13 Best Party Games for Adults Looking for Non-Stop Weekend Fun with Friends

| September 7, 2016

As adults sometimes you might get caught up doing a number of activities from the money making ones to taking care of others to the extent that you will forget about taking care of your own self and having fun.  Even friends and family might be far away and you no longer find the time to bond anymore. But today allow me introduce you to fun party games for adults that you can enjoy especially when you have exhausted all conversations and yet want to still spend more quality time with each other. These games are so fun that they will keep all of you hooked and connected till the next game time. Here you will find games in different categories like games for parties, fun party ideas, and party games for adults, fun drinking party games for adults and so much more. Remember, some of these games are strictly for adults alone so make sure to play while kids are away while others can be played as you monitor the kids playing somewhere close. In this article, you will find the best 13 fun party games for adults looking for fun with friends and with how to play them especially if you are searching for something new and exciting for everyone. Have unlimited fun now and forever with these party games


  1. Cards Against Humanity – Best Party Game for Adults

If you are a fun party game lover then this Cards Against Humanity party game is something you should always look forward to.  This kind of  party game is different from the various games you have played before and it’s the kind of game designed for horrible people to have top fun. It’s the kind of game that is as awkward and despicable just like your friends and you. They are designed with different editions better known as expansions like the first, second, third, forth, fifth and sixth and so on so that you and your friends won’t get bored easily after playing the same edition over and over again. It was designed by a group Alumni from of Highland Park High School as a game for a New Year’s Eve celebration and was initially known as Hyper-Theticals but later changed to this current name.  It looks complex but it is one of the easiest games with one play on each round asking a question from the black card then the other players will answer with their funniest white card and it contains up to 550 cards in each package with 160 of them being white cards while the remaining 90 being black cards. It also comes with over 13 doudecillion likely rounds of 10ᶺ40 with up to 6 players. Its printing has been done on premium playing cards making it so easy to use always and also be more durable. This Cards against Humanity comes with some rules for the game and alternate rules allowing you be well guided always.

Cards Against Humanity


How to play Cards against Humanity;

  • Start playing by allowing each player to draw up to 10 white cards
  • Now the person who pooped last will start as the Card Czar and will play a black card. Then he/she will read the question or will fill in the blank phase on the Black card out loud.
  • After that the rest of the players answer the question or will fill in the blank through passing one white card while facing down to the Card Czar.
  • Now the Card Czar will then shuffle all the answers and then share each card combination with the group. In order to obtain a full effect, the Card Czar should once again read the black card before presenting each answer. Then after he/she will pick up the funniest play and the person that submitted it obtains one awesome point.
  • So for the second round and next there will always be a new player that is made the Card Czar and once again the above steps will all be repeated.

Rules of cards in Cards against Humanity;

  • Black cards; these cards either present a fill in blank statement or it can also present a directly asked question.
  • White card; the section of speech on the white card is known as a noun that will include both single words as well as phase construction
  • On some rare occasions; the black and white cards can break rules. Remember the rules are all very flexible and they can be changed with many house rules that can be found on the manual and website that player can incorporate. It also has rules like ‘pick 2’s, 3’s’ and so on.



  1. Never Have I Ever – The Classic Drinking Game for Adults – Great Game for a Party or Weekend Night, You Will Laugh Non-stop and You Will Learn Everything About Your Friends When You Play

This is one  party game I always watched in the movies as I was growing up and I knew immediately that I wanted to play such a game. Never Have I Ever, one of the best party games for adults with friends is basically a very famous drinking game that is played all over the globe and it is so easy because you will never have to worry about the questions to come up with.  It is a verbal kind of game that involves people being in a circle and the first player starts with the rest following. This is because this particular set comes with up to 358 questions and each one of them is more risqué than the previous ones. It brings fun to a new meaning as you even get to know whatever you never knew about your closest friends.  It comes with a game board, up to 82 dare statements, an eight player pieces, one custom die and finally instructions on how you can go about it. This is a great part game especially during the weekend when you get together with all your friends and bond I a very exciting way instead of talking about some topics and some friends getting bored.

