 15, 2014

Shoulders bags could become your favorite accessory if you know how and what to wear them with. Many of us tend to confuse them for handbags but handbags are a very general word that includes many other types. In this post, you will find the real definition of what is referred to as shoulders bags and some that you can try out to have that stunning look that will blow everyone away.

Shoulder bags are the type that can be worn over the shoulder and left freeing down to the hips or the waist. They usually have adjustable straps so that you can adjust to whatever length you feel is comfortable for you. They are more than perfect to be worn every day simply because they are made with a number of slots and pockets both on the interior and exterior.

shoulder bags


This means they can accommodate all your daily essentials for example your wallet, phone, e.t.c. You can wear them to a variety of occasions; take for example, to office when going for work, to the movies or to the bar, which ever you may choose.

Designer shoulder bags

A little difference in the colors will do lots of magic to your appearance so you have more than enough reasons to try out the colored designer shoulder bag. There is no doubt you will get tones of compliments with this shoulder bag. The bag is detailed with lots of beautiful colors; on the trim is cream white which will be more than a perfect addition to any outfit.

Designer shoulder bags



The faux leather used to make the bag is of super quality so you definitely do not have to worry about its durability. Putting its durability aside, the leather is also amazingly soft and comfortable and the bag comes with an extra strap and there is no doubt you will have the space that you want. It has plenty of space for as many items as may wish to carry along with you. Wear this to the movies with your friends and see how you have all of them wanting to purchase the same good looking bag.

Since the bag has a variety of colors it is best if you wear a plain outfit; this way your gorgeous designer shoulder bag will stand and the same applies to your outfit. You can go in for navy blue skinny jeans blend it with a buggy cream or white vest and an orange blazer. You will definitely not go wrong in this outfit.

Black shoulder bags

Everything about this shoulder bag gives it such a fashionable and modern look, from the sleek lines to the bold square shape; you will surely leave thousands of heads turning with this stylish office tote. To make it look even trendier the shoulder bag is given gold tone hard ware, a decorative lock and gorgeous golden studs and a golden chain on the strap. It is made with a zippered top closure which gives access you to the main compartment in which you will find 2 top open pockets, 2 zippered pouches and larger pocket so you not only have enough space for plenty of items but also have them very safe.

black shoulder bags



There is a zippered pocket on the outside of the bag where you keep your phone for easy access. This everyday shoulder bag further features top double handles and slipping chain and leather shoulder strap to hold over the arm. Keep yourself looking chic, trendy and fashionable with this pretty bag.

Black is a favorite for many when it comes to accessories simply because it matches many outfits that you might have prepared to wear it with. So for that look that will leave everyone at your work place staring; you can wear this bag with a sexy knee length packet leather skirt, a collar black and white striped top and black high heeled pumps. You can also detail you look with chain statement necklace and you will definitely rock.


Fashionable shoulder bags

You do not have to go in for something extra ordinary to have a stunning look because even with a simple elegant shoulder bag like the one above, you will get the look you have always wanted to have. The gorgeous shoulder bag in the image above is grey in color as we have always known grey is one of the neutral colors that will match a variety of outfits. It also features zippers on the exterior that make the bag appear really grand and striking.

fashionable shoulder bags



For all your daily essentials, there is plenty of space. It also features extra soft synthetic material that is very easy to maintain and keeps you comfortable. There is a variety of compartments on the interior for safe storage of all your items. This one can definitely be taken to a number of occasions with your work place being first priority.

Wear this shoulder bag with a white dress, grey blazer and high heeled pumps and you will easily astound your workmates with style.


Unique shoulder bags

Since everyone is going in for the common colors such as black, red, brown and those other colors that we are all used to, then you should give them a challenge and try out this light blue shoulder bag which will give you a totally inimitable and chic look. It features double handles with that sleek shape, that is totally amazing.

unique shoulder bags



Rock your light blue shoulder bag with floral skinny pants and a plain top and see how much attention you will get. Since the bag is plain with few details any detailed outfit will definitely come out great with it.


Trendy shoulder bags

With a sleek shape and shiny exterior you will absolutely have the look that will blow every one away and for those that love compliments and will not mind lots of attention this shoulder bag will definitely work for you. Have a sophisticated and at the same time stylish look added to your outfit with this red bag.  This bag has everything for you to love about, from the shiny silver braided double handles to the shiny patent leather exterior; you will be the most outstanding woman with the elegance while carrying this bag. It is designed with lots of compartments and storage options which include a zippered pouch on the wall and a large middle pouch that separates the bag into two large compartments.

trendy shoulder bags



I am very sure you will love it. If you have always wanted a bag you can carry to any night out well you have definitely found one because this one is made with a well organized interior. This is the most exclusive, unique and gorgeous bag you will ever own.

