7 Best Genuine Leather Handbags- Women’s Handbags and Purses

| August 6, 2014

Today, on the market you will find that many sellers trying to convince you about how genuine their leather handbags are yet in actual sense, it is not true.  Some of them just want to be able to sell their product which is exactly why I have come up with a list of the most genuine leather handbags that you will spend your money on and feel like it is really worth it.  In most cases when we hear people talk of women’s  handbags the first thing that runs to our mind is purses or wallets that we can hold in our hand but I can assure you this the total opposite. Handbags is such a big term that includes very many different types that is women’s handbags and purses for example, tote bags, satchels, duffle bags, shoulder bags, cross body bags, clutches and many others that may not be able to mention at this particular moment. Now, when we talk about genuine leather hand bags, it simply means handbags that are made out of pure leather, in other words leather that is not fake. Such bags are made out of processed animal skin such cows, sheep and goats. Furthermore, handbags made from genuine will last much longer than many other bags made from other materials. They are very durable and easy to clean so you should count yourself unlucky if you do not own one, after the facts that I have given you about genuine leather hand bags.  For all your favorite colors and shapes of genuine leather; take a look at the list provided below.

Genuine leather handbags

leather bags1

What better to express your sense of style than holding a yellow handbag?  Trust me, the moment you blend this hand bag with the right attire you will be the talk on everyone’s mouth. The bag is made from the most genuine leather you will come across.  It is made from cow skin and the highest quality gold tone hardware giving it that gorgeous, feminine and elegant highlight. You will never go wrong with this hand bag in your closet. On the interior, it has a hidden zippered pocket just for you to store your valuable items and be rest assured they are very safe.

genuine leather handbags


On the other hand, it also made with just enough space where you can place the rest of your daily necessities. What I loved more about this hand bag is the shoulder strap that is both adjustable and removable; you can therefore enjoy three carrying alternatives.

If you have loved the yellow then you can wear it with white skinny jeans, a yellow free blouse together with yellow dress sandals and you will be good to go.

One of the customers that bought the bag said the bag was just what she expected, the leather is really soft just like many genuine leather bags and it is not heavy so you do not have to worry about its weight. The same customer also gave the handbag a cool five stars because of the unbelievable price.  Why not get yourself compliments from all your friends by trying out the good looking and fashionable high quality leather handbag?


Blue genuine leather handbags

Looking for that handbag to wear to work and make everyone turn to look at you? then look no further than this women’s genuine leather handbag. It is manufactured from high quality cow leather, sliver hard ware, leather tassels and with that really simple but outstanding design.

blue genuine leather handbags


The size is totally amazing as it can accommodate all your daily essentials and with all those compartments you have more than enough space. The leather is just perfect majorly because it is soft and it will not cause any kind of discomfort while wearing the bag.  It is not like other bags that you wear and after just one month they are torn, this one is made with high quality leather that is very durable so you will hold until you get tired of it.

For the stunning office but yet very sexy look you can wear the bag with a long two pattern dress that is either black or blue. A turtle neck is very trendy so choosing a dress with a turtle neck is just the way to go and blue high heeled shoes will gorgeously compliment your look.

leather handbags2

Dark brown genuine leather handbags

There is no way I would come across a brown hand bag and not try it out simply because brown is that neutral color that will greatly match any outfit that you choose. For those of you who love shoulder handbags the one above will really work for you.  The leather used on the bag is totally gorgeous because it is not only soft and nice feeling but is also very durable.

dark brown genuine leather handbags


It will last for as long as you want it to. The bag is medium size; it is not so big and not too small either, made with three inner compartments so you have enough storage space for your wallet, phone and any other small items that you always move with. The silver studs and beautiful floral designs give it such a beautiful appearance. Many of the customers that have tried it out said they have received several compliments on the bag and because of the well built handles; the bag is very easy and comfortable to hold. This bag has everything for you to love.

For those of you who fancy looking casual then you can best stand out by wearing the bag with denim shorts, a slinky chic top or a loose top detailed with fading animal print designs. You can wear that with dark brown leather studded wedge heels and further detail you look with a chunky golden chain, gold earrings and a bangle and you will sure be the most outstanding woman out there.


Yellow genuine leather handbags

yellow genuine leather handbags
The amazing piece of work of work you see in the photo above is made from highest quality leather (cow skin) that is very strong, durable and of course good looking. It has that noble and completely unique design that will make you that one in a million fashion star but above all you will love it for its hardheaded purpose that is to say you will able to carry the bag on different occasions. For those of you who want to carry the same bag from office to a party after work, the one you see above is very ideal for you. This is another one with three carrying options whereby you can hold it over the shoulder, adjust the long strap if you want a shorter one or better yet just remove the strap and hold the bag in your hands. And on top of all that it has lots of pockets and a lot of space. A zipper on the side not only gives the bag a unique appearance but also creates a really feminine and elegant look and you will not go wrong with this one.