Never Have I Ever - The Classic Drinking Game for Adults

How to play Never Have I Ever;

  • All the players gather together in a circle either standing or sitting
  • Then for the first round one of the players that is selected to begin will roll the die and reads a random Never Have I Ever stamen loud enough for everyone to hear.
  • Then someone answers the question asked truthfully and if the person that has answered is guilty of the statement on the card then he/she is supposed to take a drink. However if they are not guilty then they will have to step forward one space.
  • A player can only win this game if they cross the finish line before all the other players in the game.



  1. The Voting Game – The Adult Party Game About Your Friends.

The Voting  Game is basically an adult party game that will allow you uncover the hilarious truth that is behind your friendships. While playing during each round you will vote anonymously for the player that is described by the question. After that the votes are tallied and the real nature of your friendship is exposed. A question can be like ‘Who would survive the longest in a zombie disaster?’  and all the players will secretly vote for the person they think would and then the results revealed to the group after its tallied. After that each player will have to guess wisely the person who voted for them and it’s only a single guess that each player gets for all every vote that they received. Now if a player is able to guess correctly then the truth is then revealed. This particular game comes with 160 question cards with 90 total cards that allow voting cards for up to 10 players.

Player ID cards; will identify each player in the game

Question cards; include the questions you vote on

Voting cards; used for placing votes

Colored numbered car; used for setting up ASSIGN

Deal; allocate a white number card to each player with all numbers apart from the one on their colored number card.

The Voting Game - The Adult Party Game About Your Friends

How to switch the rules a little bit and make it fun;

You can decide to either story tell or banter while you are playing this game.

To switch the rules you can decide to include house drinks into the game like alcohol like for example when you make the correct guess then the players drink and when you make the wrong guess then you are the one that drinks. If you don’t want to drink then you can involve in other punishments like with the correct guess the other player that voted is made to dance or something then with a wrong guess he/she does the same punishment. This will actually keep it much more fun allowing the players to always keep excited about what will happen next. Make sure that when revealing the votes, you be very creative so it more exciting. Also you can ward players with points like for example if a player gets at least half of the votes then each person that voted for then should claim their vote and get a point. Make sure that you also always come up with different fun exciting questions apart from the ones that come with the cards so that it is more exciting and easy for the players to guess who it really is.



  1. What’s Yours Like? – The Fun Party Game That Tells It Like It Is

This is the kind of fun party game to play with friends that will tell it just like it is. You will have to be outrageous, cleaver and witty all at the same time while you are describing your neighbor, hair, swimsuit, closet and any other kind of guess word that you will have been picked. However you also have to be very creative so that you don’t reveal the word to the player that is on the hot seat. With such a game all I have to say is prepare yourself for some side-splitting laughs as the players will have to answer what yours like. With this game, the duration it will take will depend on how fast the main player is able to correctly guess what is being described by the rest of the players but it is really fun watching them trying and thinking very hard to guess what the guess work at the moment is. This kind of game is to be played by four or more players and it is designed for everyone over 12 years of age

It contains;

496 guess words; these words keep the game exciting

248 word cards

5 blank cards

35 challenge cards

2 markers

2 clue boards

Card concealer folder


Whats Yours Like - The Game That Tells it Like it Is

How to play what’s yours like? The game that tells it like it is!

  • A player in to be in the hot seat is selected or someone among the players can voluntarily choose to be the player in the hot seat
  • A guess word is selected like for instance a ‘swimsuit’ that everybody else will know except for the player placed in the hot seat
  • Now each of the players will start to describe what theirs in like regardless to the guess word like for example one player can say ‘mine gets wet’ ‘mine contains strings’ and so on.
  • While the other players are describing the key word, they should make sure that they keep it very real however in the most creative way so that it is exciting and fun to play however long it takes.
  • Now player in the hot seat will make as many guesses as they can after every description is said as many times as he can till he/she finally gets the correct answer and if they are very sharp then the number of guesses will even be fewer.