For the red lovers that will not let anything red pass them by, rock your red purse with a black body hugging dress and red peep toe heels. In this outfit you will definitely be that dazzling woman in ‘red’.


Stylish shoulder bags

Style is every woman’s fantasy and with the animal print shoulder you will sure be a center of attention and will get lots of compliments on the bag. There is no better way to expose your wild side than this stylish and trendy shoulder which light brown and nicely detailed with dark brown straps and a sparkling golden chain. Now what caught my attention on this gorgeous piece of work was the three carrying options whereby you can hold it by the buckle handles, or by the golden chain and if you wish the removable longer strap, prints are very trendy there is definitely no way you can afford to miss out on them.

stylish shoulder bags


solve all the problems you had with bags that do not have the compartments you wish to have by going for this one as it is made that has 3 open pockets, a zippered pouch on the outside you can call it multipurpose, carry it to work or for shopping and will still have the same stunning look on the occasions.

Do not kill the appearance of your bag by wearing it with prints, this bag will give you best results if worn with jeans and for those that have purchased it for work then you can wear it with anything work attire that does not have prints on it. Find the matching shoes and you definitely have a completely glamorous look.


Shoulder bags for girls

Now for all my stylish and trendy girls out there; you definitely know what shoulder bag to look out for. Take a look at the picture above and you will be one of the trendiest girls out there. With this one you will obviously have all the other girls jealous.  The bag is beautifully made; the material is super soft thus making it very easy to clean. It is both attractive and classy, made with high quality so you can be rest assured it will last really long.  Remember that you do not need the most expensive bag to be the talk on everyone’s mouth as all you need is to know how to choose the right bag and blend it nicely with your outfit and you will be good to go.

shoulder bags for girls



A spacious interior and a number of pockets will sure keep your bag well organized.

For that elegant look, I would suggest you this handbag with any plain dress that fits really nicely. On my list of colors that will look best with the bag is white dress, plain red and plain black with the matching shoes.

Amazing shoulder bags

amazing shoulder bags



Look effortlessly amazing by adding this glamorous bag to your closet. Add it to your professional attire and you will definitely be the most stunning woman at office. The bag is made really attractive with the details of a diamond quilted pattern, a turn lock, all which together create that great sophistication. Any woman that fancies having a well organized bag will absolutely love this one because it is features two compartments inside which are separated by a 1 zipper pocket.  It has enough space where you can easily store all your necessities for the day while maintaining that elegant and at the same time classy look. The size is just perfect it is not too small and too big either. I would call it medium; the leather is just what you needed; real and soft.

A cream dress which is flared will do great justice to your gorgeous hand bag and the fact that cream color will match most colors of outfits. I recommended that you wear it with strictly professional attire because that is when it will stand out best.

Leather shoulder bags

Leather hand bags are the most long lasting shoulder bags any one can ever have and if you are lucky enough to find one that will that is genuine like the one in the above image then you can count yourself a class apart. This is simply because on the market many people will lie to you that their bags are genuine but yet all they want it to market their products.  This particular shoulder bag is made from high quality and the most genuine leather.

leather shoulder bags



It features a top zipper and behind pocket zipper on the back wall and for that casual look this is definitely the perfect shoulder bag to try out. This bag will give you the feel and look of a classy and luxurious designer bag.

This one will be perfect on any casual outfit so what you shouldn’t do is to wear this bag with professional attire; you will look totally off.



Be selective with the shape and size of the bag you are buying; the shape of the bag you choose should correspond with your body shape whereby if you are the slender type then do not wear an oversize bag. And if you are fat; wearing a small bag will draw a lot of attention to your size than to the bag.

Choose the right length for you; this requires paying more attention to the straps of the bag you want to buy. If you are short then do not buy a bag with extra long straps however if you are tall it’s most likely that any length will be good for you.

Think about your style; you also have to put your style into consideration while choosing the bag. If you are the type that loves prints or are you the type that loves bright colors or better still you are the type that loves vintages style and bright colors, all those things should be at the back of your mind.

Easy accessibility; this involves how many compartments the bag has or the pockets and how fast you can access them.  We all need a bag with a pocket on the outside where you can keep your phone and easily get it out. You should look at the zippers, they should be quite easy to open and close.

Consider the quality; you do not want to buy a bag that will be spoilt just after the first week of using it thus it is best to go in for a bag that is of high quality because it makes no sense buying a cheap bag that will work for just a few days. This however, does not mean you should buy one that is too expensive.

In case you failed to get what you wanted from above, check out some of the latest shoulder bags on discount, so that you can try at least one on.

Good luck with your choice!



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