The Best Day Packs to Buy

| December 20, 2014

Day packs like back packs can be used for a variety of purposes for example hiking, traveling, packing different things and that is why it is always recommended that you always own at least one. There is practically no big difference between back packs and day packs apart from the fact that they are larger in size and are usually used by adults for more important staff. They have stronger material because they are meant to carry larger amounts of things or else they would get spoiled in a day. When you are buying a day pack you should ensure that you buy from more popular companies that are well known for quality otherwise the cheaper staff will only last days and start falling apart. Below is a list of some of the best day packs that you should try out with details on their features.

Day pack

day pack


This day pack that is big enough and comfortable is undoubtedly one of the best options you should be considering to try out. The day pack above is not specified for any particular activities and made big enough to carry a lot of items that you may be considering to move around with. It is designed with nice and unique colors and they are orange and grey.  Its quality is completely amazing because it is not the type of day packs that will get spoiled after one or two times of use.


  • The day pack features four compression straps and with all these straps you will never have to worry about the security of your items as they are more than safe when well wrapped with all these straps.
  • It has a zippered compartment on the top flap and this is not just to make your day pack look unique but to provide you with more space to keep all your extra and small items that you may not want to keep in the main compartment.
  • It also has side pockets that are zippered as well and in the side pockets you can load more of the tiny items for example those of you who travel with shavers.
  • You do not have to go through back aches any more after carrying this day pack since it is designed with a padded back and adjustable straps for the waist and sternum to help you carry the bag more comfortably.


Hiking day pack

hiking day pack


There is no better choice for your hiking need than this day pack. Hiking is more of a difficult task so carrying it out with an uncomfortable day pack will prevent you from achieving the goal as to why you went for the task. It is advised that whenever you are going for hiking; one of the most important items that you must have is a day pack that will carry all the necessary load without causing you any discomfort. This day pack is medium in size which means that it is not too large neither is it too small; it is just the appropriate size.



  • The day pack has one main compartment which is secured by a snap buckle to help you keep items in the main compartment perfectly safe. The snap buckle is better than zippers because it is much easier to open and close whenever you want to.
  • It has zippered side pockets on both sides to keep any other items that may not fit in the main compartment. They are zippered to keep items more secure.
  • It also features side compression straps that allow you to keep the bag well tied around you as the shoulder straps may be not be enough sometimes.
  • It has a waist strap that is adjustable so you can either tighten or loosen it whenever you please depending on what keeps you comfortable.

Unique day pack

Unique day pack



This is one of the most unique day packs you will ever find; its design is one of a kind and much as it may look small on the outside, it is made with enough space for you to pack all the items you may need. You can take the bag for shopping or for day hikes.



  • Adjustable shoulder straps and bottle pockets and the day pack also has shoulder straps that can be adjusted to whatever fits you so that you remain really comfortable when carrying the bag. It is also detailed with bottle pockets on the side.
  • It is attached with a smaller pouch so if you feel it is more secure for you to carry some items in your hands, this day pack is attached with a pouch where you can keep your valuable items in your hands.
  • It is made from really strong and durable rip stop fabric that will not easily tear apart or get spoiled and also boasts of removable sternum straps.


Brown day pack

brown day pack



Brown has always been that neutral color that will not clash with any outfit as it just simply matches  to whatever you choose to wear it with and much as day packs are not for fashion wearing; one that matches you attire will not hurt once in a while. This day pack comes with the most amazing warranty you will ever know of so whenever you find a problem with it,  you will just have to take it back and get another one in return.


  • The bag is made with a light weight so that even when you pack your items in there, it will still not feel heavy on your back.
  • It also features water bottle pockets where you can keep your bottle when on the move and have easy access to it whenever you need it.
  • You also have enough space to place a variety of items as the bag comes with 2 pockets and 3 other compartments making it just ideal for whatever you may want to use it for.

Traveling day pack

Traveling day pack


A day pack of this caliber is the most comfortable option you will find whenever you are traveling as it has enough space for a lot of your items that you will need when on the go. And secondly you will travel rest assured all your items are safe and sound.



  • The day pack features a really large main compartment offering you enough room to store many of your items.
  • It also has side pockets with breathable air mesh where you can place your water bottle and find the water still tasting fresh.






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