  1. Disturbed Friends – This game should be banned

This is the kind of party game that will let you know how disturbed your pals really are or rather how disturbed your friends think you are. Like Cards against humanity, this is a party game that is really exciting as you will be faced with a number of situations that are very horrible like sexual scenarios, horrible situations and even unethical debates. With such a situation you might be forced to re-examine your friendships due to the disturbed things you will get to know or they will get to know. With all those things said, you would think that it is a very complicated game and yet it is one of the simplest games you will come across to the extent that even a handicapped goat can play it. Now one of the not so lucky players will have to pick up a multiple choice question card and then read it loud for everyone to hear. Then the other players in the game will have to vote on the answer that they think their friend will choose. With such a fun game, all you have to do is predict how you think your friend is really disturbed and then get a cartoon #winning card that will mock that amazing world that we live in. now the player that is the first to get 10 #winning cards is the one that wins the game. This is the kind of party game you will play with friends till you begin to hate yourself while having the most fun. However you should be warned that this game consists of explicit content and language that most people will find really offensive.

Disturbed Friends - This game should be banned.

It contains;

  • Up to 250 question cards; these contains questions that are really disturbing
  • Up to 100 # winning cards; they are designed with very offensive cartoons
  • Up to 10 sets of player cards; allowing multiple players of up to 10 in number
  • Up to 10 player voting cards
  • Game rules

How to play disturbed friends- this game should be banned

  • Now this game starts by allowing each player to obtain a set of player cards that they will use to cast their votes
  • Then after each single player will obtain a question card and then be able to read it loudly for every other player like a sample question can be ‘when am about to organism, please….’ With 3 options below it that you can choose from
  • Then after, your friends who are the other players will have to vote face down on which answer they think you would pick.
  • Finally the person in the hot seat will reveal their shameful answer and the other player that guesses the correct answer or the same answer with you gets a #winning card
  • The first player that will collect 10 #winning cards will be the winner of the game for that round.


  1. Truth or Dare Party Game

This is one party game that has been almost played by everyone as the rules are limitless as you can set your own adult dares and truths and have a fun party time. Compared to the Cards Against Humanity party game, this one is also a classic party game of basically embarrassment as a group of friends will take turn asking one another truth and dare questions. So in this case there are two options like for example if a person being asked chooses truth then they should be able to answer whichever question directed to them honesty regardless of how embarrassing it might be and if you decide to choose the dare then they should perform that task assigned to them regardless of how it is embarrassing as well. This is one of the best ways to learn a lot more about your friends and perhaps you will learn more than you thought you would.  The truths and dares should be adapted well to perfectly fit the atmosphere of your gathering and you should make sure not to get too dark especially with the truth questions because the main aim is hilarity and embarrassment. If you are not careful, you might really find out some dark secrets from your friend’s past. When it comes to the dares as well, you should also make sure they are within a reasonable level of craziness because otherwise someone might get terribly injured of the cops might get called in and the whole party game will be over with. This is one of the best parties as long as no one goes overboard.

Tru-dare Truth or Dare Party Game~for Adults


How to play Truth or Dare Party Game

  • The first player begins the game by asking another player to close the truth or dare
  • Then the player asked will choose one and if they choose truth then the first player will ask them a question which is usually an embarrassing one like for example a question like ‘ who is your current crush?’ and they should be able to answer truthfully. However if the player choose dare instead then they are dared to do something either an embarrassing story or acting embarrassingly like for example ‘ smell everyone’s armpits ‘
  • However if the player doesn’t like what they have been told to do then they are allowed to request for a new one.
  • Now the player that has been asked truth and dare questions and has completed will then ask another person a truth and dare question and the circle continues till everyone in the game has all finished their turn. In some occasions you can play a double dare game in that the person who dares and the one dared have a task suggested for them to do.
  • While playing this game, no player should and can dare the other to choose truth and neither can you dare them to chose dare.