Let the yellow speak for your entire outfit and the best way to do this by going plain in white or black and complimenting your look with yellow accessories. For example, a black body hugging dress blended with a yellow blazer will be just perfect for any situation. Finish the look with black high heeled pumps where by only the heel is yellow and black earrings

Trendy genuine leather handbags

trendy genuine leather handbags



Why do you have absolutely let others be your inspiration when you can be their inspiration too? In the photo above is a designer genuine handbag that is not just trendy but also very stylish. The flair Italian inspired hand bag is made from genuine leather featuring a top opening at the top giving access to the bigger compartment which is the main one. The bag has space enough to accommodate all your necessities and smaller compartments for your smaller items like the phone. It has two leather handles and is totally unique. I am sure you will get thousands of compliments on this bag.

For those ladies that know how best to blend the colors you must have noticed how glamorous cream and brown can look, so for with stylish brown hand bag I would suggest you rock a short leather skirt, a woolen turtle neck poncho and leather knee length high heeled boots. Try out the look and you will sure love the results.

leather handbags

Multi-colored genuine leather handbags

multi-colored genuine leather handbags

Genuine sheep leather, lots of colors and beautiful flower details; you cannot afford to miss out on this pretty and attractive hand bag. One thing I have always loved about multi colored bags because I own one myself is the fact that they know to beautifully compliment a plain outfit. If you haven’t tried this out then you better because I know you will love the results. The bag has different colors even on the handles and the bag can be dropped on the shoulder or you can use the adjustable strap. It has space enough for you to keep your daily essentials. Try out something new with this new multi-colored genuine leather handbag.

Let’s see what outfit will make you stand with your multi-colored hand bag. To prevent yourself from having that unpleasing attention because you are looking like a Christmas tree; any multi-colored accessory will look best with plain outfit, so wear this bag with a flared short green dress and flat shoes and you will have fun with your multi-colored bag.

Genuine leather handbags (wallet)

genuine leather handbags(wallet)


Many times you will not find it easy to find genuine cow skin leather but in the above image is exactly what you have been looking for; a completely genuine leather wallet. I assure you that you will hold this wallet for many and many years without it get spoilt most especially if you do not even hold it every day like other bags. It is made with double fold and you will not any better quality leather like the one which was used to make the wallet.  The pockets are made in a way that all credit cards will fit. It would be just wrong for you to miss out on this one.

Orange genuine leather handbags

orange genuine leather handbags


Before you buy a handbag it is always important to look out for its functionality and what I am trying to say here is that you should consider the occasions you plan to wear this bag. It is best to buy one bag that you can wear to work and at the same time wear the same bag to any other occasion and may be a night out because this saves you a lot of money. This is just what this hand bag will offer you because you can wear to which ever occasion you please. Its interior is made with one zipper pocket, a cell phone pocket and a document pocket; I think you can see how much you have for your essentials.

You will absolutely come out stunning wearing your orange bag with an orange knitted cardigan with asymmetric buttons, a blue embroidery skirt and orange high heeled pumps.

White genuine leather hand bags

white genuine leather handbags


Genuine leather handbags with rhinestone


genuine leather handbags with rhinestone.



Always ensure that your hands are clean before holding the bag; leather as a material easily gets stained by any oils and grease therefore you always have to make sure your hands are very clean before you touch the bag. And when you choose to wash the bag, do not dip the bag in water because it takes long to dry which spoils the bag. Just get a wet cloth and wipe any dirt that you find disturbing.

Use a cleaner made specifically for leather hand bags; soft soap will help to keep your leather bag clean, apply it on a damp cloth and wipe the bag but do not do this too often, just twice a year will be good enough to keep your bag really clean. Try out the BooYah Clean! Leather Cleaner and Conditioner; it is a cleaner made to keep all your leather items very clean, it will keep your new items looking new and will give the old ones a totally new look.

You will also not go wrong with Leather Honey Conditioner; it is made to penetrate through leather to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather. It will just be perfect on any leather items.


Take off any stains just as soon as you notice them; the moment you notice any stains on your leather handbags, work on them there and then; it will not cost you a lot to keep your bag looking new all the time.

Store your bag carefully; whenever you are not using your leather bag, hang it on a stand and this way your handbag will remain in its original shape. Another thing that will help to keep your handbag in shape is stuffing with old clothes whenever you are not using it.

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