  1. Drunk Stoned or Stupid – A Fun Party Game

Drunk stones or stupid is another exceptional party game where is played in different rounds and during each round, a card is drawn and the group of players decides the person among them that should be tagged with the card. Before that one of the players will first have to declare themselves as the judge before leading out loud the card for everyone and then the one that is tagged is selected by each member in the group. Now the accusations can be based off of past stories, personality traits, or any other thing you want to play provided that while arguing your point, you endeavor that it’s a fair game. Then after the person that is acting as the judge will then consider all the accusations made and make the final ruling on the person that should be tagged with the card. The person tagged will then keep the card along with shame and after the judge will be located to the next person in the group. While playing this game, the first person that gets 7 cards will be declared the looser. What makes this game yet more exciting is that, there are no winners at all but rather only losers. This is an adult game only that has been designed by two brothers


Some of the options that are in the cards drawn in this game include;

  • Use daddy’s credit card
  • Watch planet earth for 5 hours
  • Call dibs on people at parties
  • Shame people for going to bed
  • Trash talk at the special Olympics

Now these options above is some of what the group playing will decide from the person among them that would most likely do some of them.


  1. Adult Loaded Questions – Fun Party Game for Adults

So what are some of those things that make you blush? Anyway it doesn’t matter because this is the kind of game that will make you blush and even laugh uncontrollably every single time you play. It is an adult only game of people over 18 years of age and it will properly help test players on how much they think they know each other especially through its 300 plus suggestively silly questions so you don’t run out of questions or think too hard. Believe me when I say while playing this game; your cheeks will be as red as the package box of this adult party game. This adult loaded questions game consists of very simple rules that are very easy to play and what makes it different from most of the other games is that it doesn’t contain right or wrong answers at all. It is a party game for friends designed to be played between four players to six players but there is no restriction as even fewer or more players can play it.

Adult Loaded Questions

How to play Adult Loaded questions;

  • The players will try to be the first to move quickly from the start square to the win square and they can traverse the board using dice rolls and during each game round they have the chance to win bonus moves.
  • So now once a player has managed to move the number spaces specified by the dice roll, they will have to draw a card and ask the question that is matching to the color that the player landed on. The board of this game contains four colors like yellow, purple, orange and blue that will match with questions of different categories.
  • Then all the other players will write down their answers on a piece of paper then a single player will read the answers to the roller who will then assigns answer writers for every single response. Now for each of the correct assignments, the roller will move an extra space on the game board and the rolling will commerce in a clockwise way.
  • In order to have a reversal, the roller will record an answer against the appropriate question while all the other players should anticipate the response of the roller. Then they will write what they expect the roller to write and then the players that are not rolling will read their answers and then share it. After that the roller will make an additional move of two spaces times the number of the non-rollers that had anticipates correctly the response of the roller and they non-rollers that are right will move two spaces.
  • The only time a player will win the game is after landing on the ‘win’ space and then again playing one round in which the roller rightly assigns each answer to the right non-roller.


  • Multi-colored spaces; these spaces do indicate that a player can select from the card drawn any question
  • Happy trails; this is a space that will allow the players to take the shortcut that is indicated
  • Reversals; this is to represent a request for a special play procedure.


  1. Go Fish Yourself Party Game

Now another exceptional game that will keep you on top of your fun game every time is this Go Fish Yourself Party game that is all about funny with simple rules. Under this game there is a main objective in which other people or players are paired rather than hoarding a bunch of dumb cards like in the case with many games. This way, through forcing the players into pairs, you will be making them perform a set of rather absurd challenges or rules while playing. There are some challenges that should be performed throughout the entire game while a few others should be performed only once. This way you will be able to inflict a diversity of ridiculous as well as hilarious challenges on your friends and frienemies as well. This game is much more fun as you can involve in new people because of its ease to learn. Enjoy the best as you poke another player using your huge harpoon while balancing a big ol booty on top of your head and then plugging your leaky bunghole as well.

Go Fish Yourself Party Game


How to play Go Fish Yourself Party Game;

  • Players first get paired up so that they can make groups of dirty sounding and nautically themed cards. However the more pairs that a player is able to make, the more challenges they will face
  • All the cards in this game come with a challenge that is supposed to be played. This way, they will be able to mix and also match their favorite pairs that can be obtained from the expansions so that they can have a more customized deck.
  • Then after players will stand like on a chair while holding socks in their hands as the cards are placed on their heads.
  • So if a player forgets of fails to make a challenge then that particular player that failed will be kicked out of the game and this way the last playing standing will win the game.
  • It includes a number of expansions with each of them having 52 new cards as well as challenged. They can also be played in combination with the original or as standalone games.


  1. Paladone Head In The Hole Toy

Paladone head in the hole toy is one of those inimitable party games that is far from the usual but will provide you with a lot of fun as you strike a pose and break out the laughs using the selection of picture cards with double sided picture cards with funny characters and scenarios. With the different face size holes on this game, you will be able to step into dream roles like if you visualize jumping on a motorbike and taking a ride across America or even space traveling, moon landing and so on all you have to do is stick your head in the hole and then pose for a picture in seaside postcard style and have a blast enjoying silly, tongue-in-cheek photo fun. This is one kind of game that has been designed for everyone and all age groups allowing them all to have maximum fun without getting bored.


Paladone Head In The Hole Toy



  1. The Running Charades Party Game

This is a very exciting and frantic twisting way to enjoy quality tome with your fellow grownups. It is the Running Charades adult game that starts with the group being divided into two or even three groups and each of the teams will have to move to a different corner of the room or if there is enough space then they can move to different rooms. Then after a single member from each of the groups will go to the host who opens the first door that is on the specially designed game console in order to reveal the first charade. After that the players will run back to their teams they were allocated to earlier and then act out the charade. Now immediately a team member is able to guess the charade appropriately then they will run back to the host in order to get the second charade that is displayed in the game console. Now the way this game is won is that if a team that is able to get all the 7 charades first is the one that is the winner.  This game is mainly suited for the young adults that wanted to be reminded a little of their childhood days but in a more mature and fun way.

Running Charades Game


  1. Telestrations After Dark Board Party Game

This is the best kind of game for adult friends especially when they find the time to get together or party amidst their busy schedules. With this Telestrations game….everything will just get a lot much better and funnier after dark. It is for the all grown up adults like 18 years and above. It however got very simple rules and ways of playing in that you will have to first draw what you are able to see and then after you will have to guess what you saw as well. This way you will have very funny, weird as well as irresponsible and plain wrong outcomes. With such a game you will have fun miscommunication in some of the best ways.

Telestrations After Dark Board Game


  1. Balloon Volleyball Fun Party Game for Adults

If you are a sports lover then this is the kind of game that you should be enjoying with your fellow adults especially when you get together for fun activities. First of all, it is not your regular volley ball but it is rather a balloon which makes it possible to be played indoors without having any accidents especially on the furniture and even people. Also you don’t have to worry about the weather outdoor as you can play this conveniently inside even while sited. So first you will have to string up a net either using a rope or a long bed sheet and then be able to divide the groups available into two equal teams.  After doing that you will have to start the game through instructing the first team that has the balloon to hit it across the net to the team on the other side and they will also hit back continuously.  Now if one of the teams fails to hit the balloon or even if the balloon lands on the floor then the opposite team will have scored a point.  You have to make sure that for every round you are able to set a time limit that you should take to complete a round.  So now the team that scores the highest score in every round or a particular round is the one that will win the game. However if you want it to be more fun by creating an extra mess then you have to fill the balloon with shaving cream or something but in this case you will have to play outside so that you don’t mess the entire house and have trouble cleaning.

baloon volleyball adult party game



Conclusion; the best party games to play with friends, led by the Cards Against Humanity, that are featured here come in different categories from the ones that require brain storming to the silly ones and many more that you should be able to choose from and play with your fellow colleagues.  Make sure that you all have the main aim of having fun and not hurting others otherwise it won’t be a fun game anymore.



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